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  1. Hey guys ,

    so i have not been on my sim for quite some time as I moved to the other side of the world.

    but anyways I ran the latest update, installed AIG traffic. Proceeded to go into options and check the settings advised by the tutorial to have ai traffic set to AI Online. But the only option I have is either ai offline or off….

    any idea as to why that is ??

    am I missing something ?






  2. 9 hours ago, Flic1 said:

    Are you talking about mounting the GPU vertically?  I saw that on one of the build videos I watched and he ended up switching it back.  I don't think the weight is an issue as you also mount it to the back side of the case.  TBH...I never knew that could even be done...

    No not vertically. Placing it like the slotted ram.


    Tossing  up between a Lian li dynamic xl

    or Corsair icue 7000x rgb < used for 200$

    in great shape.


  3. Hey guys I have just recently upgraded my gpu from a 1080ti to 3080ti msi suprim x 

    my issue is that it’s slightly bigger than the 1080ti and it’s a snug fit into my haf x 942 case which is a great case.


    any ideas on what case I should get ?

    i don’t care for RGB lights 

    more fans thou. And that the card is seated where it is more supported like slotted top down. ? 

    looking to spend 200$ Australian 



  4. 1 hour ago, ckyliu said:

    2K is 1080p, but anyway.... these kinda performance questions do make me laugh then they come from people running an almost state-of-the-art system! I bet you're getting over 60 fps at the moment in most MFS situations?

    I am getting 30 fps Vsync with quite high settings at 1440p, with an i5 and a GTX980! You will be absolutely fine unless you're needing 60 fps+ in VR.

    Sorry meant to write 1440p 





  5. 1 hour ago, CaptainNick said:

    Initial thoughts:

    Disappointed in the performance. After the butter smoothness that the 737 and almost to the same extent the md82 gave the vast majority of us, to have this launch with significantly worse fps across the board feels like a big let down. Feels like going backwards to P3D and Xplane launches where we used different graphics settings for different planes to claw performance back. Bad on Fenix for this.


    Tablet is pretty cool though. Props to them for this.

    purchase and validation extremely easy. Once again Kudos to them for this as well.

    What’s your hardware?

  6. 1 hour ago, RobJC said:

    I was convinced i would get the 737 but i am really impressed by this aircraft. I guess i am going to be an Airbus guy! 

    I am a Boeing guy for P3d but I think I am converting to airbus after what I have seen with the fenix.

    and will but the airbus thrustmaster  TCA captains pack.




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  7. Guys this maybe a stupid question, I have not used msfs in a few months now as I have moved overseas and my stuff is in a container coming over.

    When I update.. do I just update to the latest an I am all caught up.

    or do I have install each where I left off?



  8. Hey guys,

    I have been out of the loop as I have been transitioning  overseas and have not been using my sim as it is in a container atm. 😞 

    does envshade or rd shade work with msfs?

    And its great to see the pmdg 737 available also. 😃 

    Looking  forward to get back into flying soon.




  9. 14 hours ago, SteveW said:

    That might be helpful given you are using three monitors. However these new cards are more suited to motherboards with PCIe 4 which provides more bandwidth to the GPU than PCIe 3. Also these GPUs require more power from the PSU. So consider the motherboard and the power supply are adequate before purchase. Also you may want to wait for prices to drop or maybe even wait for the 40 series GPUs apparently shipping near the end of this year.

    Interesting about the power supply needed.

    i am curious if I have enough power 850w with a z390 gigabyte aorus  master with a 1080ti  atm looking to get a 3090 soon?


    and what AM would you recommend for a i9 9900k? Not oc.

    HT on 


    thank you

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  10. 3 hours ago, martin-w said:


    You may need a mortgage. 😁 I suspect that now graphics card manufacturers have upped the price, they will hang on to those high prices with all their might.

    Kind of pathetic how they use every excuse under the sun to inflate everything.

    Blaming Covid or the war!!!

    bs numbers they pull out their word not allowed!!

    we as consumer bend over and say yes please.




  11. 13 hours ago, G-RFRY said:

    That`s one thing that help`s 4K you don`t ssaa settings, your 4x the 1080p.

    And 4K will be more common in the future.

    MMD releases Philips 32inch-4k / 144Hz monitor with HDMI 2.1 for 899 euros (guru3d.com)

    Nice monitor ,

    what’s the consensus on the AMD 6900xt?

    Think ide be able increase the SSAA setting to 8x on a 2k monitor. With complex

    scenery aircraft and weather.



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