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  1. I have not been able to load up X-Plane for the past 6 months because I've been busy with family, starting a new side business, and starting a new job. I ran the updater yesterday and pulled down the latest beta which includes the 64-bit build. The sim took FOREVER to load. When it finally loaded, it did not work right. None of my controls worked (despite being able to set and test all of the axis in the hardware & equpment screen, and the camera is forever stuck outside and BEHIND my plane. I can't move the camera and none of the camera modes seem to work. I can't get the 3D cockpit view on ANY plane. Basically the sim simply doesn't work. I tried shutting the sim down and it basically locked up my computer after a long time and I had to force the power off... twice. What happened? Has anyone else experienced this? What am I supposed to do? I spent 2 hours trying to get this sim to run (it worked fine earlier in the year) and now I can't do squat. I know it's the sim and not my computer because my other games are still working great (like Diablo III and World Of Tanks).

  2. I have some experience programming 3D graphics using both OpenGL and DirectX. I would argue that both OpenGL and DirectX are "standards", but OpenGL is cross-platform whereas DirectX is Windows only (as has already been stated). OpenGL has been around a lot longer than DirectX as well. I'd have to agree that DirectX is not an option for X-Plane simply because Laminar writes most of their code on Macs and they support iOS, Linux, and Windows. Both OpenGL and DirectX (specifically the Direct3D component of DirectX) are relatively easy to write code for once you know what you're doing. There are a lot of similiaries but there are also differences.Personally I'm a huge fan of DirectX, but I recognize it is the wrong choice for X-Plane. The thing I really like most about DirectX is that it is a suite of API components. It doesn't just encompas 3D rendering. There's also DirectInput for building joystick support, DirectSound for audio, and a few other things. I wish all games that used DirectX used DirectInput. (I'm looking at you, Battlefield 3!) DirectInput makes it really easy to enumerate any and ALL of your game controllers and allow you to use them in your games. You'll notice that X-Plane supports a lot of controllers, but it has a finite limit to how many axes you can have. (Granted it is a lot of axis...) Games that utilize DirectPlay usually have no such limit. If you 100 controllers hooked up, all 100 controllers can usually be used at the same time. Games like Battlefield 3 didn't do this properly... They only allow you to use the FIRST controller that enumerates in your sytem, with no ability to talk to any of the other controllers.Okay, I forgot why I even started this reply. Sorry for going off on a tangent. Anyway, the reason X-Plane will always be OpenGL is simply because they target other platforms in addition to DirectX. There are no other good alternative API options to use if you want to do cross-platform support easily.

  3. I have seen screenshots from others showing suburbs with roads, but none of my suburbs have roads. You can see where the roads should be, but there are no roads except for the major highways. Is there a setting I have to set? Or is it just glitching on my end? I'd post a screenshot but I'm at work and didn't think to post this last night.

  4. I tried the "Let AI control plane" option in XP10 a few times and couldn't get it to do anything meaningful. Turning it on while sitting on the runway does nothing. If you go full-throttle and turn off the brakes and start rolling forward and turn it off, it just cuts the throttle but doesn't steer. I tried it in the air a few times and it would cut the throttle and fly into the ground. Is this a feature that isn't finished yet? Just curious. :)

  5. It's (FSX 172) actually more realistic than you might think. The 172's do fly rather easy. With X-Plane 9, I've got my settings set where I want. With 10. everything is a bit too touchy again........and needs to be toned down with setting adjustments. Default, isn't what I'd call that real.
    I'm a real world C172R and C172S pilot. I don't have a huge number of hours (I have just over 160) but I agree that the default control settings in X-Plane 10 are way too sensitive, as they were in X-Plane 9 with the default settings. I have not attempted to adjust them yet, but I was able to get X-Plane 9's C172 to feel more realistic by turning the sensitivty down on the roll and pitch. I'll have to play with it more and see what I can do. Unfortunately X-Plane 10 crashed on me after I switched back to the 747 and it lost all of my joystick assignments so I have to start from scratch again. At least I assume it was a result of the crash.Unfortunately 10 minutes at a time is too little to get very deep in this "demo". It's really annoying because half that time was spent setting up the joystick assignments. And I really hate that a permament message box appears that you can't close once the 10 minutes expires. Okay, you've disabled all ability to control the aircraft, but at least let me look around the cockpit without something blocking 25% of my display! This is not how you should do a demo. A better demo would be to let you fly all you want but restrict you to 10 square miles. I can't even put this thing through it's paces in 10 minutes. I've bought X-Plane 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9, but I am still on the fence for 10. I hate to say it, but I think I still prefer FSX.

  6. If you had actually read my post you will see that I did contact support three times over the past 2 weeks and they did not initially respond. You said "But 1 thing for sure is that you would have been answered promptly..." But that is exactly what did not happen, even after multiple attempts. I was not bashing anybody, I was warning people that there might be a problem with their gift certificate process (at least I was having a problem). This turned out to be not the case. How was I supposed to know that the instructions for gift certificate handling would be on the FAQ page? Most companies email you the details with the invoice. A2A does not. They did finally contact me today (after this post) and the issue is now resolved. I suggested they they post the gift certificate instructions directly on the gift certificate product pages on their website which would have completely eliminated this issue in the first place. They agreed and are going to do that. I do like A2A Simulations very much (and have spent $100 there in the past couple of weeks). They apologized for dropping the ball by not responding to my emails and they have since made it right. I am satisfied with the outcome.

  7. I bought a $50 gift certificate from A2A Simulations to give my father as a birthday present on 10/1. They charged my credit card for the $50 and gave me an invoice in my email inbox but that's it. There are no instructions on the email on how to redeem the gift certificate and I received no other emails in my inbox and nothing in the mailbox. I have now emailed A2A Simulations a total of 3 times since 10/1 (the most recent email was this morning) but have heard nothing from them. This is a warning to unsuspecting customers... Don't buy their gift certificates! I have purchased their Spitfire with AccuSim addon without any issues. I am only having an issue with the separate gift certificate purchase. I will update back here if and when they resolve my issue. (EDIT): Issue is now resolved. Followed the directions in the FAQ on their site.

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