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  1. This is likely somehow user error, maybe graphics settings, I don't know. I was trying to see if I could get the turbo's to glow red so I did a night flight and ran the engines full bore with the cowl flaps closed on the ground, this should make those turbos red hot quickly but I never saw them glow... was this taken out for performance issues or are my settings in sim just not set to render it?

    Also props to your guys for simulating engine burnout from redlining them, I got both engines to fail after 15 minutes of redlining the engines and when they failed they failed independently and at different rates. Even for a BETA this aircraft is an excellent piece of work, easily on par with the JustFlight PA-28's!

  2. We're not Carenado support but simmers like you, doesn't mean we've seen your thread and/or can respond immediately. Have some patience.


    The Carenado Hawker 850 can't get up to 100% CN1, because it's coded not to.


    Carenado also does not seem to have any code that allows the function of the N1 bug working, so setting the reference does nothing.


    I was thinking the same thing, just wanted to know if someone else had ideas of the same sort or other information. As for the patience, I figured 48 hours would be enough, I have been on forums where 20 people a day log into that specific section and have gotten a response within that time, figured it was time to grab a bit more attention to a simple question; thanks for taking the time to answer it though. Now with this I will send Carenado a support ticket asking them in a patch to fix this issue; heck the Phenom 100 could have its engine performance modified, why not the H850?

  3. Hello fellow H850 pilots, I have a question, on the ref tab I can set the N1 REF to either FMS, MAN, or OFF, I have it set to MAN @ 100% which is what the aircraft is rated for at TO for 5 minutes, I generally push about 3 minutes at 100% N1 in other aircraft, however I can not seem to get the N1 REF to go beyond 96% or if I set the N1 REF to 90% MAN it still goes to 96%. Am I doing something wrong here?

  4. I am really disappointed with the A2A C182..... I bought it, went down to my local FBO and they said I did not have a reservation for the plane, I showed them my A2A purchase and still nope..... :P


    On a separate note I have petitioned for A2A to make a Accu-Sim Cessna 402C, for us "Wings" guys.....

  5. I understand that accuracy and quality takes time, Hell I have been waiting for Milviz to finish their KA350i now going on 3 years, but man the end product WILL be worth it. However in the case of the Level D 757, I am absolutely convinced that Level-D has NOTHING in development and that the 757 from Level-D has a lower chance of becoming a product than Microsoft making Flight Simulator 2016.

  6. OK I am just going to lay this out there, I have seen your Night Environment lights and they are impressive, I know this is a TON of work but I would love to see all of the lower 48 states covered by your product, right now the only 2 products that are even anywhere near NEX are UTX (Very poor performance and not as well done as NEX) and FTX Vector which is still not as good as NEX, also considering ORBX has not yet released OpenLC for the US I refuse to purchase FTX global. If your products covered the US I would not need to go to FTX Global, I would just continue to use GEX+UTX+REX+NEX (Ironically that's more than the number of Ex's I have in my life) :P

  7. Carenado's later works (post Baron 58) are pretty decent for Carenado. However that being said, if Carenado did decide to do a 2.0 revision like Real Air did with their Beech Duke I would like to see a discount for those who purchased their original products prior to the 2.0 release. One of the biggest things I have a problem with Carenado aircraft are the sounds and a little bit with the FDE's although as I have stated post-Baron 58 the FDE's are decent.


    My issues with Carenado Aircraft:


    1. Glass Cockpit Framerates - I know Glass will inherently cause frame loss however there are many techniques that other developers use that minimize this impact, Carenado's early G1000's are absolute killers of frames, I am looking forward to the H850's PL21 though.


    2. Bland Sounds - This plagues many of their aircraft across the entire release range, and their Piper Seneca V sounds were TERRIBLE, no where near the real thing, thankfully I am now using Arezone's Senca V sounds and they are much better.


    3. FDE's - Yes their newer FDE's are MUCH MUCH better than their old, I applaud their forward progress however their FDE's could always be improved or they could even do what QualityWings does and provide a "lite" and a "real" version for people of different tastes.


    4. Avionics - With the H850 being thier first to include Navigraph I am floored by this, way to go Carenado, keep it up, however it would be nice to see enhanced functionality in their Glass Cockpits prior to the H850, including the B1900D's FMS.


    5. Mulitplayer Performance - BY MP Performance I am taking about packet flooding (over 1500 packets in 30 seconds) when cockpit sharing, currently some of their aircraft and incapable of cockpit sharing on some servers due to this, its not entirely critical but if this can be "ironed out" then all the better.


    6. Shared Cockpit Sync - This is different from the performance issue, this is IMHO more important, when cockpit sharing in many Carenado aircraft values & controls become de-synced and some features even lock up entirely, fixing this would make cockpit sharing more enjoyable and less frustrating.


