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  1. Probably the same Artificial Intelligence that thinks driving fuel trucks down taxiways and runways is a good idea. Sorry, I don't have your answer. I disable crash detection and run them over when (not if) they get in the way. They always seem to come back healthy.
  2. Love this livery color. I'll be looking for the registration update. Thx
  3. Don't know if you want to rollback from the 1.40 firmware. There were a lot of refinements between 1.33 and 1.40. You might lose more than Slider 0 by going to an older firmware. I avoid their discord channel but maybe they're talking about a newer firmware or have some insight into the Slider 0 axis.
  4. It used to before Turtle Beach updated the firmware to v1.40. Item in question is this: https://www.amazon.com/Turtle-VelocityOne-Universal-Control-Windows-x/dp/B09JM8SX8G/ref=sr_1_1?crid=24D2KLH1RKD8B&dib=eyJ2IjoiMSJ9.crqSJalR9q1y937om4pv7lv_4Hk1HZQfVfLKnfJYgG3ggHWUZMXh3aArkRv9pGIBiAs8WaMnfO5eVuMXhu_f7g.D1cAJylQ9nVX9Syf392gzvJiZBzpjxW42vy03cZkJV4&dib_tag=se&keywords=velocity%2Bone%2Bflight&qid=1704930238&sprefix=velocity%2Bone%2Caps%2C156&sr=8-1&th=1 Because at one time AAO was able to pickup Slider 0 I never considered it a bug in your program. Anyways the workaround is easy enough to do The trim wheel is on the Throttle Quadrant and works really well for GA aircraft once setup in AAO.
  5. Here's a workaround that involves editing the XML file Axis and Ohs creates. If you don't want to do that then ignore this post. Create a new profile for the aircraft involved. Remember the name of the profile. Add one axis to the profile using the lever right next to the trim wheel which should come up as "Slider 1". Set it up for Elevator Trim and save the profile. Go into "ConfigDatabase_MSFS.xml", find the profile you just created and change "Slider 1" to "Slider 0". Make double sure you're changing the correct aircraft noted in the "AircraftId" parameter. Save the file. Go back to Axis and Ohs and add the rest of your axes and buttons. "ConfigDatabase_MSFS.xml" is located here: %localappdata%\LORBY_SI\LorbyAxisAndOhsMSFS. Backup the file even though there are other backups there. they could be old and outdated. If you're not comfortable doing this .... don't. Here's the pertinent info for the Asobo Baron 58 as an example. Your joystickGUID will be different than mine: <AircraftConfiguration> <aircraftId>Asobo Baron G58</aircraftId> <airFileId>SimObjects\Airplanes\Asobo_Baron_G58\aircraft.CFG</airFileId> <loadFromMaster>false</loadFromMaster> <buttons /> <axis> <GlobalAxis> <joystickStateProperty>Slider 0</joystickStateProperty> <joystickGuid>16752120-c8ee-11ed-8009-444553540000</joystickGuid> <joystickName>VelocityOne Flight</joystickName> <midiDeviceId>-1</midiDeviceId> <midiChannel>-1</midiChannel> <midiEvent>-1</midiEvent> <filterValue>1</filterValue> <assignedAxis> <Label>Elevator Trim</Label> <SimulatorEventName>AXIS_ELEV_TRIM_SET</SimulatorEventName> <MinValue>-16383</MinValue> <MaxValue>16383</MaxValue> <DefMinValue>-16383</DefMinValue> <DefMaxValue>16383</DefMaxValue> <curve>false</curve> <isSlider>false</isSlider> <Response>0</Response> <deviceMin>0</deviceMin> <deviceMax>65535</deviceMax> <deviceCenter>32767</deviceCenter> <leftMargin>0</leftMargin> <rightMargin>-0</rightMargin> <deadzone>0</deadzone> <nonlineardeadzone>false</nonlineardeadzone> <reversed>true</reversed> <progressive>false</progressive> <momentary>true</momentary> <onChangeOnly>true</onChangeOnly> <triggerDir>NONE</triggerDir> <triggerRepeat>NONE</triggerRepeat> <outputType>FLOAT</outputType> <vkModifiers /> <vkKeys /> </assignedAxis> <detents /> <Action>Elevator Trim</Action> <ControlLayer>0</ControlLayer> </GlobalAxis>
  6. Really? Your posts seem to indicate otherwise. You're all wound up about which doesn't make sense unless any written documents are copied verbatim. Including actual examples would help your argument. If there's any theft of intellectual property why not let the devs at A Pilot's Life handle it.
  7. Wasn't that the name of the pekinese dog in "All Creatures Great and Small?" I had to watch all episodes at least twice. Once to just watch, and then again to decipher what they were saying. Think this is the reason I bought a TiVo. I was daft more often than not.
  8. In only one try most of the knobs and switches were in the off position or not properly set. One engine was running even tho the fuel pumps and ignition were off. Took all of 2 minutes to quickly run thru the checklists and get airborne. No reason to wait for temperatures and all that to settle down if all you have time for is a quick trip. I did not try loading a flightplan so don't know what challenges that would present. One of the devs is keeping an eye on this thread so maybe he'll consider adding this most basic of panel states.
  9. IIRC, the Carenado Phenom 100 and 300 in P3D didn't have Vspeeds either. Did the manuals have V1, VR, V2 speeds computed depending on takeoff weight and airport altitude? Anyone still have P3D running that can check?
  10. So you're comparing one vendor's price with tax/VAT against one vendor's price without tax?
  11. I got on. 27 euros but I'll wait for someone braver than I. Although I do like the Mustang. Much like the Flight1 in FSX and P3D.
  12. Crapola, I just bought the Mustang before Christmas. Would rather have the Phenom 100 or 300.
  13. These haven't been mentioned. In no particular order: FSS Ejets 170/175 and 190/195 Aerosoft CRJ 550, 700, 900, 1000 Leonardo MD80 family
  14. Were you only able to take this survey once or once-a-day?
  15. It's like having a friend stop by; someone you haven't seen in a few months. I got use to it 3 years ago and it hasn't disappointed me since.
  16. I've the same video card as you and KLAS v2.0 runs great. No stutters, 60-70fps. Your MSI 4090 is not the problem.
  17. Hey, we're talking about the Ejets here, not MSFS2020 and/or MSFS2024. Please stay on topic.
  18. It's an optional file now and I believe it will only exist if you have a subscription to Navigraph Navdata or some other addon that requires itself to be loaded in a certain order (layer.) I have all 3 "we love vfr" and it's not in my content.xml. Could be an old version containing outdated instructions.
  19. Wow! You're #1 I believe. Thanks for showing up to give me your learned expertise. Not happy but understandable. Certainly not the first flightsim addon that pushed back their launch date. When development nears the 7 years of the Aerosoft/Hans Hartman CRJ then I'll
  20. Let's see if the pundits show up and tell us why FSS won't be able to accomplish all, some or even a little bit of what they've explained in their update.
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