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  1. Sorry to hear that. Pilots can have thousands of hour, proper training yet things can happen which can lead to accidents. It all can start with something small and can and lead to something big. For example a pilot may not have had enough sleep and in the cockpit a small mistake can lead to another mistake which then can lead to a accident. Being a student pilot I've read about things like pilots getting into imc conditions and believing in what their senses tell them and not relying on their instruments. I couldn't understand why a pilot would not trust his instruments. I guess it's hard to understand unless you would be in that situation, which I hope I won't be. I often tell myself if I were to get caught in IMC first thing I'm going to tell myself is trust my instruments and not my senses, then turn the plane around and get out of it.

    Again I'm very sorry to hear that about your freind.

  2. Hi Ian, thanks for the reply.

    I remember reading some where that landing lights can reflect on clouds when flying threw them.

    That's why I decided to purchase it. I agree with the lights flashing on the inside of the aircraft, although I don't see it all of the time (which is weird).

    Anyway's maybe it was just FSX and not FS9. What a shame, it would of been nice to see landing lights reflecting of clouds while sitting in the flightdeck as I flew threw them.




  3. Is their a way to make taxiway centerline lights spaceed closer together?

    The spacing of these lights seems to far apart at areas for turning corners. I'd like to have them closer together on curved centerlines.



  4. I use the global weather update every 15 min. and on some flights I just happened to check the weater menu because the weather didn't seem to update. I noticed that it switched to user definded weather. I clicked on the update weather every 15 min. and weather changed to the correct weather for that area. After flying awhileI checked it again and it changed back to user definded. Changed it again and flew some more and checked again and the weather in the menu stayed at global weather update every 15 min. So I kept flying and a little while later I checked again and it went back to user definded weather.I can't figure out why the sim is not staying on global weather every 15 min.Anyone else have this problem?Thanks

  5. Quick question.Under utlities on the main page their's no button that shows for update.I do have the latest ver., so could this why the update button doesn't show?Does the update button only show when their's a update?One more thing reguarding this forum.Since I'm new I've been trying to read past pages, of course I can't read all 341 pages in one sitting.I'm at page 30, but each time I get to read pages again, I have to keep hitting next to get to page I left off at. I didn't notice, but is there a way I can jump to certian page?Sorry if this isn't the proper place to ask.Thanks

  6. Yes exactly, I was referring to the cessna 172. Even the 172 can kick up small debri. Of course not as extreme as turbo props.I remmember while taxing to the runway and following a gulfstream, I made sure I was far enough away from him. At the hold line was another airplane waiting for departure so I slowed my airplane enough to keep from getting into his jetblast when he moved to the line. I really don't know, but what I meant is final checklist items, if not complete while taxing. Looking forward to RC5. I just started with RC4 last week and I was thinking why didn't get this long ago. I know this is off the subject, but it would be nice for the pilot or otto would say the call sign after ack. the controlllersI will take dave and your advice with ack the ground instructions.I hope i don't have to many lame questions in the future, since I'm new to RCHappy flying and stay safeBTW: Just want to be clear I'm a student pilot and not a seasoned pilot. I still have a lot to learn. Nothing like that first solo flight. Something we will never forget.

  7. Thanks for the reply DaveI started doing it the way you suggest, I just didn't know if prolonging the contact with tower would screw up things with other communications.I'll just keep doing as suggested.I believe i don't have auto reply checked. Messages don't ackknowledge automatic, I have to acknowledge with 1 or 7 keyThanks again.

  8. I read that while taxing and when close to the end of runway for takeoff, ground will have you monitor tower or contact tower.My problem (if it's really a problem) is ground has me contact tower when I'm half way down the taxiway(at least 2,000 or so feet to go to the end). I wouldn't see this as a problem if I am able to just contact tower andthey acknowldge, but when I contact tower my pilot voice will tell tower that I'm ready for departure and I'm still halfway down the runway. Tower would respond with I'm number 2 (although I could not see another aircraft in front of me) and wait until I'm at the hold line before telling me to position and hold on the runway. I would think that if I'm halfway down the taxiway ground would tell me to monitor tower rather than contact tower. I would at least think in real life when you contact tower halfway down the taxiway you would say tower xxxxx with you on taxiway xx and tower would just acknowldge with and when I'm at the hold line I would then contact tower again and tell them I'm ready for departure. I don't know how the airlines at large airports do this, but when I was flying a cessna 172 out of my local airport I would contact tower and tell them I was ready for departure when at the hold line. Of course this is because we would have to stop at a runup spot and do a runup before takeoff.So my question is should ground be telling me to monitor tower when I'm halfway down the taxiway?If not then I would like to suggest that maybe in RC5 would change this the because it just doesn't seem realistic to be tell tower that I'm ready for departure while halfway down the taxiway. I would think some airlines are doing final checks at the hold line before they are ready for departure, if not done while taxing.Anyways I think it should be done like this while taxing:GROUND: xxxxx (callsign) contact tower on xxx.xxPILOT: contact tower on xxx.xx xxxxx (callsign)PILOT: tower xxxxx with you on xxTOWER: rogerWhen at the hold line:PILOT: tower xxxxx ready for departureTower: xxxxx position and holdWhile I'm on this subject, one thing I noticed is that contacting approach, center, ect.asks you to do something the pilot will respond with for example: xxxx (callsign) turn hdg xxx.The pilots response should be somthing like this: turn hdg xxx xxxx(callsign).The airlines callsign should be at the end. (Maybe not in all cases)Anways RC is a excellent product and I do enjoy it.Thanks allSorry forgot to mention, I did run the latest makerwys and scenery rebuild.Next flight I'll try and create a log file if needed.

  9. Ok, I have another question.At my local airport Tower will clear you for takeoff and to fly runway heading, then when we contact Departure,Departure will tell us to fly direct to a common waypoint or to turn on a heading and fly direct to the common waypointExample:TOWER: xxxx fly runway hdg climb maintain xxxx' cleared for takeoffPILOT: (Repeats transimision)TOWER: xxxx contact departure on xxx.xxonce we contact departure, they will say:DEPARTURE: xxxx turn hdg xxx direct (waypoint) climb and maintain xx,xxx.So what I'd like to know is, what do I need checked in the Dep Procedures box in order toget tower to tell me fly rwy hdg, ect.?Should I have No Dep Proc checked and No Alt Restrictions checked?Or is RC not able to direct this way?Thanksmorparrtse

  10. I can't get the atc window to stay closed. For example: atc tellsme to contact center, I'll press the 1 key and after contacting center I'll close window, but after a few seconds it will pop up again. I only want this window to pop up when atc contacts me. Standard fs atc window would always stay closed until they would contact me. Is their a way to keep this window closed until atc contacts me?Another thing I assigned a key (cntr `) to open and close atc window, but it only opens the window. It doesn't close it. Not a really big deal, I just click the X on the window. I just thought the key command should turn the window on and off. Also is their a way to add a button command on my yoke to open and close atc window?I can do this default fs atc. Thanks

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