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  1. Problem temporarely solved. What did I do? rollback of FF320 to stable version checking XP for errors via the steam app MCE starts as it should be 😊 Thanks for your support. Will give another try when FF320 0.9.5 is out.
  2. in addition: Run XP and default B737-800 RUN MCE via app outside XP (admin) Works fine Re-run XP with FF320 Run MCE via app (admin) CTD when switching just before Message ...Ready and the MCE UI Display Nvidia driver is up-tp-date. It really seems to be a conflict between MCE and FF320- xpinsider.dll???
  3. Gave another try: 1st: re-installed MCE 2nd: updated FF320 Connector to v1.1.6 3rd: Run XP and MCE 4th: CTD Log file last output: XPluginReceiveMessage entry(0, 1001, 0x84D28CC0). --=={This application has crashed!}==-- 😭
  4. I don't have any another XP installation. The MCE dlls folder is inside the core installation XP folder with two subfolders and each of them with 21 dll included. Everythings seems to be as it should be. MCE has run fine since its release for FF320. 🤔 XP runs as admin.
  5. Hi guys, since about a couple of days XP11.31 CTD when I start running the MCE via the internal plugin. XP11.31 log file says: FF320 XPlugin: Message received ...this application crashed ...or similiar. simulation : XP11.31 +FF320 0.9.4 There might a conflict beetween FF320 and MCE. The MCE app starts running and after about 20s XP crashes down without warning. What I tried by now: steam client searching for bad files fresh installation of FF 320 fresh installation of MCE running XP w/o MCE causes no problems 🤔 Does anybody out there has any problems as well? Save landings. uhecht
  6. Problem solved. Be careful when using other plugins that touch default FF A320 files. That was the problem.
  7. Hi guys, got the BETA or RC version of the MCE by the FS++ Team. Installing was not a problem. Speech recognition as well. But insinde Xplane 11 FlightFactro A320 I got a grey square overlays on supported instruments. Why that? Put my licence key into the MCE folder to be licensed. Have you got any idea? Cheers
  8. Hi FS++, I normally use vpilot in network to dispaly any panels on a different computer. My installation path is the default one C:/Program Files/... FSX is installed on a different drive with SP1 and acceleration pack -not to default c:- By the way: MCE runs out of working while approaching. When I re-start MCE then again I run into CTD when touching down. I am frustrated becaue I thought it will be much better than FS2Crew and / or because there is no FS2CREW for FSLabs A320 by now. I have never had such Problem for years Cheers Uwe
  9. Hi guys, I struggle with the MCE within the FSX on my rig. Speech recognition runs fine so far but when I try to get to the Flight Mode the sim crashes down. But I want to select manually-not via speech. What I have tested by now: 1. FSX menu option on direct way out of the sim by selecting an item causes CTD every time. 2. Sometimes it works when I select "FORCE TO FLIGHT MENU" from the taskbar icon by clicking right. Sometimes. My system: Win10 64-bit UAC off, FSX with ACC, headset, Saitek Cyborg EVO FORCE 3D with FFB, MCE Ultimate latest version FSX and MCE run as admin Is there no simple way to change some settings like time, ... without shooting down the FSX? Cheers Uwe