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    In the process of acquiring my master's degree in computer science. What, girls can't be computer nerds?

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  1. Ya, i'd call that 'winter'. Are you a NGX painter? That's awesome! ( i haven't been following this topic) Do you like take really good pics of the real world repaints? How do you get the detail to spot on on your paints?
  2. Could care less about your replies to my comments, i'll comment how I please. But i'm done having this little child fight with you, bye.
  3. Geez, just negative nancy over here! It's almost Christmas im sorry sweety for hurting your feelings :rolleyes:
  4. Well i'm sure with over 6,000 posts every single possible paint must be covered by now ^_^
  5. Guys, isn't 6,822 replies enough... give it a rest this topic must be exhausted
  6. Great work guys. I sort of lost the topic and what it's about, but great job
  7. Can you give us an update on what you are doing? That would be awesome!
  8. Sick! You are the best eva!!! Do you think you could post just the spool-up sounds on here? If not it's okay.
  9. lol you confuse me! So you did do an edi of the spool up?
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