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  1. No AIRAC, but check the FAQ on Carenado's website. Then this link: http://www.aero.sors.fr/navaids3.html
  2. I'm surprised no one has mentioned that the data lines right at the top of the MFD and PFD are the same. Every other G1000 I've seen shows different data fields in the MFD. How could something this obvious not be caught during beta testing?
  3. The G1000 configuration. Xml is inside the CAB file. I changed the default CDI mode to GPS but then was unable to change out while flying. Be careful. Jerry
  4. Well Ok, it's two amd a half months later but I just found this forum. You don't mention which flight simulator so all I can do is tell you what works for me in P3Dv2. I have to load another airplane first, I use the default Baron 58 cold and dark, and then switch over to the Avelina. With that solved I've run into a number of other issues with the nav lites and avionics. I emailed Lionheart and am awaiting their reply. But she is a fun plane to fly, hopefully the developer will continue with her development. -- Jerry
  5. Hi Dan, I did this last week and have not run across anything dramatically wrong. I did take the time to backup the affected files through. I believe instructions in the archives reference P3D so I wasn't too worried. __ 20-6
  6. Duke v2 switches work but don't make any sounds. And I can't get full RPMs out of the Eclipse yoke unless I use Ctrl-F4. Other than that it works fine, although not supported in P3D by Real air. Hopefully they'll come around.
  7. Jim, That is a good picture. Better than I'm getting, although right now I'm working on AA within P3D. By chance do you have MSE Tennessee? If so, what color is the ground? To me Tennessee has a distinct turquoise tint, most noticeable when crossing the state line into Kentucky (which is also MSE v2.) Kentucky is OK, Tennessee is just awlful. -- 20-6
  8. http://forum.avsim.net/topic/409256-good-fps-but-scenery-stuttering/ This isn't the exact message but I remember about the video drivers. Good Luck -- 20-6
  9. Hi Rob, 2.1 fresh install running like silk, but I do remember stuttering in FSX. I seem to recall an article about FSX and stutters and how the CPU was spending a lot of time converting textures and /or scenery. IE: low rez to high rez or high to low. Or maybe one format to another. Sorry, it was more than a week ago and brain drain and all that. Maybe this rings a bell with someone who can help you more.
  10. Good questions.... I bought and downloaded directly from carenado.com on 12/26/12 and after looking thru various files I'd have to say I had V1.0 without any service packs. Installer I downloaded has a date of 11/8/12. Update off their site is listed as SP2 and has a date of 11/20/12. I'll assume SP2 includes SP1 but who knows. Maybe their Christmas party was a little too festive. :wub: Jerry
  11. Is it possible you changed the size of text on your display? I changed mine from the default 100% to 125% to make the windows desktop easier to read and it really messed up some pop-up windows. Not all options would be shown in the pop-up and I could never figure out why. Jerry
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