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  1. Thomson Virtual is a new development that features a modern site and a friendly atmosphere. We provide a service for Flight Simulator users in which members will be involved in realistic operations which recreate those of the real Thomson Airways. Thomson Virtual was created to allow a learning environment which involves fun and excitement. We allow pilots to fly aircraft such as the Boeing 737, Boeing 757, Boeing 767 and the airbus family. We hope to have an increasing presence on the online networks such as IVAO and VATSIM and we provide a teamspeak server so pilots can share experiences and help each other. We have a great management team who always strive to do their best by providing the best service possible. http://www.thomsonva.com Join today!
  2. I have left my friends now but he has chosen to reset his system and to disable this product until he wants to fly VFR. I quite liked England with ORBX on however I wont be buying until he notifys me these bugs are fixed. Thanks for everybodys help, Jacob
  3. wow thats strange, could it be because I have deleted my FSX.CFG?
  4. ok here it is https://dl.dropbox.com/u/43013976/Flight%20Simulator%20X%20Files.rar
  5. I dont have Scenery Tech landclass so im very unsure
  6. Yeah, ive just disabled it till I do VFR, but I dont understand why they would make a product which messes everywhere up but the UK It seems to be out of Europe that picture was taken at HESH and as soon as I disabled FTX it went back to normal
  7. Wow thats ridiculous! I think a refund is in order
  8. Ever since I installed FTX EU im experiencing a problem with the sea out side of Europe heres a screenshot - If I change it back to FSX Default on FTX Central it fixes however my ground textures in England look terrible Thanks Jacob
  9. [solved] It was nextlevelsimulations.com
  10. Hello, I believe theres an A380 add-on scheduled to come out within the following year. However I have forgot what the url was for the companies site. They were making an FSLABS/PMDG style product but for the a380. Can anybody remind me which company this was? Thanks Jacob
  11. Hello Im just wondering how do I stop ezdok from centering cam when I let go of the spacebar to pan round the vc? Thanks! Jacob
  12. Hello A new thomson virtual is coming soon with a more modern website and more realistic schedule list. We currently have a stable website and a template however we are looking for a Web services director to improve and maintain the site. The individual would be responsible for overseeing the website. They will develop new systems for our use aswell as keeping current systems up to date and bug free, You will know HTML and some PHP/Javascript. For more add me on skype jacob.axford Regards Jacob
  13. I think bae should stay as bae, its one of the greatest companys Britains ever had. What other aircraft has such sophistication as the typhoon?! However if it allows them to reopen woodford I would change my mind
  14. FlyAero virtual was setup in the summer of 2012 to supply flight simulator pilots with a realistic, friendly environment where pilots have the freedom of flying for which ever airline they wish! We have a modern look with a large list of schedules and aircraft. We have a team who are always willing to help and who always try to take the va further! We currently operate airlines such as Monarch, Thomson and Thomas Cook (Many More Also!). Furthermore we have a forum and a teamspeak server and a entertainment center (Under construction). Jacob Axford
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