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  1. Kardeck

    [Answered] AI Reborn - status?

    This makes me happy. Is there a predicted release date for this? Will it be available on SimMarket?
  2. Kardeck

    [Answered] AI Reborn - status?

    I am intrigued as to whether this add-on is just controling the AI on the ground, or if the correct approaches and departures are modeled?
  3. Alberto, Is this compatible with P3D v4.3?
  4. Not sure what I did, but got it working Poppet, thanks.
  5. Kardeck

    Prepar3d v3 new user questions

    Did you have any luck getting FFS S340 working in P3D? Keeps CTD'ing for me.
  6. I'm pretty sure this is not compatible with 3.3.5, unless someone can prove me wrong. The AccuFeel entry does not show on the menu bar (other modules work fine). I even cut&pasted the entries from the FSXSE DLL file into the P3D version. :(
  7. Did a complete re-install (windows 7/CCC/Steam & FSXSE) AND tried the WideViewAspect setting and still the same. Back to P3D I go.
  8. DaveCT2003, yes I am and it is really puzzling me why it does this. I have tried different settings in both FSXSE and CCC without any change.
  9. I have three monitors (2x 4:3, 1x 16:10) but I cannot run Eyefinity without lots of faffing about. I can get round this on P3D just by dragging-and-dropping the edges of the application across the 3 monitors, but if I try this on FSXSE it just gives me a black screen one third of the way across the picture. FSXSE - https://i.imgur.com/Co9ZzDU.jpg P3D http://i.imgur.com/44LL91j.png works fine. Is there any way around this? Edit-oops Windows 7 and AMD 7970, with center monitor on DVI to DVI, side monitors on miniDP to vga (1x active & 1x passive adaptors). I was told that I should only need 1 active adaptor for the mini display ports to work with Eyefinity, but this is not the case.
  10. Kardeck

    Prepar3d - Crossfire won't work

    AMD refuse to support Crossfire unless you use full-screen, which seems a strange decision consider how Nvidia drivers work fine that way. And if I do buy a 980 now, how do I know Nvidia will not purposely hobble it with new drivers after they release their next iteration of GPU in two years time? It is far to much of a gamble TBH, so R390 for me.
  11. Kardeck

    Prepar3d - Crossfire won't work

    Bear in mind that Nvidia are beginning to show signs of anti-consumer behaviour. The Gameworks API that some developers are using causes AMD hardware to under-perform compared to the newest Nvidia cards, along with a deliberate handicapping of older Nvidia cards in Gameworks and new driver releases. This is quite appalling from Nvidia, and makes me wonder whether I will upgrade to the new AMD 390 card instead of the 980 I had my eye on.
  12. Maybe because it interferes with the free expression of ideas and information that is a central plank of the EU constitution? If the European Commission can fine Apple, Google and Microsoft... Bah. What do I know?
  13. Whoa! I think that *might* be illegal in the EU. Valve need to take a look at that.