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  1. PFPX can export into numerous other formats, including PMDG, Aerosoft Airbus, native FSX, ASN, Aivlasoft, etc.
  2. I'm from Texas, BTW....and things do happen to be bigger here... all kidding aside, I have the ORBX global and vector and they are great.
  3. Orbx....if Pete Dowson is dissing your programming style, maybe you should listen....
  4. Thanks, Dan, I figured out the FMS registration about 30 minutes after I posted the question. Thanks for responding! Jeff Callender
  5. I reinstalled all of P3D31 frresh and when I installed 737NGX Base, it did not ask for the registration code. Is there something that tells me its properly registered? Also, I have not installled SP1C or SP1D, which is appropriate fir P3D31? Thanks, Jeff Callender
  6. I ran P3D v 1, 2 and 3.0 perfectly from day one with it. Only developed this with the 3.1 update.
  7. I think it's definitely P3D3.1 that is the problem. I changed the USB and power settings in Win10, yet the same thing happened. When the yoke/pedals froze on a flight this afternoon, I unplug/replug the USB cable and I can hear Win10 recognize the connection, but P3D does not. Going to Options/Controls caused a CTD. Looks like I'll need to nuke it and reinstall. JBC
  8. I am having a real problem with losing my CH yoke and pedals at various points through the flight in v3.1. I did not have this problem in any previous version of P3d. Have latest register FSUIPC, although don't use ot for controls. I can reattach with options/controls, but about half the time I get a CTD when that happens. Before I nuke it and do a full reinstall, anyone have any thoughts? Thanks, Jeff Callender
  9. For widefs and wide client, simconnect is not needed.
  10. I think i saw some microstutters on the refueling drogue.
  11. I find that the PMDG pushback is not very flexible as to distance. If you select left or right, the distance defaults to 396 feet and can't be changed. I use GSX almost exclusively.
  12. I have a particular issue to which P3D seems to be particularly sensitive. The issue is ground traffic driving into aircraft, causing a reset. This morning, I spent 45 minutes getting a flight setup in P3Dv3 with the 737NGX, from Miami to St. Martin. I get it all setup, start pushback, start engines and WHAM! out of nowhere an airport truck drives right into me resetting everything back to default. 45 wasted minutes. I find that on practically every flight, I to dodge an airport vehicle, be it a fuel truck, tug or pickup during taxi. It seems that the sim generates them on purpose. I don't why these autogen vehicles don't include awareness of taxiing aircraft. P3D is very complex and this seems a rather obvious feature that should be in the sim. I know, I can set it to ignore collisions and set airport traffic to zero, but that shouldn't be necessary, in my opinion. Jeff C.
  13. That is one old book. Haven't seen those panels is long, long time....
  14. I use MyTraffic Pro and vPilot and P3Dv3 with no problems.
  15. I have an m.2 adapter on the mobo with a 480gb SSD and three 240gb traditional SSD's. love them. I saw a 240gb drive for $60 the other day. Prices are becoming very attractive.
  16. I installed P3D on it's own SSD in a clean install of Win10 Preview 10162. Interesting that I was able to get P3D 2.5 12945 installed, but the install of 12946 bombed during the DirectX part of the install. Not quite sure why. Now the fun begins.
  17. I am also looking at the environment lights around the airport as Rob taxis and they are much more realistic, whereas I seem to have these large glowing orbs. I have experimented with the bloom variables and some others but have yet to have much impact.
  18. One of the major reasons for the free upgrade is the millions of pirated copies in the Far East. MS wants to get as many of those users as possible back on a licensed version so that they can then detect and control the other pirated software. MS, like many other software companies is migrating to a SAAS company - Software as a Service. Soon, there will no longer be boxed commercial software available, it will all be SAAS and it will be for rent and subscription. Free Win 10 is the first major gambit in that effort. Personally, I think Apple is far more onerous that MS, but since they are the "cool" company, nobody worries about it. They lock your operating system, control your hardware and upgrades, control your pictures, your music, your video. They send out itunes updates every 15 minutes or so and try to install two or three other pieces of software at the same time. Much more Orwellian, in my opinion.
  19. That is correct, just set the traffic slider to zero and make sure to activate the "My Traffic" model matching rules in vPilot.
  20. Berike, I bought it specifically for Vatsim traffic and vPilot. It seems to work quite well with vPilot. Jeff Callender
  21. Thanks, I also discovered that if you reduce the scenery complexity, some airport structures will go away....like Terminal "C" at KDFW for instance. And the entire main terminal at KDCA! That had me stumped for a while. But I got it all back now. I think I hear the bell tolling for FSX...
  22. Thank you. I ended up starting at the beginning and reinstalling P3D 2.5 and all addons.
  23. If I delete scenery.cfg, will P3D rebuild it on startup? I'm missing some default airport buildings and my FSDT airports seem to disappear. Thanks,
  24. Remember the WW1 dogfight game that was in FS? I first bought FS back in about '85 on a 51/4 floppy. Then the PS2's came out with a Color Graphics Adapter! The rest is history!
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