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  1. The below text is what I posted over at the HiFi forum. For some reason ASN will not update after initial FP import even in live mode.


    I am using the following routine when setting up the flight to get the winds in the FMC. Problem is the ATIS on 122.02 is now giving me 5 hour old data. It is now 2055z. ATIS for destination is saying 1445z which is when I started the flight? I never had this happen before when I manually entered a route in ASN. Is what I am doing below locking the ATIS of the destination at the time of the start of the flight? I had to manually refresh ASN to get it to update the ATIS. I am thinking maybe the weather the whole flight now has not changed even though I have it set to live updates every 10 minutes.


    -Plan the flight with PFPX & export the .rte file to the PMDG\FLIGHTPLANS\777 folder.


    -Load up the sim with the 777 & ASN.


    -Request the created CO-ROUTE via the downlink & the 777 automatically creates an .pln-file for the sim & ASN


    -ASN loads the .pln-file and automatically creates the WX information file.


    -ASN keeps the info updated when new data & forecasts are requested.


    To add to this I was following the directions in Step 2 of page 163 of the PMDG Introduction Manual of the 777 for automatic process.

    Thanks sir i will try it out soon. So i just let pfpx create the FLT plan for pmdg 777 and untick the rest? Eg( flight plan, winddata) under pfpx 

  2. I have asn. And i have my flight plan created using pfpx with asn. There is a .wx under pmdg/wx. In this case ( WSSSOMDB.wx) And its updating every 5 min with asn as per weather. But every time when i request a a new forecast or wind, i keep getting the same result as i get on WSSS. 


  3. So an initial climb rate of 5000 fpm with a light 777 is OK?

    yes. Use derate thrust  or temp ( using topcat or aurusim efb which is coming soon hope its not dead) 

  4. I understand that both program use the same weather source, But for pfpx its only for 1year after that you got to buy another server subscription. So since i have OPUS can i use to provide pfpx the weather data like as2012 ?

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