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  1. Neither my current serial or the new one sent in a new link email work for me. I filed a support ticket....
  2. In software development, it's all about core competencies. For instance, let's say you could build an in house sales and marketing system for your business. That would require subject matter experts in the sales and marketing cycle, they would need to understand the cycle and have a business process nailed down and repeatable. It would then require building that base knowledge in their engineers. It's cheaper to pay a 3rd party company for their sales/marketing suite, since that it their core competency, and chances are they have more engineers and much much more core knowledge on that specific topic. LM is never going to do airplanes to PMDG quality, nor are they going to do scenery as good as ORBX. Nor do I beleive they would try. It's just not their main competency. If they did, where is the ROI? They would be in direct competition with 3rd parties that have been creating specific products and related code bases for -years-. LM could only win by closing the platform. That obviously would remove much of their user base, who would then move with 3rd part devs to an open platform.
  3. I used this guide to solve stutters: It involves proper affinity mask and nvidia vertical sync 'adaptive' with vsync off. Now my sim is smooth as silk. ymmv.
  4. @King...something sounds hosed in your config. I'm currently using soft-clouds, Active Sky for P3Dv4 beta, all of my FlightBeam stuff, a bunch of non-pd3 v4 aerosoft scenary, realair planes...etc etc with no crashes whatsoever. I'm thinking it's something else that is the root cause of your crashes. Did you go into the windows event viewer to see what exactly is crashing?
  5. Thanks! I love this ....I used them in fsx and now I'm setting up p3d....adds so much to the realism!
  6. Are all of the P3D fixes in the zips on the first page? I am not clear on that...
  7. ^this It works great with all of my planes of a wide variety.
  8. I think it comes down to this: non-developers don't understand the time and energy that goes into writing software. Many times without solid requirements, a product comes out of the mind of a developer, started as a nebulous idea that he or she must mold into an actual functioning product. I'm not going to make a comparison to Michelangelo and removing rock to get at the sculpture inside, but it's not far off. This person wears many hats, part visionary, part artist, part engineer, part project manager, part tech support, part business person, part sys admin, part tester, part risk mitigation... The non-technical person has no way to relate to what it takes to write great software. That combined with the general sense of entitlement in the world today, means product users expect features to be done yesterday, they expect there never to be bugs and thus never service packs, and product updates when a platform (like se) changes had better be instantaneous! They expect that every user's pc with widely different hardware and capability will run said software exactly the same without fail....and hey you want how much $$$ to do that? Then they come on here and make a statement like "##### I bought XXX and it DOESN'T WORK ...BUYER BEWARE I GOT ROBBED!!11!!" ... makes me cringe and roll my eyes...I'd say the large majority is user error or a simple config change to get things working. But hey, users don't want to trouble shoot! I get a chuckle every time someone here on avsim belly aches about the price of certain advanced aircraft or other add-ons, and the sheer thanklessness that they show to freeware devs that now might be charging a nominal fee after bringing this hobby to what it is today.... it takes money, time and effort to build these things folks!
  9. Is there another page? If so, they should update their site... http://www.prepar3d.com/product-overview/prepar3d-license-comparison/
  10. That's not how the license reads. I'm a software engineer at a university, so staff...at a medical school, not a flight school, and we don't teach doctors how to operate the copters in "Flight For Life" I talked to n4gix, he gave the me the scoop.
  11. Thank you for the correction n4gix; in the future, I will strive for accuracy. k-16. My statement of opinion has been amended for accuracy. The point is, I be highly surprised if everyone on an academic license runs a k-12 program, or are in an undergraduate degree program. I work for a university that has an undergraduate program. that neither makes me an undergraduate student, nor a teacher of such.
  12. The add-ons make the sim in my opinion. FSX has all of the add-ons, and correct me if I'm wrong, but more than P3D. So I know alot of people really like to feel that P3D is "better for training", but I don't see how exactly, with the same add-ons, short of volumetric fog and enhanced dx11 lighting, that the experience -for training- is different. Please enlighten me if I'm wrong....have they re-worked ATC or added some feature that makes the P3D platform better for training? That's not even touching on the fact that their licensing is ridiculous and bogus, unless you're running a k-12 program or are an undergraduate college student.... Hope no one is getting any entertainment value from P3D, even all those kiddies or college students that are being taught aviation on all of those academic licenses out there!
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