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  1. Thank You Rob. I am sure many would like to hear it from someone who has been heavily involved. Not forcing with anything thou Rob, no pressure, but it's been too long. You have been very helpful. and congratulation on your new home ..
  2. I don't see they are committed to what they have planned before by not releasing the Advanced version. I know there are several bus drivers who are pretty much satisfied with the current state. I too have managed it enjoyable enough for short hops. But why they havent released the Advanced version remains unknown. Is it on progress? is it even buggier than the Basic? Insufficient funds? Or are they preparing a big surprise? or they will keep idle like this until not a single simmer purchases their product and close the site as they are short of cash even to make their site keep running? If that's the case, they are done! technically, they don't exist. I'm asking these questions not because of pure disappointment but I am one of those who believe they still have potential to get them to compete. I don't like starting those questions on their forum simply since I know a few gents whom I respect for their voluntary efforts and contributions to 'Airsimmers'.
  3. It is better in some ways. If you have time and patience to tweak, you'll find it flyable and less troublesome. Try it and ask for refund if it gives you too much pita
  4. right clicking (then left click again) and it will turn back to white.
  5. You have talents in reading one's mind sir.
  6. well, my system isn't that new but it runs almost all addons above 60fps, but I just can't limit the clouds less than 10 layers using ASA 6.5 and I stubbornly lock my fps at 60. It hits on the ground in a complex airport, all sliders fully right. (AMD Phenom X4 955 BE, 4GB RAM, 9800GT 1GB). Just tried the VC texture and I am not that impressed. Oh well
  7. Yup, that's about it. The reason why I like the 763 is it runs perfectly smooth on my system. Enhancing without killing my fps, that's what I need. :Party: On my way......
  8. Forgive my ignorance, but does it work by editing the "registry entries" with the lines above and running it so that it automatically adds a new path/entry to the Wow6432Node\Microsoft\Direct3D ? I don't have the maddog but this should work to add registry path in general, cmiiw Regards
  9. I wonder if you plan to put a thick Indian accent voice set :(...sorry, I can't help it
  10. Dear Bryan.FS2Crew is as important as the aircraft itself. look what you have done to the community, look how many people have thanked to you. I ain't flying without FS2Crew, that's for sure.Count me in
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