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  1. Avidean

    How bad do I need a camera App?

    The main reason for having a camera app is the effect of the the aircraft movement on the pilots point of view. It adds a lot to immersion and once you experience it you won't go back. I don't think you can achieve that without EZCA or Chaseplane. I used EZCA which has a learning curve! I fly X-Plane now with has that pilot point of view movement built in.
  2. Avidean

    VULKAN for Prepar3D v5?

    I certainly hope Prepar3D V5 goes with Vulkan and not DX12 for obvious reasons but I cannot help but think that DX12 is the easier route given it seems the logical progression from DX11.
  3. Well after a couple of weeks I am happy to report that the magic has not worn off! I am just loving this sim! It's official. I've filled the divorce papers against Prepar3D. I never imagined that I could love another but I was won over on looks alone. Sure Prepar3D might be deeper but I am a shallow old dog. Per my original commitment I haven't bought any addons but I am loving the Zibo mod for the default 737 and certainly for my level of study its every bit as good as the NGX. I have on many occasions said the flight dynamics thing is nonsense but I do have to eat my words in this regard. Flying is X-Plane 11 feels more real to me than flying in Prepar3D especially in choppy conditions. Now its not all roses. I noticed that when flying in clouds during a thunder storm the lighting is like a strobe light. once pulse every second or so. If anyone knows how to fix that I'd love to know. And the draw radius for HD shadows doesn't even extend beyond the VC. That's a real immersion killer. But what I cannot over is the quality of the freeware stuff. Its Awesome. I installed MisterX KSFO and its just as good as payware for Prepar3D. Also I installed Ortho4XP for Florida and it's better than ORBX LOL! But since I have limited space it eat up 85GB of SSD space and it got me to the limited 16Gb of system DRAM. It also runs very well on my haswell system and tuning the setting is a piece of cake. I love that you can see the rate at which the GPU and CPU are processing frames on the screen so you know exactly which to adjust. I'll stick with this until Prepar3D V5 comes out. I suspect that will be a major cross roads for a lot of flight simmers and I personally don't think it viable to operate 2 or even 3 Flight sims unless your willing to spend a lot more.
  4. Avidean

    Is V3 still worth using.

    At this stage of the game I would stick with V3 and wait for V5 which might be a game changer requiring 3PD to charge update fees. They are not going to update the addons for free forever and I'd hazard a guess that V5 is less than a year away. I went from V2 to V4. I've gone from V4 to X-plane 11. I'll what for V5 to be released before I decide which track I'm taking. But I'll beat my front teeth that the upgrades of FSX/P3D addons to V5 will be fee based across the board.😁
  5. I think https://forums.x-plane.org/ at least that is where I am looking
  6. To make the most out of one PMDG aircraft you would have to have no other interests in life.
  7. Avidean

    Why is this forum dying?

    I think that people should just be allowed to have at it without moderation. Most conversations won't degrade into death threats and will just run there course and the involved parties will probably end up best friends. And it will be super entertaining for by-standers. Let the community self-moderate and civility will just prevail naturally. People generally don't like when third parties stick their nose into their arguments. And nobody likes anyone going to squeal to the moderator. If you are looking for a reason for the decline of a forum it because of the straight jacket you have to ware to use it. The day of the snow flake is coming to an end and for people like me it never arrived in the first place! I'm a Bull in a china shop and that's not a problem for anyone except the china. 🤣
  8. Avidean


    Whatever V5 brings the degree to which it brakes backwards compatibility with the major 3PD will be limited. my guess is that it will brake backward compatibility up to a point that the major 3PD's can deal with and updates to existing addons will as standard come with a price. I am guessing the days of free updates will be over with V5. This is of course all speculation but I expect that V5 will have no main thread and be asynchronous so that it can take full advantage of all CPU cores. It will also be DX12 and it will use PBR. I expect that 3PD in the know have already been informed of the road map for V5 and are already working on compatibility issues
  9. Well I had some time today so I installed the Zibo Mod of for the 737-800 and The other goodies that go along with it. Sound Pack, Terrain Radar and more realistic cockpit textures. I continue to be blown away by this sim. This is the Furthest I have ever gotten into X-Plane and not been frustrated by it. It has definitely come a very long way in the last couple of year. I was 5000' flying circuits around KSFO in a stormy night with lots of wind shear and got a super smooth 50fps. I love the info shown in the top left. I've already got the hang of getting the setting right for a flight. I set my refresh rate to 50hz and and see the frame time at .002 and CPU around .0017 and the GPU time around .0015 so its super easy to to get the setting right and see which is under the most stress the CPU of or the GPU. Just Awesome😁
  10. Avidean

