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  1. I'll give it a try. I have a noticeable increase in OOMs with 3.4. From zero in 3.3 to roughly 3 out of 5 flights in 3.4.
  2. Because the ssd is much faster with Windows loading and application loads.
  3. There is an American stratoliner livery as well as the new livery and the just replaced red-white-blue stripe livery.
  4. 980 as well. Don't know the details, but I got an e-mail from Newegg as well.
  5. America's newest air superiority fighter. I was looking for the drogue chute on the landing. If it ain't Boeing, I ain't going.
  6. I find that with PMDG, a left or right turn will produce a pushback length of about 400ft, which I am unable to change, so i use GSX exclusively.
  7. Wish I could wipe the smudges off some of the glass. Makes my OCD work overtime. And the PPG serial number on the windshield is a nice detail.
  8. Look at the CH Yoke and pedals. Reasonably priced and good quality. I use mine with both PMDG and the Airbus as well as numerous GA aircraft.
  9. I installed the software, started up P3D to rebuid the scenery database, then shut it down. I then ran the orbx airport elevation tool and opened P3D again. St. Maarten looks great, no issues or anomalies. Jeff Callender
  10. I must have missed a download, but for P3Dv3.3, I had to run one executable, install a patch and then run the two part installer. And that is after going through the infernal Flight1 authentication process. I did this today as i installed everything fresh.
  11. ​I've seen numerous people say they don't use ORBX Vector, but I am wondering what you use instead to provide that functionality or is it even necessary? I use ORBX Global and UTX USA2.0 scenery, some FSDT airports. Since P3D 3.2 and now with the update to 3.3, the scenery and texture after awhile seems to devolve into this blob of non-defined color blotches. I am going to re-install P3D 3.3 fresh and start over. Thanks for any recommendations. Jeff Callender
  12. Given that they are chosen because of their ability to withstand hi-g maneuvers and then trained in hi-g maneuvers without hi-g flight gear and perform without hi-g flight gear, I think it is unlikely the pilot suffered a blackout. While anything is possible, I would think it is very low probability.
  13. The pilot who died was a Marine Captain who stayed with the bird to keep it from hitting an apartment complex. Semper Fi..."in the finest traditions of the Naval Service". Jeff Callender
  14. You should be able to go to the Windows Control panel apps function and uninstall RAAS.
  15. In Vatsim, as in any other endeavor, some take themselves a little too seriously, but as a whole, Vatsim is a great way to enjoy simming. I've been on Vatsim and it's predecessor for many years now. Jeff Callender
  16. I just pulled up flights from Hong Kong to Beijing and Hong Kong to San Francisco, so I think the international schedules on Flightaware are pretty comprehensive.
  17. I call up a recent existing flight on Flightaware.com and it gives you the route and the arrival and departure gates.
  18. As I remember, an Airbus flew itself into the ground at the Paris Airshow when it was first introduced...didn't the 737 have a rudder actuator fluid problem that cause two crashes until fixed and now it's the most popular aircraft in the world? Point being, products are improved as time goes on, fortunately this process for the 787 has not resulted in any fatalities. The air industry is safer than it has ever been,
  19. I recently bought a Asrock Z170 Gaming 7+ an di ma very satsfied. Price point was somewhat less than a comparable Gigabyte or Asus board. It has oodles of SATA ports, three - count em - three m.2 ports. Four full PCIE slots. I put an I7-6700K in it and I am completely satisfies. Jeff
  20. I'm afraid that the "Addons" menu item is not there, either.
  21. I am having to reinstall all of P3DV32 and all other sim programs and addons. After installing and running P3D, I successfully installed FSUIPC, there no errors in the FSUIPC install log. All FSUIPC files are in the p3d "Modules" folder, yet FSUIPC is not reflected in the "About" tab in P3D. My dll.xml file is below and it appears t be ok, yet the dll doesn't seem to load. This FSUIPC 4.949 by the way. I copied the FSUIPC xml entry from xml.dll in the appdata/roaming folders to the xml.dll in the c:\programdata location. I can't seem to paste the dll.xml contents. FSUIPC is the first addon installed after P3D. Anyone had a similar issue? Jeff Callender
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