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  1. a day, a week, a month.. it doesn't matter, we've been waiting for ages.
  2. Although they may be acquired by other operators, I always consider that MD 11s look best with Lufthansa livery. Moving on..
  3. same here Rob, but hey haven't you been preparing for the 777 release since months ago..
  4. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LW8j818w-qE
  5. glad to see you again JSkorna, would love to see your 'Tesla beats Edison' back
  6. welcome back and start diggin
  7. ha.. what's next? appears on aharonot commented by noam chomsky?
  8. Yes sorry for that. I've got a proper support regarding my ignorance about setting up start up configuration via email. I posted this before I received answers to my questions. It's a great product, clearly the best P-38 ever made. Wisnu Prabowo
  9. I have the CS 737-200 and I dont know if I would ever invest in another 732 unless, both fps and the price of this aircraft are "lite" enough. I'm not saying this will not outrun CS version though, in fact I'd say this will be the best 732 ever made.
  10. same list here, just a minor replacement of that King Air with Aerosoft Twotter Extended :Nail Biting: It's time for straight no chaser in any bars :(
  11. so many things coming up lately... my heart skipped a beat
  12. Thanks for reporting these guys, as I am about to get it soon while been waiting for user feedback in specific areas
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