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  1. Hey guys I have not been simming for about 2 months now as I have been transitioning overseas with a big move and my pc is in a container atm 😭. my question is I have I9900k with m2 ssd etc With a 1080ti msi lighting z Should I go for a 3080ti or 3070ti? For a 2k monitor. Samsung Thanks. mike
  2. Which campaign would Be suitable for me as a beginner? also which map? and should I get the super carrier? cheers mike
  3. Thanks a lot ,guess I’ll go for the f18. mike
  4. Thank you for replying, I am actually having a hard time deciding with aircraft to get. F18 or the F14. cheers Mike
  5. Thank you very much for your informative responses. I will go ahead with the f18 and completely focus on only learning this bird. As I do only Intend on staying with one. and will look into new rudders also as i have the saitek ones atm. I do also have track IR. Another question, do I need to install addons such as weather, airports land class etc etc like P3D MSFS etc ? Or it’s great out of the box? thanks mike
  6. Hey guys, I am thinking about purchasing dcs for the first time. And I am indecisive of what aircraft to choose. Payware that is. I am tossing up between the F14 F16 or the F18, which I will be a beginner at flying these types of birds. I will also be purchasing the thrustmaster Hotas worthog. any other addons I may need? I have always been an aviation enthusiast, and have been flying on P3d and msfs. Sothis will be a completely new experience to me. thank you. mike
  7. How is this any different from envtex and envshade ? mike
  8. Monitor!!! By a long shot. I went from a 50inch4k tv to a 32inch monitor 144hz Using a display port. way smoother mike
  9. When is the is goi to be released??? we ain’t getting any younger 🤣 come on. Mike
  10. Adaptive half refresh? and also fps limiter to 30 in ncp? thanks mike
  11. Thanks i will test as I am using gsync it is smooth. Thou I get pauses and stutter sometimes thanks mike
  12. Would it be worth me selling my msi lightning z 1080ti for a 3070ti? wanting the 3090 but the price tag is just appalling. cheers mike
  13. Can you post a screen shot of your ncp settings? thanks mike
  14. ☝️ Agreed. ide probably get the yoke and the flightsim pm levers. mike
  15. word not allowed shame that opening up weather systems to 3rd party devs is not planned. mike
  16. So I should set it at 144hz and 30fps locked in ncp? not 36? thanks mike
  17. Hey guys I switched over from 60hz scan line x/2 with rtss to gsync 144hz and 36fps locked in ncp I noticed an increase in cpu usage, with long pauses on approach and some slight stutter. settings have not been changed. is this due to using 144hz? i9 9900k 1080ti not overclocked. thanks mike
  18. Been trying this thou I have noticed in long flights there is pauses on approach and high cpu usage with stutters. is this due to the 144hz? thanks mike
  19. what setting are you guys on for this? any performance issues ?gpu or cpu intensive? thanks mike
  20. How does this work for area of North off the equator and south of the equator? And the equator? Is there a check box for each? So crossing over from North to south would be winter fall to spring summer trees to the south? cheers mike
  21. Thank you for your response as i am looking to purchase the 777 quadrant. Is it quite heavy? durable? Thanks mike
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