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  1. their discord server: https://discord.gg/4GfgazTk
  2. v1.33.8 came out of beta and went live a week ago on the 22nd of June. Why are you just getting the update today, the 29th of June? Something else is going on here. Your settings are stored "in the cloud" and would be restored when you started MSFS. Where (do you think) you have MSFS installed?
  3. I don't see anything you mention at the gates or elsewhere at the airport. Runways are clear of grass and trees, too.
  4. I use MSFS2020 Map Enhancement tool all the time when I fly and just used Google Maps (satellite view) without issue. I don't use either Chrome or Edge. This was in Firefox. What entries did you delete from your Hosts file? I'm not sure a low bandwidth error is caused by MSFS2020 Map Enhancement tool.
  5. Evening in the eastern US means it's daytime in New Zealand. Live weather VFR flights of reasonable distance in the CRJ or E175. I don't understand why weather stations are so scarce tho.
  6. Don't know about you, but when I want to find out something about FSX I ask in the FSX forum. Ditto about P3D, I ask in the P3D forum. I could go on but I believe you understand what I'm saying without including the "Hope you get it now" condescending phrase.
  7. As the OP admitted, "Yeah, this is primarily a VR poll. " So it makes sense to post a VR topic in the VR forum. And as others in this thread have pointed out, this information is already out there with a much bigger sampling giving more accurate results. And to the OP, welcome back into flight simming.
  8. Had you posted your question and survey choices in the VR forum for MSFS2020 you'd probably get different results skewed toward VR as I, and possibly others not interested in VR, would never see the posting because I never go there.
  9. To further muddy the water, I don't have an xbox controller and never had one. I see the white dot but not the white border around screen. I sim in full screen so don't expect to see a border anyways. I do have a StreamDeck hooked up so I wonder if ...
  10. Paid version: https://github.com/derekhe/msfs2020-map-enhancement/wiki/License
  11. I have wired Ethernet and pretty much experience the same latency. I've grown accustomed to saying "It's their problem, not mine." I've downloaded the demo of Xplane 11 but still talk myself out of buying it. Maybe one day.
  12. Yep. New "mayhem" is not revealing itself yet. Just refreshed their page and nothing yet. I missed the "Complete the Collection" offer and can't find what it was.
  13. How are images/pix/videos outside of your flight sims? If they're blurry too I'd first look at any (all) tweaks I've recently made to the video driver that would apply across platforms. People were complaining about blurry gauges while using DX12 beta. But using DX11 loses some of the benefits of the 40XX GPUs. Clear the DX cache folders in %localappdata%\NVIDIA Reinstall or upgrade or downgrade the 4080's driver. This is a curse brought about by the Maple Leafs once again disappointing their fans. It cannot be fixed until one or more of the chosen four get traded out of town, preferably far away to Phoenix.
  14. Makes sense. While I don't abuse Amazon's return policy, this cable does have a 30 day return/refund if I don't need it.
  15. ... or use the adapter that will be coming with the new GPU? The dedicated cable I'm looking at https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0BZPPNV1Y/ref=ewc_pr_img_1?smid=AXPA79G34ZNUD&th=1 has a 90 degree connector which should alleviate any cable mauling to fit inside the case and might be a whole lot cleaner (neater) running from the PSU. Is it worth spending the additional $26 plus tax, or is this a non-issue?
  16. Developer first, especially if the product will have numerous updates or bug fixes. The Devs always have the updates first whereas the Marketplace takes weeks for an update to show. Then price. My loyalty lies with the vendor having the lowest price. Why pay more when you're getting the exact same 1s and 0s?
  17. Do people really have anxiety while the game is loading?
  18. I'm not noticing any adventures (or missions, plans, etc) for this utility on the Flightsim.To website. Think that would be "THE" place to host any new material and expose other flightsimmers to this program and its capabilities. Or should i be looking on the Flight1 forums? TIA for any replies.
  19. $2 more for a 2TB with much better data transfer rate: https://www.amazon.com/WD_BLACK-SN770-Internal-Gaming-Solid/dp/B09QV5KJHV/ref=psdc_1292116011_t2_B099RHVB42?th=1
  20. Never was part of their business plan and I doubt it ever will.
  21. Curious to know who the developer is? And is $35 a fair price for this program? Or is the $20 early access price a steal for this program? Or is this a $20 program that's overpriced at $35?
  22. I just deleted the package from the "OneStore" folder and Content Manager let me reinstall it when I booted into MSFS.
  23. search "msfs custom cockpit views" on YouTube.com
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