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  1. Yes it was directed at you Ray; I was trying to clarify your comment; and no I would not expect a Boeing profile to work with a Cessna profile but for all intents and purposes; suppose you have a TBM800 profile obviously the fuel burns and climbs are going to be totally different you could modify/copy it for Cessna use??? I'm not saying it should be used for Cessna props, but you might want to use it for long range turbine (prop or jet) use even in the GA category especially going IFR although I understand the software is intended for the bigger aircraft which I definitely intend to use it for but as I pointed out I tend to do freeware most of the time. I think I got the answers I wanted this has been really helpful
  2. what do you mean by there isn't another template you can use another?? The template can't be copied and made to work with another a/c?
  3. Ray, Granted high end payware are going to do much better in accuracy so of course those are going to be listed; would be nice to be able to add freeware without too much trouble (I wouldn't mind doing it if I could get the right data for it) I don't see why not; the 172 can be used to train PPL ticket holders for hood time; it won't be some advanced IFR flights though; I don't know if they're making newer 172s with the G1000 or not but if they are there's going to be options for it to do GPS approaches (not that they couldn't do it before the glass panels) even the 182s are capable of doing IFR so long as the pilot is IFR rated.
  4. I fly a little bit of everything; mostly freeware when it comes to the big heavies; I'm not into the systems simulation so I haven't found any payware (other than maybe CLS) for the 767 and the A330/340 I'll fly things like the RJ, 737, 757 whatever suits my fancy I saw someone mention that there was a profile even for the A2A Cessna 172 (which I don't have yet, but I got the Carenado 172 though) I don't pay taxes from anywhere as long as I don't ship anything to a state that collects tax so buying from simmarket has always been cheaper until now (I got a few things cheaper at PC Aviator, and I wished I had bought most of my stuff there instead of at but I am happy with my purchases nonetheless). so far this is the best place I have gotten answers about a lot of things; I'll be back thanks I was wondering if I should've gotten TOPCAT I'll have to get that
  5. the FMC can't update your fuel/weights on the plane itself; you're just telling the computer how much your plane weighs and how much FOB it has; I was hoping that the PFPX could streamline that process but you'd still have to tell your FMC otherwise.
  6. That's basically the point I made; one thing that simbrief doesn't do that PFPX does is that it connects to the sim giving you a moving map I think but you can do that with any other freeware addon that will do just that. EFASS is a newly recent flight planner similar to PFPX but I don't like their maps to be honest; what I still don't know is... can PFPX connect to FSX and change the a/c weights/fuel?
  7. Ray, You can only read so much, people will say one thing and people will say another the BEST way to do it is see for yourself; this isn't always possible. Simbrief gets current weather, step climbs and weights if you do it right of course. So I'm still not sure that PFPX is still the best way to go or stick with simbrief (I haven't got PFPX because one of the merchants I tried to use via paypal wouldn't activate a certain form of payment so I used a different merchant they don't have PFPX) the revolving account I have gives me no interest on purchases over $99 which I'm taking advantage of.
  8. Alright then, so have you have any experience with simbrief? I tried EFASS I wasn't impressed with how the map works and and the features/configurations seemed a little clunky (but not all that slow really) Not sure I like the idea that simbrief puts me at FL340 when there's a known headwind to be 130kts at TOC when its clearly 105kts at FL380 for much of that part of the flight; but as the flight gets on the winds from FL340-380 are comparatably the same IMO it should have done one of the two things: Told me that winds are not favorable at FL340 and I should climb to FL380 becasue the a/c is capable or B it should have said to stay at FL380 period. So I don't know if PFPX is better at this or not? This is where I'd like to see a trial, its annoying that there isn't one.
  9. That's what I've been using, but it seems to me that Simbrief loves put me right into the smack dab the worst of the worst headwinds... really?? c'mon... I do better at FL380 with 118-120kt headwind than at FL340 with 125-140kt headwind! (but as of right now, it doesn't matter if I'm at FL380 or FL340 cuz the winds are the same /smh)
  10. not sure but it looks like you can add to the database right?
  11. I read the thread in its entirety; so I have a couple questions not addressed here: 1. Will PFPX work with freeware (such as POSKY, Skypsirit and TDS and maybe PAD? LOL (I realize that PFPX will probably work better with the payware such as the Airbux X and PMDG). 2. Granted this isn't for GA aircraft specifically (but I assume that dispatchers for a fleet of corporate aircraft operation use such a software as well as cargo feeder companies utilizing small jets and turboprops as well as the regional airliners). I also have to point out that it amazes me how many expensive addons don't have trials (aside from aircraft, it would be nice to get trials of aircraft but that isn't really feasible) REX doesn't offer trials on any of their products and its getting to be too common for it to be this way unfortunately IMO will stiffle sales as I will hesitate when spending $30-$50-$100 on something; its questionable whether I'll hesitate at $10-$20 depending on how much I'd be wiling to lose even at $30 but $30 is my breaking point.
  12. too bad this website went kaput
  13. Is there any chan ce when you build your final version you can make it so that the installer updates the previous version rather than throwing an error saying that "previous version is installed, you must uninstall that version before installing this one" Most apps allow you to have your existing app's new version install in place to be upgraded; by doing this you eliminate the need to go through the uninstall process and then go through the install process as well. It is a small app so lucky once initiated it doesn't take long.
  14. the PMDG B777 is buggy that's all there is to it. even though we've told the devices (the joystick, etc) not to power off when not in use; if what you're saying is true about the USB hubs internal on the motherboard; that could have everything to do with it. of course my FSX keeps crashing; well another day!
  15. As for the win8 vs win7 argument; that's what I was afraid of... hmm have to think about that cuz FSXAssist isn't working for me at all it does things its not supposed to do to my knowledge for example: unless FSX is already running even when FSXAssist is run as admin it wants to close anyway so in theory launching FSX from FSXAssist is useless to me for some reason. I had a joystick drop/disconnect as usual; same thing FSXAssist didn't help with that either I kept clicking on it or waiting for it to do its thing; but it never did one thing for me at all. Pressing Alt+Enter did bring back my stick each time and almost immediately so I'm not sure if I have to keep doing that or not; I was HOPING FSXAssist would get it back for me WITHOUT my intervention so that I can run ENB again because FSX/ENB are too unstable when going between windowed/fullscreen all the time. I can't stand the fact Microsoft hasn't even bothered/stepped in to fix their own product no matter how legacy it is; all the devs and all the naysayers say that Microsoft and the developers all agree there's not enough money to justify doing certain things as far as the FSX addons go because of the small FS community I call ###### look at how many people posted here, look at facebook there's A LOT of people! These addon companies make THOUSANDS (FTX/ORBX, Aerosoft, etc) and no offense to you Jim this isn't directed at you; You've done a hellva job (excellent) at attempting to fix a problem although it works for most it doesn't work for me it seems. I've pretty much run the end of the road on this one and I'm out $12