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  1. Avidean

    Stearman from Golden Age Sim is winner

    I'll have to have a go at one of those. It looks like a blast! If immersion is important to you you should try VR if you are not already doing so.
  2. All I am interested in is the whether there are any leaps and bounds since the i7 4770k! I am thinking not leaps and bounds but on a few slight improvements. It just might be the case that going form an i7 4770K at 4.8ghz to an i7 9700k at 5.2ghz might not be worth the money and the 5.2ghz is assuming that I win the silicon lottery. I'll have to do some more testing with VR before I proceed.
  3. I'm downloading it now. I scare the word not allowed out of myself at the weekend!😱
  4. Avidean

    New Oddysey Plus Owner

    Welcome to the club! 😁
  5. My now 5+ year old build is: CPU at 4.8, CPU cache ratio 4.5ghz, 16gb 2400mhz CL9-11-11-31 and a 980ti on a SabertoothZ87. I was planning on upgrading to a 1080ti and VR. I figured I'd need a 1080ti to get the level of performance required for VR. Luckily, I picked up a Samsung Odyssey+ first and I have discovered with the aid of an app called FPSvr that in fact its my CPU that's the bottle neck in VR. That's assuming that there is not some Windows10 word not allowed running in the background killing it. Still getting a handle on Windows 10 but I don't think so. So given that this has turned into the big once every five years new build and V5 of Prepar3D will likely appear within the next 2 years. It would be nice to be able to plan for it. First decision is which CPU. I think with V4 the Intel CPU with the best single core performance and overclocking potential is the smart choice. That's going to be an 8068K I think. Alternatively, if V5 no longer depends on single core performance and uses more cores then an 8 core 9700K might be a better choice. Perhaps it won't make a hill of beans difference anyway and there is no guarantee of hitting a stable 5.3ghz anyway. Which is what I would want out of an upgrade. 0.5Ghz to make it worth it. Anyway, I'm sure I'm not getting an answer to my question! 😁
  6. Yesterday, I flew the PMDG 777 gate to gate from FT CYYZ to FSDT KJFK. Basically up and down. ORBX Global, Vector and OpenLC in the mix too. And of course DD NYC and Active Sky. In reality I was sitting at my dinning room table with my Microsoft sidewinder forced feedback 2 in front of me. But I didn't know that! As far as I was concerned I was sitting in the captains seat of a Boeing 777. Sure I was the invisible man too but that didn't seem to mater in this world. The FO was invisible too. During the decent I got up and stood behind the radio panel with my hand on the back of the captains chair to steady myself and stretched my legs. The view was totally realistic. I never took my Samsung Odyssey+ of my head the whole flight. It's strange that visual quality issues that would be unacceptable on a monitor are, although undesirable, are not a deal breaker in VR. For this flight I really stretched my system. Most of the flight I saw 20fps! Supposedly, that's not remotely sufficient for an immersive VR experience. I beg to differ. It was satisfactorily smooth. Definitely, the most compelling flight sim experience I have ever had. Especially getting up and walking around the fight deck! To my surprise it has been the case that my i7 4770k at 4.8ghz is getting hammered but my 980ti is purring along happily at about 60 to 80% using about 5gb of its 6gb of VRAM. I have been considering a GPU upgrade lately but it would seem that would have been a mistake. I'm looking at CPU's now. I used an app called FPSvr which is invaluable to see what your system is doing if you are using WMR. The image quality in any VR headset is going to be obviously inferior to a 4K monitor. And on the same settings with the same hardware the frame rate will be lower in VR than it will be on a monitor. But in my opinion VR is the way to go. And I'll give my endorsement to the Samsung Odyssey+. The caveat is that I haven't experienced any of the other options. It can be frustrating getting familiar with the ins and outs of it. But I have a pretty good handle on it now after a few weeks. There are still a few annoyances but I'm never going back to pancake land!🤣
  7. Straight forward question! I wonder if I can get an answer. I asked over on the P3D forum too. I think it might be important for anyone planning a new system right now with the intention that will be that for 5 years except for perhaps a GPU Upgrade in the middle. Right now I an running an i7 4770k at 4.8ghz. It owes me nothing but since I switched to VR i am struggling to get over 30fps with setting I can live with. I see that LM have certainly put the other cores to use with cores 3 and 4 also at 100% or close to it. Core 2 seems to hover between low usage and about 50% So we all know that FSX/P3D is limited by the main thread so the faster the core that runs the main thread the better your performance all other components being up to the task. Will this be the same with V5 or will that main thread be broken up making the program no longer single core performance dependent. If that were the case, would it make a difference to the CPU that anyone building now would chose?
  8. Download the Nimitz and Eisenhower and the F-18. Hard to believe the F-18 is a Mod of the original FSX F-18? What a super freeware addon. Two Super freeware addons. Had a couple off goes of landing in the Nimitz. First attempt looked solid until I hit the deck wheels up! Haha. I've done that in real life! Anyway, Everything is far more realistic in VR. Can't recommend the Samsung Odyssey + enough. It is wild! You definitely need a tone of CPU juice though in XP11 and Prepar3D V4. Not so much GPU which I was't expecting. I see in the screen shoots above the carrier group was underway. Mine was stationary! I did see an option under addons to set a course or speed?
  9. Avidean

    Too high PMDG prices

    I don't think that there is anything wrong with complaining about prices. It's perfectly natural to do so especially when your gut tells you are being ripped off. You know what they say about a fool and his money and fool me once shame on me, fool me twice shame on me. Personally, I think PMDG are gouging. When and if I ever want to dive into a study level 747 I'll buy the iFly but I'll wait for a sale. My opinion is buy addons when they are on sale only. What do Captain Sim and PMDG have in common? Their charge about 100% more for their addons than they are worth or need to charge to make a decent profit! 🤣🤣🤣
  10. Avidean

    Name the movie...

    After watching the movie for the first time in years on Youtube I loved they camera angle they used to make the Lear look like it was landing wheels up. Obviously in reality it was wells down but it looked the part. And then when it cut to the seen where the three astronauts where getting out the Lear was on its belly on the dirt but there wasn't a scratch on it! I figure they must have buried to just the right dept,stands that would be used for the aircraft that allowed the gear to be retracted on the ground.
  11. Avidean

    Name the movie...

    Where do you think you are going?
  12. Its only 6.99 but personally I think that would a waste of 6.99 for anyone who already had P3D or XP11 or AFS2. Looks kind off weak compared to the main stays. Poor graphics, low fps. It would be good for anyone who has a VR headset but has never tried a flight sim. On the other hand, it might put them off forever.
  13. Avidean

    Certificate Exception

    SSL is biggest internet con of all time! When I changed my company website from http to https it destroyed my organic search engine ranking. The internet is just a big scam.🤣