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  1. It wants to know where your Community folder is. In my case it's E:\MSFS\Community
  2. Jeez, I use Surfshark and it's $2.33 a month, $56 for 2 year plan
  3. If it was PSU, or heat, related it would be happening with P3Dv5 and Xplane too. Wonder if he's got the old Nvidia 2080 laying around and can swap that back in?
  4. I've had that happen once (right MCDU) but cannot duplicate the problem so have not passed it along to the devs. I just used the left one to complete the flight and haven't seen it since, he said knocking on wood.
  5. Huh? I've been flying this plane since it came out and visit their Discord daily and this is the first I've heard about screens going blank. They suggest turning off the co-pilot's PFD and MFD to save resources but that's something you would have to do yourself, it just doesn't happen randomly. I turn them off in the panel.cfg and don't bother with turning down the brightness. There are a few posts about the right engine quitting, but that doesn't involve screens.
  6. It's deja vu all over again. Replace PMDG with Active Sky, REX, Aerosoft or most of the other P3D or MSFS devs and you have a normal flight sim update cycle which everyone has gone thru numerous times so it's no big deal and thanks for the warning.
  7. Only as a troubleshooting step if the sim doesn't load after the update.
  8. Up to 50% off. Most items on sale til the 31st of March. https://latinvfr.com/
  9. What is this? Link would be nice, if possible. TIA. Answered my own ? https://www.tomshardware.com/news/intel-roadmap-leaks-raptor-lake-refresh-hedt-replacement-in-2023
  10. It's always a good idea to have current backups no matter what's coming up.
  11. I use Track IR and never use the right-click mouse so don't know of any work-arounds.
  12. Are you talking about using the mouse to look around the cockpit? That's a right-click or hold a right-click (one or the other.) TOGGLE COCKPIT VIEW FREELOOK (HOLD) is what I have binded to the right mouse button.
  13. I was hesitant to mention any way that involved hacking files and locations. But sure, why not.
  14. Why is it when I type C<colon> it turns into 😄 ??
  15. Only way I know of is to uninstall MSFS from the C drive and put it onto your D drive where you should have more room without the OS being there.
  16. Virtualization Based Security. I have no idea but it sounds impressive.
  17. I still have the box that Quarterdeck's QEMM came in. It's stuffed with serial and parallel cables.
  18. Good to know this. My TIR5 is still working after 11 years but I was beginning to look at alternatives such as Tobii. It's already too expensive, IMO, for what's involved. Even in this niche market.
  19. Depends. Some developers will not offer support for their program, plane, utility, etc, if you're using it in the beta. So you might lose being able to fly your favorite airliner using your favorite moving map (as an example.) And the fear mongers will tell you you'll have to reinstall MSFS once the beta ends or if you want to leave the beta. I've participated in all the MSFS betas and have left a few and later rejoined. I've never had to reinstall the sim and have never lost Control Options for the keyboard and yoke. However I do keep current backups of all data. If I can do it, anyone can.
  20. Get rid of District of Columbia (too many politicians there and it's not a state) and add Kansas after Oklahoma. Nebraska, South Dakota, North Dakota after Wyoming. Plan a route to the eastern side of California in case the big one hits.
  21. That looks like something Lionheart Creations would dream up.
  22. You will need to uninstall the plane first in Aerosoft One. Only then will the "install 0.9.5 experimental" be available to install. Look for it in smaller letters.
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