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  1. I got the problem when installing a scenery just a day ago..... 1. Open ADE 2.Select file and press open BGL. 3. Where you placed KALB look at the (file)/scenery 4. Open the AFX (bgl file) 5. On the tor right(of the toolbox) you see a green polygon click it and highlight the affected areas. EX 6. Compile and save. 5(if 5 doesn't work try 5 again and do this) select the exlude button (a yellow square) and from the top right to bottom left of the affected area highlight it.EX
  2. Well now I know.... Did you possibly get an FS2004 scenery? Can we get a picture?
  3. The default AFX did you delete it (or move it to another place), you should try to. C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Games\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\scenery\0302\scenery move or delete APX28160.bgl
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