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  1. Could you give me dimensions of the X56 - width and depth of both the throttle and joystick? Thanks, Jeff Callender
  2. I velcro it to the keyboard shelf and then have small blocks of wood to securely anchor the clamps.
  3. I have a 9900 in a micro ATX ASUS mobo and RTX 2080ti, so there are great mobos in a smaller format. make sure your case will handle the graphics card in both number of slots (width) and the length of the card.
  4. If you're starting RW conversion, check out V1Simulations and Blackbox711 channels on youtube. Both A320 Captains, both very knowledgeable with excellent videos and teaching styles. FSL is definitely the better version with many more features accurately modeled. Jeff Callender
  5. I recommend it highly, and that's after a year or so on the 737NGX. it takes awhile to really understand the logic and the laws and how the systems interact. There are several you-tubers (RW 320 captains) with excellent A320 video series. V1Simulations and Blackbox711 are two of the best.
  6. All depends on the agreement between the supplier and the vendor of the product. Sometimes there are pricing restrictions, sometimes a vendor will provide incentives to move excess inventory, sometimes pricing concessions are made to enhance relationships with a high volume seller. Sometimes, they want to access different markets and channels. Jeff Callender
  7. If you remember from the FSX days, the "recommended" specs on the side of the box were always woefully inadequate. Since they are talking about "petabytes" of scenery, the 64 gb of ram would make sense and might be the starting place.. But for an event like that, you would also want to be absolutely sure that no pc crashed and there was no visible effect of caching in and out gigabytes of scenery. Jeff Callender
  8. It is beautiful and I was initially a skeptic. It is becoming increasingly apparent that it will be a subscription based model and not a software purchase. Petabytes of scenery will be stored on an Azure server, the Xbox integration, etc. New features and aircraft available for a monthly add-on subscription, no doubt. That is how you defeat piracy and maintain a constant predictable revenue stream. Jeff Callender
  9. However, realize that the purchases of FS-SE and FS4 were made many moons ago are not necessarily relevant to the size of the current market. Jeff Callender
  10. The "Air Disasters" segment on this incident highlighted what a humble man he was. Doubtless, the lives saved were the result of his skill and efforts and that of the crew. So sorry to hear this. Jeff Callender
  11. I think it makes small objects more detailed..... Couldn't resist..... Jeff Callender
  12. In my opinion, you need to start from scratch and reinstall everything. I just went through this. My fear is that you leave a bunch of un-needed chip-set drivers and entries in the registry, not to mention getting drive letters and pointers all in sync. As long as you are taking it down, might as well take a few extra hours and start with a clean slate.
  13. I got Fess Parkers autograph when I was 10 years old! Still have it! Hotels are a different business these days.....night audited my way through college. Actually had to post charges back then! Imagine that. Been all over the country, met entertainers, sports figures, presidents. Been a great 40 years or so. Flight simming is my refuge.. Regards, Jeff
  14. Good story. BTW, I'm a 30 year Controller for Hyatt.
  15. You may need to modify the default keyboard commands that you have now assigned to Chaseplane. Jeff Callender
  16. I have been incrementally upgrading over the last six months and am ready to do the piece de resistance - MOBO and CPU. I previously put in a 2080ti replacing a 1080 and as most have reported saw only a marginal increase in FPS. Drives are already either M2's or SSD's, but will add a 6tb drive for scenery and larger storage. I have Corsair watercoolers and radiator already and no heat issues at all. I am putting in the ASUS Z390M micro atx and i9-9900k. I am going to do a complete re-install of everthing from Win10 up. I did not do a complete reinstall with the last P3D hotfix. It looks like ASUS has some very easy overclocking features. Gonna start in a day or so.... Jeff Callender.
  17. I think it has more to do with capitalizing on the development work that has been invested by Lockheed Martin that MS receives essentially for free and combining that with hololens, VR and AI technology. As far as the business market - will we end up with MS servicing the gamer/consumer market and P3D servicing the government/enthusiast/pro-sumer market.? X-plane certainly has a place and is attracting some excellent developers and features, IMHO, just implementation of many things such as Ortho for XP for example requires above-average hardware and tech skills which is a barrier to some. It's an exciting time, just hope we don't get the pie sliced into too many pieces, making it difficult to make a profit.
  18. I don't think we'll see that writer on the Pulitzer list anytime soon. Very basic and simplistic, constantly refers to "game", "gamer", etc. Obviously not conversant with what is happening in the flight simulator community. Jeff Callender
  19. I really don't care a whole lot about it, and I've bought every MS version since 1984. When it is released, I'll decide. For myself, I think introducing a third sim back into the mix has the potential to separate the developer community even more than it is now. It may well be that P3D and MS will settle into their respective core niches - one being consumer targeted and one being professional and military targeted. I am also a little skeptical as MS has shown us that they will bail on us as soon as flight sims no longer fit their vision. I tend to think this is far more about porting it to Xbox users and capturing that market than to serious simmers. X-Plane is attracting more interest and attracting serious developer attention which is a welcomed trend. Besides, our world seems to favor two major competitors in most endeavors rather than three. I haven't watched Froogles' video yet, but apparently it is causing a bit of a ruckus. You may or may not have seen Robert Randazzo's discussion of trying to license FSX technology; a key component being that MS has the right to use new code and features that are subsequently added to their codebase. I will go out on a limb and say that this will basically be P3D with a few new bells and whistles that will be ported to XBox. Until then, I'm not going to get too worked up about it. Jeff Callender Jeff Callender
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