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  1. https://www.flightsim-studio.com/ejets-roadmap/ Click on the various versions to see the release notes. 0.9.5rev2 released today and the stuttering seems fixed and fps are almost to where they should be on my rig, 35-40fps. MCDU and FMS get the job done but still need work. Autopilot is flying an ILS approach, altho I've just done one flight so I'll say "to be determined." You can program a route and the AP will fly it nicely, but you gotta watch out for waypoints that are not the ones you want. Little Navmap helps building routes to avoid using duplicate waypoint, vor, intersection, etc. I'm not sorry I bought into this early release plane. Devs are on time with their releases so far and are active on their discord.
  2. If you're using the cache option of MSFS2020 Map Enhancement program delete the cache. If not, disregard this post.
  3. There website has lots of information: https://gaming.tobii.com/product/eye-tracker-5/ And it's on sale now (for about another hour as of this writing.) 15% off.
  4. Thank me later. https://flightsim.to/file/19345/msfs-2020-google-map-replacement
  5. You probably have a light source behind you that the camera is picking up. Remove it. Seth profile with a larger deadzone in the middle. Seth should be included in the profiles that come with TIR5. I don't understand what you're trying to do here. Maybe untick the "minimize to system tray" in the general options menu so it doesn't disappear. I use the top row of the numpad / * - to Pause, Precision, Re-center the TIR5. I also removed any keyboard bindings from those three keys in MSFS Control Options.
  6. Where does Alt+F1 come from? I have no such binding to the keyboard in MSFS.
  7. Longer than some marriages, but with many more "lawyers."
  8. Without knowing your installation path it's impossible to guess what kind of problems you'll have. I have MSFS installed at "E:\MSFS" and last time I opted out of a beta (SU9 I think) I lost settings and a bunch of camera files which I copied back from backups I made. Watch your install paths and good luck!
  9. Check your exe.xml to be sure TDSGTNXiFlightSimEXE.exe is loading ???
  10. Works here. KBNA, 300min dist, 750 max dist. Default set to 5 flights and 5 flights displayed.
  11. If it's $5 for one month and $15 for three months, where's the "and profit from a discount as well?"
  12. Any text editor. Notepad, Notepad ++, etc.
  13. FSS played around with the glass cockpit refresh rate and it's causing your (and everybody else's) stuttering. I was hoping for a hot fix to address this one problem, but nothing to date. Changing the refresh rate to LOW helps a bit with stutters but introduces lag into changing hdg, speed, etc, so pick your poison. Next scheduled update is Feb. 21. Their discord if you're interested: https://discord.gg/UEwX7fHe
  14. I'll not suggest or recommend anything but in the list I have there are no programs with duplicate (or more) entries. Did you reinstall MSFS on 4 different occasions without a clean install of windows?
  15. What beta? I don't see any beta version after 1.30.12, and that went live 2 weeks ago and is current release. You might have missed WT's suggestion to remove any and all CJ4 mods from your Community folder.
  16. Except for the bits and pieces in the Axis and Ohs forum, nothing that I know of. Good idea though as the devs change variables when they update and it's a pita to redo the bindings to find what works.
  17. Axis and Ohs for all the different axes. MSFS Flight Control for the other buttons and switches.
  18. Open the Properties of the FSCom shortcut and see if the "Start in" folder is the one containing your missing DLL.
  19. List of features looks impressive, but their price is too high compared to other MSFS airports. From their website: Designed with the latest airport updates UHD Realistic Custom Textures Detailed HD Ground with PBR and decals Super Detailed 3D modeling PBR Materials on every building Thousands of 3D custom static objects Amazing and detailed night textures FSEco-subsystem Accurate City using original OSM data Ground Traffic Animated Custom Jetways Animated Radar
  20. You sure your new install uses the same path as your old, deleted, install? That would mess up Orbx installer and others looking at your old Community folder.
  21. Has anyone tried using aluminum foil?
  22. Option 1, but I think you're wasting money on an i9 CPU rather than an i7. Price difference (right now) for what you're getting doesn't make sense. My opinion. I'm pricing a motherboard, cpu and ddr5 ram but waiting until the new AMD chips hit the market. Looking for a price war or at least a skirmish. Then a 4080 later when prices settle out in the graphics market. Whatever you choose have fun buying it and all that. I use Pcpartpicker.com to help pick my pc parts.
  23. What version firmware is installed on the V1Flight? This was solved for me by updating to the current v1.40 firmware. I've also found I have better luck with axis bindings when I duplicate one of the V1F default profiles as opposed to creating a new profile. I've changed to Lorbys AAO to control the axes but it seems the devs break these bindings when they update their plane so I have to fallback to MSFS Control Options until someone figures out the new variable events. I also believe Turtle Beach suggests not using any pilot assists, ie:HARD not EASY with the yoke and throttle quadrant. Maybe you can find the exact message in their discord. https://discord.gg/a5XEguGK
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