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  1. I took an hour this morning and got everything assigned to my liking. I intend to use MSFS for GA flying and working on basic flight skills until some good study level A/C are available. We'll see how it goes with Vatsim and Navigraph implementations. The scenery is remarkable after taking just one little circuit around my home area. I don't feel like there was any FPS stress, although my CPU was running a little hotter than under P3D.
  2. Yes, I am going to tackle remapping all of my devices and do cameras tomorrow.
  3. I have no doubt mine will too, but I have to manually re-map and add them. Just kind of a blating omission. My TCA Airbus joystick which was just issued seven weeks ago was immediately recognized.
  4. I, too was quite surprised that two of the most common control devices were completely ignored.
  5. Semper Fi, Jiim. My Dad is buried at Quantico.
  6. Yes, my CPU seems to run about 10 degrees hotter at KMIA as well. At KMIA, I also have a sheen on the runway that I think simulates standing water that is a frame hog, but I can't find the option to turn it off. I have the puddle option off in the manager.
  7. As usual, sim upgrades drive hardware upgrades. These days, you can't have too much GPU memory and power.
  8. I though the whole process was quite intrusive. And it wasn't just devices linked to your account there was another group of gaming devices that had PC's from seven or eight years ago. I found that after three or four tries and finally got machines deleted and installed the sim. But alas, you are too early. It was a bit too xbox oriented for me. I hope I didn't just blow $120 on MS Flight round 2. Jeff
  9. The aircraft itself has four flap positions. For an NGX, you just map the buttons to the "Flaps (Extend Incrementally)" and "Flaps (Retract Incrementally)" events and you should be good to go. You could 8000 flap positions. To the sim and the hardware, its just a button event.
  10. I'm not using the throttle, but as with all axes, sensitivity can be adjusted. I assume the flaps will be mapped to flaps extend and retract which are generic mappings in P3D. There are four flaps positions, 1, 1 +F, 2 and 3.
  11. I believe you can do it in Chaseplane directly without editing xml files. Just select the the action to the view using the hatswitch.
  12. One thing to note, it looks like switching from a right hand (copilot) configuration to a left hand (pilot) configuration renumbers the button assignments. If you are going to swap back and forth, you may want to build two separate control configurations. Jeff Callender
  13. It comes with a set of duplicate but opposite buttons. There is also a switch on the bottom to make it a left side (pilot) stick or a right side (co-pilot) stick. You just loosen two screws and attach the opposite set of buttons, then flip the switch on the bottom. So far, I have not used the throttle or thrust reverser as I have the X56 HOTAS. I'm trying to map just the reverser deployment. I also pre-ordered the matching throttle quadrant to arrive in September. That's what I'm really looking forward to. I took a flight last night and I'm satisfied with the feel of the stick, the motion and resistance I haven't mapped the tiller to the twist axis yet, so ground handling was a train wreck but that's my fault, not the stick. I'm very satisfied with it and looking forward to the throttle. Jeff Callender
  14. Wow, my new Thrustmaster TCA Sidestick arrived today! I just unboxed it - have not plugged in or used it. I do like the feel of the stick movement. Feels like good damping and tension, there's not anyplay around the center position like my X56 does. I'm looking forward to my first flight later tonight. It came through the Microsoft store by Fedex. Totally shocked! All we need now is the FSL update for P3D 5..... Jeff Callender
  15. I have had excellent results with the Corsair. I have the RBG version.
  16. How about 256k floppies?
  17. I note that the "Airport Elevation Correction" tab is gone in the configurator.
  18. No, that's "Tailhook...up".
  19. I had the same thing pop up last weekend at KLAX and I am wondering if one of the many FSDT updates of late got something out of wack. Have not fixed it yet.
  20. I just bought the X56 RGB HOTAS and am pleased with it so far. I fly the FSL A320 mostly, and have a lot of buttons to map, but it has worked quite well so far ( for two weeks now). Realize that's not the test of time of course, but the functionality is as advertised, the build quality is good and solid. Jeff Callender
  21. That's more of a "slow boil", isn't it? Sorry - couldn't resist. Jeff Callender
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