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  1. Yupp.. it has the sweet looks
  2. You are so wise. I'm impressed. Thank you
  3. It is not necessarily a problem. Like most of piston engine aircraft, applying proper mixture, propeller knobs, a bit of priming, and magnetos, it will likely run. I was just saying they never included manual. However, I have similar priced add ons that come with manual, regardless how "lite" they are. Low cost doesnt mean less safer than full service, otherwise, no one flies with Southwest. At least, give us a normal procedure checklist and we'll be good. In this area, Alabeo shows they really ARE Carenado's subsidiary.
  4. Alabeo never includes manuals in order to reduce cost, that's why they omitt the frills and you'll get cheap products. It's a low cost developer, launched by the full service Carenado
  5. Thank You Rob. I am sure many would like to hear it from someone who has been heavily involved. Not forcing with anything thou Rob, no pressure, but it's been too long. You have been very helpful. and congratulation on your new home ..
  6. I don't see they are committed to what they have planned before by not releasing the Advanced version. I know there are several bus drivers who are pretty much satisfied with the current state. I too have managed it enjoyable enough for short hops. But why they havent released the Advanced version remains unknown. Is it on progress? is it even buggier than the Basic? Insufficient funds? Or are they preparing a big surprise? or they will keep idle like this until not a single simmer purchases their product and close the site as they are short of cash even to make their site keep running? If that's the case, they are done! technically, they don't exist. I'm asking these questions not because of pure disappointment but I am one of those who believe they still have potential to get them to compete. I don't like starting those questions on their forum simply since I know a few gents whom I respect for their voluntary efforts and contributions to 'Airsimmers'.
  7. It is better in some ways. If you have time and patience to tweak, you'll find it flyable and less troublesome. Try it and ask for refund if it gives you too much pita
  8. about last week, they said the pricing would be tagged after the product is finalized. The update shows how close the current progress is... cant wait
  9. affirm... by the way what VA you are joining with? Yup, not too happy with the VC in Q300 for FS9 although the realism got so many praises.. If you take a look at their facebook page, they are aware their fs9 product wasnt a top notch in terms of VC.. I really appreciate the developer is willing to improve the area that has got so many critics by many.
  10. They have been testing the Beta since October and loads of imagesposted on their facebook page and there are few QA's as well. My guess is sometime this March. So, are You excited? this community needs more turboprops I'm telling You :rolleyes: ... peace! Cheers
  11. Is the Alphasearcher available at AVSIM Library, I tried to register on their site and it always failed
  12. Hey.. that's my username!! However, with today's computer specification, FPS in fs9 is no longer a big challenge, but reading Ian's fps above, it's worth to try
  13. right clicking (then left click again) and it will turn back to white.
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