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  1. What 3d cloud settings and cirrus clouds do you use for skyforce? with pascal are you using photoreal? thanks mike
  2. I guess I’ll have to try it. thank you. mike
  3. No I haven’t yet, is it compatible with 5.2? I do have pascal photoreal sky textures. how do you set it up? Do you use envshade preset by pascal also with sky force? thanks mike
  4. Any news on ASCA being updated? thanks mike
  5. Heys guys anyone using pascal reshade? could you please post some pics to compare with envshade? Is it better with just reshade or envshade preset he has? thanks mike
  6. Thanks for this.. this has totally changed the look of P3d v5.2 for me. HDR off pascal sky textures with Asp3d and Asca clouds Envtex some settings and envshade pascal settings vol fog off. Sun effect cfg also looks great. mike
  7. Pascal shaders? Envshade settings? Mike
  8. Hmm, interesting as I am noticing it also in msfs. I am thinking maybe it’s a windows issue or nvidia driver issue? thanks mike
  9. Hey guys so im pulling my hair out trying to figure out why my textures like taxi ways poles etc is shimmering/jaggies quite bad. i have a samsung G5 monitor 34inch AA set to 16x and 4xssaa in sim and nvp settings only set to perform max performance . is it win 10?? or nvidia drivers? fsdramteam airports etc or p3d itself EA on VOL clouds off using ASCA ENTEX AND ENVSHADE 1080ti gpu thanks Mike
  10. Can you please share your P3d settings / envshade settings and also volumetric cfg settings if any? thanks mike
  11. Question with regards to asp3d cloud layers. I use 5 at the moment. Anyone try higher cloud layers with no adverse effects? With ASCA clouds set to 512 textures. EA off . thanks mike
  12. I agree, I fly both msfs and p3d if only they could get p3d to get the lighting the same with EA it’ll be great. ATM EA looks too dark and yellowish. cheers mike
  13. Have you tried with EA off? look any better? thanks mike
  14. What’s the consensus wth envshade? is it needed? thanks mike
  15. I don’t think he uses TS in v5.2 Mike
  16. Would love to have tomatoshade R&D preset working with 5.2 EA off. guess that won’t happen? Mike
  17. Am an anyone please share their sensitivity settings for this bird that own the saitek throttle quadrant. lol I think I may need to upgrade. cheers mike
  18. Bravo Fenix 👏 great marketing. Lol FBW will probably be the same. and freee!!!! Mike
  19. Tried al of the a above. confused as to why i can’t seem to get it right. Thanks mike
  20. How do I set the throttles to spool up slowly? I have the saitek throttle quadrant. now if I move the throttle to say 25 on the quadrant the a320 shoots straight up to climb thrust. I would to move them evenly so that if I push the lever to 50 on the quadrant. it’ll move evenly to 50% n1 Before I push them to toga. thanks mike
  21. guys one question, how do i set my saitek throtttle so when i pull forward to 50 on the quadrant it shows 50% n1 atm i pull forward on the quadrant at 25 which goes to 50% n1 thanks mike
  22. hmmm im trying but i think i may be doing something wrong climb 0.00 overlaps with flex 0.45 in red thanks mike nvm fixed it lol had to save and apply
  23. just installed dev mode to try it out but i noticed one of my throttles while accelerating the right is uneven by say 10% higher ? does not happen with other aircrafts. anyone else notice this? thanks mike
  24. no i will stay with my 19 9900k for at least another 2 years , i update every 4 to 5 years. but i go high end when i do, i dont understand the mentality of upgrading every year for a 5% gain. cheers mike
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