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  1. Hello, ezyVirtual are looking for a web services director, this role will include helping with development/maintenance of the website. This position will require somebody who can code html and php and integrate this skill in to phpvms. As a staff member you are required to assist the rest of the staff in helping members with general inquiries as well as specific inquiries related to your role, received in our staff inbox, forums, your personal inbox indox or on the Teamspeak server. You will also be expected to attend our weekly staff meetings on Teamspeak, provide a staff profile which must be kept up to date and inculde a staff photo. You are expected to show enthusiasm, dedication and be an active community member, checking the forums regularly as well as participating in events and being active on our Teamspeak server.We may ask to have an informal interview with you on Teamspeak. We welcome anyone to apply for a position, and although no past experience is always necessary, it will of course be of benefits to the applicant. We do ask that you only apply if you are completely serious about the staff position and are ready to get stuck in! Should you be offered a position, all new staff members are on an initial one month probation period. All applicants should receive an auto-reply via email to confirm receipt of your application. For more information add me on skype jacob.axford Regards Jacob Axford
  2. I have had so many problems with my computer and fsx meaning i have reset lots of times as soon as i got it sorted and I emailed pmdg to see if they could let me active it again as i was past the max of 5 they said yes so I activated again and then some freeware scenery messed up my fsx the whole addons menu dissapeared so I reset again and I was given one extra registration so i cant activate again and im getting "The activation of the fulfillment is denied by the activation policy because max extra activation exceeded incident 8301 9943482" What can I do? Thanks
  3. Lol well he did well in the riots iPhone blackberry beats and lived in Gorton

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