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  1. Airbus Pro When using Linda ThrustRevers1 & 2 only thrustlevers 1 works. That is, when I pull No. 2, then Liver 1 also pulls n1. No. 2 Does not move at all. Hope there is someone who has an idea. I only use FSUIPC5, P3D4,3 and LINDA. Regards Kim Finally, the contents of my ASInput.ini: [Common] Logging=1 NullZone=0 [FlightControls] Enable=1 [FADEC] //AxesCount=1 InvertAxes=1 //Event1=AXIS_THROTTLE_SET AxesCount=2 Event1=AXIS_THROTTLE1_SET Event2=AXIS_THROTTLE2_SET
  2. I have a problem v Aerosoft Airbus_Pro My thrust levers work super when thustlevers 1 and 2 move forward, the problem is when there is a reverse thrust. Thottle 1 is good but when thustlevers 2 is going to reverse nothing happens but thrustlevers 1 goes in reverse i am using FSUIPC5 and P3D4,3 HELP Kim
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