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  1. I just chose A320. I don't think it matters that it is the FSLabs variant. Jeff Callender
  2. They make a heck of a lot of noise and even more smelly peacock by-products if you know what I mean. If it were my seat-mate, it would not have survived the trip. I've had one flight with a lady that had a shithzu or whatever between her feet next to me. She spent the whole flight bent over keeping the dog quiet. How ridiculous. Jeff Callender
  3. You might also move the IR receiver off center of the monitor.
  4. As noted above, check ip addresses - make sure they are dedicated ip on the flightsim box and make sure you're on the same workgroup. Almost without exception when I have trouble it's because I thought the IP was dedicated and it was DHCP.
  5. Can't you create fixes that are a fixed distance from a known point along different radials? that would create a DME arc. Jeff Callender
  6. I'm surprised there aren't more people hit by cars. The traffic by the fence can get a little heavy. I was last there about three years ago. This was a 737, too. Still one of my favorite places.... Jeff Callender
  7. Good airplane. TFDI did a pretty good job with it. Documentation is a little sparse, yet. I downloaded B717 FCOMS and FMS manual from "mycockpit.org" and it made a world of difference. I don't do 777 or 747 flights, so this is pretty much the only study level sim for P3Dv4 for me until NGX and A320 is released. Would love for people to work on some more liveries for it. Liveries are a little limited at this point.
  8. I have used both and I find Chaseplane to be the far better product with amny more features and possibilities. I particularly like the fact that your configurations are save on the CP servers, I have reinstalled multiple aircraft several different times and my preferred camera views always return!
  9. Well Done! Worthy honor for her significant contributions! Jeff Callender
  10. It would be a good idea to read Poppet's install tutorials in the sticky's on the P3D forum. Jeff Callender
  11. Yes, had the same issue upon install of a new motherboard, then install a new, new motherboard when the first new motherboard died. Keven and Crew were very responsive to my reactivation requests. I suspect, though that this will be come a support headache for them given how we simmers love to fiddle with our systems and the user base grows. Their anti-piracy protocol may need to be revisited.
  12. Just put in an EVGA GTX1080 FTW ACX3.0. It has identical specs to the 1080 FTW2 ICX that they just released and they dropped the price about $80 on the FTW. I replaced a ZOTAC 980 and saw about a 10% increase in FPS.
  13. It was very easy to copy and paste the manual unto a Word Document and print it out..... Jeff Callender
  14. I have ORBX global and vector and open LC NA on the latest P3D. I have some FSDT, Latin VFR and FlyTampa airports, but no ORBX individual airports or regions. I am afraid that I have gotten the scenery database heirarchy out of kilter and I can't quite understand what FTX Central 3 is saying about this. Would someone post a screenshot of their scenery database so I can see the proper heirarchy? Thanks, Jeff Callender
  15. I've used both simbrief and PFPX a lot. I like PFPX's ability to export to VATSIM and save plans to any number of applications, locations and aircraft. I also cut/paste flight plans from flightaware.
  16. Ditto, app loads, but does not start until being opened. Jeff
  17. How does one make the VAS warning chime go away? It's most annoying. it starts for me with about 275mb remaining. I never had OOM's in 3.2. Wwhat is really annoying is that invest three hours in a flight and you OOM on final! Jeff Callender
  18. I can't tell if anyone answered my original question.....I have not been able to figure out how to have one view on one monitor and a second view on the other. If so, then how? Jeff
  19. Is it possible in X-Plane to have separate views on each monitor as you can in FSX and P3D? I like to fly with a cockpit view on one monitor and a spot or external view on the other monitor. Jeff Callender
  20. I find that my mouse cursor disappears when I move it to the XPlane 11 beta window. If I return to my windows desktop and right-click, it will appear in XPlane 11 for one click, then it disappears. Has anyone else had this experience?
  21. Airnav used to have a product that downloaded a live traffic snapshot into FSX. Haven't used it in years, so I don't know if they still offer it.
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