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  1. Hey guys , so i have not been on my sim for quite some time as I moved to the other side of the world. but anyways I ran the latest update, installed AIG traffic. Proceeded to go into options and check the settings advised by the tutorial to have ai traffic set to AI Online. But the only option I have is either ai offline or off…. any idea as to why that is ?? am I missing something ? thanks mike
  2. No not vertically. Placing it like the slotted ram. Im Tossing up between a Lian li dynamic xl or Corsair icue 7000x rgb < used for 200$ in great shape.
  3. Thanks guys! that fractal 2 looks nice. what case will work with the gpu being seated down horizontally instead of it up the back on mobo? I feel like there’s a lot of weight being held up like that. thanks mike
  4. Hey guys I have just recently upgraded my gpu from a 1080ti to 3080ti msi suprim x my issue is that it’s slightly bigger than the 1080ti and it’s a snug fit into my haf x 942 case which is a great case. any ideas on what case I should get ? i don’t care for RGB lights more fans thou. And that the card is seated where it is more supported like slotted top down. ? looking to spend 200$ Australian Thanks mike
  5. Sorry meant to write 1440p perfect! thanks mike
  6. Anyone running the fenix on a i9 9900k not oc with a 3080ti not oc 32gb ram not oc at 3600mhz with a 2k monitor? hows performance? Thanks mike
  7. I think the aircraft did not need the cabin to be of that much detail? Hence some performance issues? mike
  8. Thanks for the reply Greg. Do you think my cpu will bottleneck with the 3080ti? thanks mike
  9. Hey guys I am looking to sell my beloved 1080ti. and I am not sure wether to get the 3080ti or the 3090. will my i9900k not oc be a bottleneck? will my 850w power supply Corsair be sufficient ? thanks mike
  10. Boo hoo 😭 too many updates! 👋 outta here. sorry but come on .. first you all complain about not enough updates then you all complain about getting them. You guys are never happy lol mike
  11. I am a Boeing guy for P3d but I think I am converting to airbus after what I have seen with the fenix. and will but the airbus thrustmaster TCA captains pack. cheers mike
  12. Guys this maybe a stupid question, I have not used msfs in a few months now as I have moved overseas and my stuff is in a container coming over. When I update.. do I just update to the latest an I am all caught up. or do I have install each where I left off? thanks mike
  13. Hey guys, I have been out of the loop as I have been transitioning overseas and have not been using my sim as it is in a container atm. 😞 does envshade or rd shade work with msfs? And its great to see the pmdg 737 available also. 😃 Looking forward to get back into flying soon. cheers mike
  14. Interesting about the power supply needed. i am curious if I have enough power 850w with a z390 gigabyte aorus master with a 1080ti atm looking to get a 3090 soon? and what AM would you recommend for a i9 9900k? Not oc. HT on thank you
  15. Kind of pathetic how they use every excuse under the sun to inflate everything. Blaming Covid or the war!!! bs numbers they pull out their word not allowed!! we as consumer bend over and say yes please. mike
  16. Nice monitor , what’s the consensus on the AMD 6900xt? Think ide be able increase the SSAA setting to 8x on a 2k monitor. With complex scenery aircraft and weather. thanks mike
  17. Interesting I might wait for the 4 series. i am wanting to crank up the AA settings to 8xssaa on my 2k monitor which makes things really sharp.Thou it cripples performance in heavy weather on my 1080ti works quite well with 4xssaa but the jaggies still remain. cheers mike
  18. Guess I’ll be holding onto my 1080ti for a little while longer. cheers mike
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