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  1. n452mk

    Repaint request!

    Hello guys, where can I get the Pineapple Air livery for the B1900? THANKS.
  2. Thanks for the update!!! Cant wait for the EFB on the T7!!
  3. n452mk

    PMDG 737NGX

    Hello guys, never had an issue with chase and I love it but I have a question, whats the best or more realistic zoom for the captain view on the 737, 777 and 747? I use 0.7 or 1.0 when can but I looking for some feedback, also if anyone can share their setup for any of these aircraft I will appreciated! Thanks for any support!
  4. n452mk

    Older LatinVFR scenery in V4

    Hello guys, I see this post is old but I want to use MDSD in v4, what I need to do please? thanks.
  5. n452mk

    Hud not working

    ok thanks guys will do a ticket and see how it goes, I have a ton of liveries and dont want to loose them.
  6. n452mk

    CDU tips and tricks

    Hello guys, I want to learn better the FMS or CDU, where can I get some tips and tricks? to create waypoints, remove, add, also nav info etc. maybe a good book? tool? or youtube channel, etc. Thanks for any help!
  7. n452mk

    Hud not working

    Hello guys, my hub is not working for my NGX, will flip down but is always blank or off, I tried on the CDU but nothing work, can anyone help me to get the hud working? thanks. I have P3Dv4.2 just in case, thanks in advance!
  8. Hello all, for some unknown reason my PMDG MD-11 is not aligning the IRS, when im the gate / parking will show aligned after a few but after entering the flight plan, push back and start taxiing for some reason the IRS will request to be aligned again, any ideas why this happen? thanks. PMDG MD-11 FSX-SE
  9. Hello guys, havent had an issue with chase plane for a while but for some reason my views for example I have captain view and I use the C key so im fine and if I go outside or to another view and I click C again my captain view looks completely different like looking to the side or looking at the seats or behind etc, why is this please? sometimes wont happen but during flight can happen few times, please help, thanks.
  10. n452mk

    P3D VAS issues with Chase

    Yes eNVee, my settings are very low and 2048 on the textures, Im actually having the issue even on default airports.
  11. n452mk

    P3D VAS issues with Chase

    Thanks guys. eNVee what driver would you recommend for this please? is been a pain, and the funny thing is last night I did a 2 hours flight on the PMDG 747 all good and during the approach same thing again but no crash so after landing, parking and shut down the engines I stayed 30 more minutes inside the sim just zoom, going in and out and moving the cameras all over the place to see if the sim crashed but didn't so is weird, now my VAS at the end of the flight was 0.01!!!
  12. Hello guys, I was told to post this here directly from the FSFX staff, my P3D works fine with chase and I really like this add-on, cannot be without it but I been having an issue, no matter how low my settings are, how many sceneries I have active while flying using the scenery tool, and no matter how good my machine is; I keep getting low VAS alerts at the end of my flights, at the beginning I was using the FSLabs 320 and I thought it was the issue but now even with any PMDG, carenado or A2A aircraft will do the same, I get very good frames on my P3D but as soon as im on approach to the destination I will start hearing the low VAS alert and if I open chase I will see the remaining of the VAS on 0.10, 0.20, etc etc, sometimes will even crash the sim. I use the dynamic core option just in case. I already updated and did a full clean install of the NVIDIA drivers and actually the VAS improved but I still get the alert but now will take maybe a little longer, I have no clue what can be so I emailed FSFX and they said it wont crash the sim but I can share it here just in case someone has a solution. Once my sim crashed so it can happen, please if anyone can share maybe an option for this I will gladly appreciated, thanks in advance. My computer settings are: i7 6700K 4.0 Processor NVIDIA GTX1070 16RAM, 2TB space and 124SSD Windows 10 64 bit
  13. Hello guys, just want to know if FSFX will include or create the jet blast or heat effect behind the engines, similar to the effect that the new PMDG747 and airbus FSLabs 320 have, just wondering, I think this will be really cool, I already have chase plane, q400, 737 and 777 effects on my p3d, thanks for any answer.
  14. Hello guys, today I purchased my 747 and NGX for P3D now so my first issue the pmdg website refuse to open, every other website is working normal, did multiple cookies clean, history, etc and nothing, after I took my laptop and purchased both planes, copied the installer on my pc, installation was normal but when I was requested to activated the same issue saying im not online, no clue why pmdg website is blocked, I can see the main page but when I click to log in will show the refuse message, anything I can do?? i have my 747 and NGX ready to go but cant use them, please help thanks also multiple pc restarts and nothing! Efrain Rodriguez Florida US