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  1. marcus11

    X-Plane 11.10 Beta

    Hi, I did some testing regarding the right roll inflight. And I took three screenshots. First one is from XP11.05, the other two are from 11.10b3. They show the lift distribution of the wing. I used to have the wing start right beneath the fuselage, where in reality there should be no wing, but I did it anyway because of lack of climb rate. But for the third pic I moved the inner portion of the wing out, which completely removed the right roll. It seems to me the asymmetric lift distribution due to propwash is stronger now, or the prop torque got weaker?? -Marcus
  2. marcus11

    X-Plane 11.10 Beta

    Hello everyone, tried XP11.10b1 and I'm not happy with the new slipstream model. the default Cessna 172 now pulls to the right in the air. As does my airplane I'm working on. But I'm pretty sure single prop airplane with a clockwise turning prop(as seen from the cockpit) should pull to the left. Due to prop torque, spiraling slipstream and p factor. -Marcus
  3. Thank you for the heads up. "NORMAL_METALNESS available to scenery authors" That's interesting, I guess that means buildings can be shiny and reflective now, too. If implemented by the author. Did not expect this to happen so soon. I remember Ben saying "somtime in the future", regarding shiny scenery objects. Poor fps...
  4. Bummer, I can't see the change, too.
  5. I second that, can't wait for the next beta...
  6. New blog post by Austin: Excerpt: So, in X-Plane, we of course break the prop down into tiny little pieces and add up the effects from all of them to get a weighted average of the spiraling-slipstream speed for the entire prop, and scale that rotational speed from zero right at the axis of the prop hub to maximum out at the prop tip, and bang, we got a spiral slipstream with math that I believe proves that we are making a very good approximation. (And, doing the math in this new way results in propeller spiral slipstream that runs about 45% higher than the previous model… a positive indication since the spiral slip-stream was previously under-represented!) So, now we have better propeller spiraling slip-stream, with the needed rudder effects, and it feels GREAT to fly. ___ I'm now really looking forward to beta 4.
  7. Thank you Tony, Merry Christmas to you and everyone else.
  8. Ok just a little heads up: At midnight tomorrow night (Sunday, December 18th, 2016), SkyMaxx Pro v4 will be released. Don't know if I will get it, haven't been using my Skymax Pro 2.0 lately, but the new version looks kinda nice. :wink:
  9. marcus11

    X-Plane 11 Discussions

    Way to go! Jcomm. Good call! :wink: Cheers
  10. I'm really liking it so far. Looks pretty impressing to me. Can't wait for a new PC. But for now I'm really missing all the rendering options and checkboxes from XP10, argh.. That's a kinda tough pill to swallow for me...
  11. Ah, yes, gonna be a long night..
  12. Surprise surprise, X-Plane 11 beta is here. I'm off..
  13. Hi, I have to say I really like what I saw from XP11 so far. I also was surprised that XP11 comes out this year, but thinking about it, this makes sense. XP10's run has been 5 years now. XP9's run was only 2 1/2 - 3 years if I remember correctly. So I guess X-Plane needs some funding again, no matter what the new features are. There are more people involved in the development now and Austin still has to fight the patent troll law suit with no end in sight. Out of the box XP has the best flight model (to me) and I love PlaneMaker, no other sim can give me that functionality. I will gladly support X-Plane.
  14. I'm also not on facebook. But I can still view the pictures/videos and read the commentaries. No problem for me. With that said I don't mind getting the updates here, too.