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  1. Hello.


    My problem with Vox ATC are the frequent delays or interruptions. Sometimes I have to pass my messages twice before it is accepted from the program, very often I get the answer "last aircraft say again" and especially during an approach instructions are very late or rather too late. Is there anything I can do to let the program work without those "interruptions" in communication?



  2. Finally I got my money back but it was really strange. I bought it from Vox ATC, then I contacted RC Simulation (because VOX ATC customer service is the worst I have ever seen) and obviously RC Simulations solved the problem because I got a refund from Internal Workings. Why are there three companies working on the same thing?

  3. Hello.


    How long does it take to get a registration code? Two weeks ago I paid for an upgrade from Version 6 to 7 and in the meantime I sent three mails. No answer and no registraion code yet. Bad customer service is one thing, not to deliver what customers paid for is another thing.

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  4. Hi folks,


    I was in contact with the developer and the answer why it does not work is actually very easy. VoxATC decides what runway you will get with regards to the FSX weather (even though it is not used when you have a third party weather addon). During my last flights I checked if the FSX weather is the same as the Active Sky weather and it is not. That means the only solution to solve the problem is to synchronize the FSX weather with Active Sky (or what ever you use). Unfortunately I have no idea how to achieve that.

  5. Oliver,


    When you say it goes with AI traffic I agree but when the VoxATC created AI traffic does not catch the correct weather data it will always be wrong and I will get the same wrong orders from ATC like the AI traffic. I know that I can request another runway but it is not very realistic to fly against the rest of the traffic.



    The 5kts restriction (if it is really exactly 5 kts) does not apply to my situation because the wind had 6 respectively 7 kts.


    I will send a mail to the developer and let you know his answer.

  6. Yesterday I flew from Helsinki to Frankfurt using AivlaSoft EFB and Active Sky. When I checked the METAR in EFB it said wind 240/7. Thus I prepared landing for Rwy 25. When I was in the vicinity of Frankfurt my Airbus told me wind 240/6. After a couple of minutes Tower said "expect Rwy 7R for landing". That was very surprsingly and I have that issue on a regular basis. From what source does Vox ATC get the weather data and how can I change it?



  7. Thank you Dennis! That's awesome and works perfectly!


    Btw, before I saw your answer I asked the VoxATC support how to solve it and they answered they will look into letting the user set the taxi speed for a future release. They answered very quickly and I think they do a good job with their support. For sure they didn't tell me what you told us :-).



  8. Hello,


    is there an opportunity to increase the AI- traffic speed? All aircrafts are taxiing with just 10 kts or less and it takes always a long time to get to the runway if I am behind an AI plane. I tried Flusi fix but that does not work with the VOX ATC traffic.



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