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  1. Thanks, I did not know they had a discord... found the answer to my other findings which were in relation to the left engine EGT and right engine CYL Temps not registering values.
  2. This is likely somehow user error, maybe graphics settings, I don't know. I was trying to see if I could get the turbo's to glow red so I did a night flight and ran the engines full bore with the cowl flaps closed on the ground, this should make those turbos red hot quickly but I never saw them glow... was this taken out for performance issues or are my settings in sim just not set to render it? Also props to your guys for simulating engine burnout from redlining them, I got both engines to fail after 15 minutes of redlining the engines and when they failed they failed independently and at different rates. Even for a BETA this aircraft is an excellent piece of work, easily on par with the JustFlight PA-28's!
  3. My issues that I have noticed..... The COM switches were INOP and I could not switch between COM1 - COM2 The Sounds are pretty bad even for a Carenado aircraft, I am hoping that either AREZONE or TSS will release a sound pack for this plane. The documentation on this aircraft from Carenado is really limited when compared to their other releases Very limited functions of the G600 suite even when compared to the Piper Jetprop. Now despite these issues I love flying this plane, it seems to handle well and for my first flight I shot a perfect ILS in solid IMC conditions so it does navigation correctly. After doing some internet research on the actual performance profiles for the Seneca V and making my on VREF manual, I flew the plane according to spec and it operated within a 2-3% margin (VREF was set for ISA) and the landing speeds we pretty spot on, this plane CAN be a joy to fly, they patch the reported errors and either they make the sounds better or someone makes an HD sound pack for this and its solid gold.
  4. Active Sky Next's ATIS needs to be enabled in the ASN Options area, once its enabled you tune into... 122.00 for Closest ATIS position 122.025 for Destination ATIS I have never heard the ASN ATIS report the active runway.
  5. I have to agree that simulation wise RealAir and Carenado are on 2 whole different levels with RealAir being on top, a better comparison would be RealAir and A2A, i have a preference for A2A but both are absolutely top notch and are easily the PMDG of GA & vintage aircraft. Where Carenado can compete is with the graphics. I am debating over this Duke B60 or the Carenado C208 EX, and I am a turboprop guy, while the B60 is not technically a turbo prop, its is a turbocharged prop. I fly VA for my own subsidiary airline called Turboprop Regional, so you can see the conundrum that I am now faced with. Addendum: Is there reverse thrust in the B60, I know many piston powered aircraft are not equipped with reverse thrust, however there are a few that can, not too keen on the history of the B60.
  6. given the screenshot, its nice to see night lighting like that, however I don't think for me at least its worth the extra $14.99 USD to "upgrade" from my Ceilosim HD Taxiways. However.... if you are using DEFAULT taxiways like most, this is definitely the upgrade to get if you want to know where you are going on the ground!
  7. I have Airport Enhancer HDX by Cielosim which gives you new taxi way signs in HD, however it uses the "grey boxes" that default ones use and it does not come with enhanced night lighting, still wondering if this product will do much more for me or not, if anyone else has experience between these 2 product it would be great to know how much of a difference there is....
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