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  1. I am looking forward to picking up a used 1080ti for about CAD$600 and I suppose I will upgrade in a couple of years to a used 2080ti for about the same. I would buy a 2080ti if it was about CAD$800 even CAD$900 at a stretch. But CAD$1600+ KMA! My gut feeling is that whole Titan thing was Nvidia testing the water to see what they could get away with. Sure if you want one go ahead but don't be under any illusion that you are not being ripped a new one! Because you are!! But to be fare I do believe that anything is worth whatever price the market will bear so there you go. But Nvidia have definitely manipulated that market thanks to AMD's apparent inability to compete. I certainly remember a time when I considered and bought and loved Radeon GPU's. I am willing to hazard a guess that there is a secret agreement between Intel and Nvidia: You don't GPU's and we won't make CPU's and visa versa. I like that AMD do bought and the fact that AMD do bought tells me the Intel and Nvidia also should do bought. I would love to see AMD come out of left field with something ankle braking in bought the GPU and CPU department and then perhaps we can get back to paying about $450 for a top of the line GPU and about $200 for a top of the line CPU.
  2. Avidean

    spot the tennis players

    Oh! There it is!
  3. Avidean

    spot the tennis players

    I can see the players but I can't see the ball!😀
  4. Similar scene with approximately the same zoom 1/5 terrain 4/5 sky with sun and no clouds, I saw up to 850 fps. Anyway despite this, the point is that by the time FS2 gets to where P3D is now is 10 years away. And 10 years from now P3D will have advanced another 10 years. Not knocking FS2 but it will never catch up on P3D and given the way FPS takes a huge dive once clouds are added I doubt if the hits by adding road traffic dynamic water bodies, autogen, AI traffic and ATC, Real weather, etc. etc. etc. will be any smaller. Once all the bells and whistles are added I am sure that FPS will be down to 60's
  5. Fair enough but the point was that I doubted that any system would deliver double the FPS mine could so I took a similar screen shot and at 475 or so FPS. So in a scenario as close as I could get to yours you get 25% more FPS with your i7 8700k at 5ghz and GTX 1080ti (a cutting edge machine) compared to my 5 year old i7 4770k at 4.8ghz and GTX 980ti. So I am right to say I doubt any system would deliver double the FPS mine could. 😁
  6. global building coverage! Can't wait to see that. It time to reinstall Outtera 🙂
  7. I wouldn't be inclined to want to future proof against P3D V5. I'd be willing to hazard a beat that V5 will run better on current hardware than V4 does
  8. AS I suspected there is already a whole bunch of used 1080ti posted on kijiji.ca here in Toronto in last couple of days for as low as CAD$700. So the sellers will likely take offers of CAD$600. That's US$460. Far cheaper than they where a few weeks ago. The last time I looked they where listed for about CAD$1000 used!
  9. Avidean

    RTX 2080Ti

    I'd be very surprised to see any real improvement in Prepar3D V4 with these cards. It's been my experience that the bottleneck in Prepar3D V4 on my 4770K at 4.8ghz is the CPU so throwing 2080ti in won't make any value for money difference. Maybe for those running Later gen CPU at 5ghz+ it might make a difference but I doubt it. What would really make me sit up and pay attention is a 6ghz+ CPU but I cant see that happening anytime soon. Prepar3D V5 will be the next real game changer. I'll wait to see how that runs on my current system before I consider a new build. Although, I can see a lot of used 1080ti's on the market very soon if not already so I might pick one of those up in the interim.
  10. Avidean

    RTX 2080Ti

    He said "USED" 1080ti and he is right. the supply if Used 1080ti's will go up with people upgrading and as a result the used price will come down.
  11. I don't know what the performance hit would be by putting some scenery on a HDD. But its easy to find out. I have 3 x ssd's. when I had P3D installed I had the OS on one SSD and P3D on another and stuff like ASN on the other. When all the ORBX scenery I have eat all of the space in the P3D Drive I moved the ORBX folder to the other drive and used a program called Junction Link Magic to make P3D think the file was still where it was orignally. Junction link magic is freeware and easy to use. You could move some folders on the P3D Drive into a folder on you storage drive and used Junction link magic to make it look like they are in the P3D Drive. On a HDD performance depends on the fragmentation of the drive and where the folder being accessed is physically positioned on the drive. If I remember correctly the outside edge of the drive has the highest performance. So you can do all of that without spending a penny and decide for yourself if there is and if you can live with any performance difference. Junction link magic is very simple to use but be careful! if you make mistakes you can screw thing up!!!!
  12. I'm fond of telling people I meet that I have a license to fly the Space Shuttle! And so long as it in Canadian airspace I do! LOL My pilots license says I am qualified to fly "All Gliders" 😛 The thing is that newspapers and the MSM in general are in the business of disseminating propaganda that promotes the interests of those whom the proprietors obediently serve. Period!
  13. Yeah the Netherlands looks great but if i wanted to support IPACS I would buy their DLC not ORBX
  14. Don't beat yourself up over it, we are all flight simmers after all 🤣
  15. Well, sorry it wasn't obvious that it was a joke!