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  1. Best of luck - excellent products.
  2. Thanks. FYI - at least in my experience - the "Remove duplicates" button does produce a list of duplicates but in the process "freezes" your product. Thanks for you help and I love your product. Franklin Duncan
  3. The majority appear to point to the same "path". How do I "remove" one of the references?
  4. I am not sure - but the addon manager lists an airport - for example one of FlyTampa's airports twice - one with a source of scenery.cfg and the other with the source of the addons. I have converted the scenery export .html file to an excel spreadsheet. Is there a way to send that to you so you can see what I am talking about? Franklin Duncan
  5. Information - I am on P3D v4.5 (with too much payware scenery) and my layers are all screwed up. I use your Addon Organizer. I have determined that the majority (if not all) of the duplicates are originating from two sources - one will be from scenery.cfg and the other is - users\name\documents\prepar3d v4 add-ons\scenery name. Should I disable one of these? Franklin Duncan
  6. I am brand new to LINDA. I understand it is a big assist with buttons. I currently use FSUIPC and my Saitek Pro Yoke to handle the trim, flaps and gear via buttons on the Yoke. Would I need to change those assignments if I begin using LINDA? Franklin Duncan
  7. Working with the Tutorial included with FS2Crew - and I have the latest update. When I test the TO Warning - it is not silent. Seems like I remember a trick to have the A/C ready for takeoff, but have been unable to recall it. Any ideas? Franklin Duncan
  8. Answered my questions - neat. Franklin Duncan
  9. Check with TFDi Designs - they are doing an updated MD-11 that will work in P3D. Not sure they will buy but I know they are looking for this type of documentation. Franklin Duncan
  10. Of all the addons I own - you are among the top 2-3 in support. You very well could be # 1. Thanks for all you help with the many questions I have asked about FS2Crew and UGCX. Franklin Duncan
  11. Bryan, You were right. I had reinstalled FSUIPC and forgot to make the axis assignments specific for GA aircraft -which need mixture control and jets - which do not. Changing the NGXu to a profile specific without mixture control solved the problem. Franklin Duncan
  12. Ahhh - I will check that when I get home. Thanks Bryan
  13. Flying the PMDG 737NGXu and during pushback (using UGCX) I asked the FO to start engine 2 - He immediately said "Oil pressure" then "Starter Cutout" then "Engine Stable". N2 is not even to 10 % and he has said everything he normally says during the start up process. This happened twice. Then during the start of engine 1 - same issue with the timing of his comments but the start up stops due to lack of air pressure. The APU was turned off (when this happened I am not sure) so I was faced with either a cross bleed start (which I have never done) or a restart of the APU. Any ideas?
  14. I can get to the home page on the website but any click after that gets the error message. BTW I am in the USA. Franklin Duncan Edit Now I cannot access the website at all. At least I know it is not just me.
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