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  1. Hi Ed, thanks for your reply. Are you using Aerosoft's A318/319? Steve
  2. Hello, I would like to purchase the VA CDU for the Aerosoft 318 and 319. I see there is an app for Virtual CDU for "Aerosoft A318/319 and A320/321". The ad states "For A318/319 support, VAInterface version 2.6.14 or later is required". I've downloaded the latest VAInterface (2.20.3), Cannot find a later version than 2.20.3. Please advise. Thank you. Steve DelVecchio
  3. Hi Ricardo, purchased the VCDU 777 and VCDU 737. Easy to set up. Both work very well. Great product! Thanks, Steve
  4. Hi Recardo, thanks alot for your reply. I've downloaded the Virtual CDU Demo and will be testing the setuup with that app--good suggestion. I then plan on purchasing the VCDU 737 and the VCDU 777. Thanks again for your prompt response and help. Steve
  5. Hello, I'm interested in purchasing a Samsung Tablet (Galaxy Tab S 2) to run the Virtual CDU 777. I run FSX on a desktop PC connected via DSL modem to the internet. That modem router (Netgear Model 7550) also has WiFi capability (there's a lighted "WIRELESS" indicator). I'll be connecting the Samsung Tablet via WiFi. Will the Virtual CDU app work with this setup--the PC on DSL and the Tablet on WiFi? The reason I ask is that I've seen it stated that both PC and Virtual CDU must be "on the same network". Not sure what this means. Before I purchase, I'd like to know if my setup work? Appreciate any responses, opinions, etc. Thanks a lot. Steve
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