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  1. Yeah, unfortunately the 3080Ti wasn't available at the time of the 3090 purchase. But looking at current stock and availability, I actually paid less for the 3090 back in January.
  2. Installing the Xbox app worked for me...thanks MS for being clear as mud.
  3. If these are cosmic entities, our govts are as clueless as we are.
  4. Just right click on it click on news and interests, then select turn off.
  5. Make sure to enable TPM in your bios. Usually disabled by default in gaming mobos.
  6. I should add, I did notice when the Alt menu hangs, if I right click my mouse button, it un-hangs the Alt menu.
  7. Yes I did a clean out and full reinstall as well. I also use GSX and I haven't experienced any issue others have posted. Maybe its system specific.
  8. Oh boy, I saw this thread title, and I can't relate what so ever. Yes there some periodic hangs here or there, but hardly a deal breaker. I did a quick flight from Flytampa KLAS to Orbx KSAN over TE So Cal in the NGX using IFR ATC planning with all sliders to the right at 4K max tex res in 4K with EA on and the experience was short of astounding and incredible. I don't know what LM reworked under the hood but my experience has never been better on this platform. Are there some hang ups here or there? Sure, but I was under the impression LM is aware and a hotfix is imminent.
  9. I haven't tried in windowed mode since I'm always in fullscreen mode.
  10. Performance seems markedly improved on my end over 5.1. I need to play around with it more, but seems very promising.
  11. I had a black screen when changing views that seemed to take forever, I waited, and it eventually loaded. I thought the sim had crashed but no.
  12. Is it just me, or does performance in 5.2 seem exponentially better than in 5.1? I'm running all the same add-ons mostly all Orbx, PMDG, ASP3D etc. etc. I did a full reinstall.
  13. Considering the scalped prices are already wreaking havoc with the 3080Ti, your better off splurging an extra few 100 for a 3090.
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