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  1. I use MSI afternurner, you can set CPU,GPU usage, displaying temp. etc. This guy give the best tutorial on Youtube.
  2. For me I just remove one of the pitch spring and replace the roll spring with 2 rubber bands. Work brilliantly.
  3. Hi Paul, I had fsx controller disabled. Only fsuipc controlling the yoke,throttle and rudder. Also I do go into fsuipc calibrate whenever I load fsx. Just don't know why is it so sensitive. It jump from 0-16383 with slight touch, rolling left seem normal though.
  4. Hi all, I just had a replacement of Saitek yoke. I sent the previous one back complaining that the right roll mode a little too sensitive, jumping from 0-1500 in fsuipc. Are any of you guys find the saitek yoke little sensitive when rolling right?
  5. ah..thx, Now I know why they are flat, we learn something new everyday
  6. The turbine Engines are out of shape on both of them...or are they suppose to be like that? (Flat on the bottom)
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