    Reflection lag

    I am new to X-plane and noticed that too. I have seen the same thing in AreoflyFS2. Personally I think the reflection look very good on the lowest setting. I am guessing its GPU rather than a CPU issue. But that's just a guess. What I love about X-Plane is that adjusting graphics setting for performance is very easy and fast.
  11. Sorely tempted as I am, I'm going to stick with my plan of what I can get out of this sim with freeware only. So far I have just being playing around with with the default 737 and 172 since I am reasonably familiar with both of them. I have found that I can get 60fps no problem with the 172 with great setting (see video) and I am very happy about that. Moving on to the 737 I've brought my Prepar3D experience to bare on that on and set my refresh rate to 30hz with great affect. So far I have only gone around the block in the 737 but with great setting with a very smooth 30fps. I understand there is a freeware mode for the default 737 so that's the first thing I am going to do and then I will be adding what I think is called OrthoXP scenery for the Pacific north west.😁
  12. Avidean

    Improvements in V4.3

    i7 4770k @ 4.8ghz, GTX 980ti, 16gb 2400mhz CL9-11-11-11
  13. In my defense, I hadn't given X-Plane a fair shack since version 10 and I stuck with Prepar3D. But given that it was on sale on Steam and I got the impression that Laminar never has a sale I took the bait. I have to say that I am blown away and I'll have to eat my words re Flight Dynamics and the looks of the sim: The thing is I really don't have the storage to have both sims on my system so I had to make a decision and I decided to uninstall Prepar3D and clean my system up to make room for X-Plane 11 exclusively. Doesn't mean I am jumping ship just yet. I have to say I am blown away with first impressions but I have a lot invested in Prepar3D. So my project is to emulate the early user of Flight sim and see what's the best I can do with X-plane 11 using exclusively freeware plugins and addons. Well for the time being I am now exclusively an X-Plane 11 User.😁
  14. Avidean

    Improvements in V4.3

    Those of you who experienced performance and visual improvement, did you do an objective tested side by side comparison with clearly defined datum or is it just your subjective opinion that V4.3 has self-evident performance and visual improvement over V4.2? I've tested V4.3 against V4.2 on my system as per above and found no self-evident performance and visual improvement over V4.2. However there are welcome improvements in V4.3 over 4.2 and since it is very easy to upgrade I would recommend it. And if you haven't already done so why not take the opportunity to make your own objective comparison on your own system. It's easy! First update your system to the latest Nvidia driver and set NCP to prefer max performance. Then just make a short flight and record it using the sims built in recorder. Play it back without moving the point of view and make a video of it using shadowplay showing the FPS counter. Make a copy of your .cfg Then update to V4.3 using the client, content and scenery files exactly as LM instructions. Follow Poppets guide to put your ORBX scenery in order: Delete your shaders and make sure your .cfg is identical to the backup you made of the 4.2 .cfg Launch the sim and play back the recording you made in 4.2 a couple of time to rebuild to the shaders. Restart the sim then play back the recording and again without moving the point of view make a video of the recording with shadowplay. Move the shadowplay FPS counter to the opposite corner so that when you play back the videos side by side its easy to see any variance. You can use VLC to play the videos side by side so you can make a direct comparison between V4.2 and v4.3 To synchronize the videos us the play/pause button rapidly on the video that ahead until the one behind catches up. You should be able to synchronize to within at most a half second. You can even make a video of the side by side playbacks and share your results if you care too. It's a simple process and if you upgrade without doing it one of two things could happen. Either you will see no improvement and wonder why others did and think that perhaps your system is inadequate or that there is something wrong with you. In either case you will be in the dark. Or you will just find yourself seeing what perhaps is not there and sing along with the chorus. In this case you are in the dark too. If you make an objective comparison you can make an objective decision an to which version you prefer. And believe me switching between V4.2 and version V.3 or visa versa takes 15mins once you are practiced at it. That;s a small price to pay for not having to take someone else word for it.