    7. Advanced Lighting - With P3D's DX11 lighting, the DX10 fixer, and many still using DX9, I would like to see advanced lighting techniques that some developers implement, such as PMDG and Milviz to name a few. The quality of Carenado's lighting in their current aircraft is spectacular however correct "dimming" functions would be GREATLY appreciated. 


    8. Integrated Payware WX Radar - This would work for ASN and other programs that would allow for direct interaction with the Carenado WX systems, many other payware companies are latching on the ASN WX integration idea and its VERY popular, should be no more intrusive than allowing RXP integration that is currently implemented.


    9. Visuals - Carenado is TOP NOTCH at visuals, some of their earlier aircraft could use a major touch-up from their current techniques, and even their newer ones down the road could benefit from their future techniques as time progresses.



    Pro's for Carenado doing V2.0 aircraft:

    1. Able to utilize earlier work to minimize time loss.

    2. Able to "re-sell" an aircraft thus allowing said aircraft to sell more .

    3. Most known issues are public and should make for a more stable release thus minimizing time lost between projects.

    4. Able to ask the community through voting polls on which aircraft they would like revisited to help improve sales.


    Con's for Carenado doing v2.0 aircraft:

    1. Not working on newer aircraft, just rehashing old models, can be seen as "stagnant" 

    2. Some customers will expect the V2.0 to be free since they have owned the V1 for some time, will be upset to pay more money for a newer version of their existing product.

    3. Other companies may have released more complex/realistic versions of their "legacy" aircraft thus making it not as marketable; case & point here is the PMDG B1900D, the Carenado B1900D knocks it flat out of the water, this is likely the only time you will see a Carenado product straight up beat a PMDG product.



    For the record I am perfectly fine purchasing a 2.0 upgrade if the changes are as drastic as Real Air's Duke 2.0 was, IMHO the 2.0 upgrade was COMPLETELY worth the money, I think if Carenado does 2.0 upgrades if you own the "legacy" product prior to the 2.0's release you should get a 50% discount. New pilots will pay full price and have TONS of features they should like and will pay for them, the "legacy" pilots will see the benefits of the 2.0 and re-purchase an aircraft they already have, its a win-win for Carenado and the community.

  8. Could anyone please confirm if the flat / parallel cloud problem occurs in this version of ASN.


    I currently run Opus and am thinking of switching over if that's not an issue with this engine.


    While I have never used OPUS, I did use the REX ESS+ WX engine and I have since switched to ASN (about 6-8 months ago) and I have honestly never looked back and prior to my purchase I have looked at various forums and videos showcasing FSGlobal Real WX, OPUS, REX, and ASN. Personally to me REX 4 Texture Direct and Active Sky Next is the PERFECT WX simulation bar none. With the settings tweaked in REX4 and ASN you can get exceptionally accurate WX results in FSX and P3D, add PrecipitFX to the batch and the WX scene becomes rather stunning.


    Keep in mind that NO WX engine is going to give you 100% accurate looking WX as if you are looking out your window, I can however say that ASN replicates this to an 85-90% accurate simulation however. The ASN team really has gone above and beyond with their product and I fully stand behind it. If you are still unsure download their program and use it FREE FOR 7 DAYS no credit/debit card required, and since the SP1 update they have reset all the 7 day trial licenses so that users can see what the new update has brought.

  9. I made the purchase, all looks as it should and I had no idea they optimized this airport that well. I did a test flight in an Alabeo PiperSport for about 8 minutes without the timer running out in the demo, and I averaged 27/30 frames (1/2 refresh locked for frame stability)! Mind you this is with Active Sky Next, REX 4 using 2048 & 4096 textures, FSGenesis Mesh, UTX, GEX, Zinertek Ultimate Tree Environment using 1024x1024 trees, and PrecipitFX. I highly recommend this airport if you fly in/out of KDEN often or have a VA with lots of routes to it.

  10. Thanks jimburke, I have my mesh resolution maxed out, FSX is completely configured from head to toe using both AVSIM's guide and Word Not Allowed's guide. I look forward to flying routes in my VA to KDEN from ORBX's KJAC and vice-versa. Interestingly enough this will be my first Flightbeam purchase, I own 3 FSDreamTeam products and 2 FlyTampa, should be an interesting comparison.

  11. Hello Avsim users,


    I am considering a purchase of Flightbeams multiple award winning KDEN scenery, however I run FSGenesis (checked for the latest version, and I am up to date) and on Flightbeams KDEN FAQ it says there may be terrain incompatibilities such as plateauing, now according to FSGenesis they fixed this issue with their software, and if FSGenesis has the terrain elevation correct then I should have nothing to worry about, or so I assume. For the record I REFUSE to uninstall FSGenesis as IMO its the best payware terrain mesh you can buy, and its not worth the loss for 1 airport. My question is, does anyone here have Flightbeams KDEN and FSGenesis Mesh, and if so are there any incompatibilies that would make KDEN not worth it? 

  12. Hey Spartan,


    I am Canadian, but I think Europeans are more sophisticated when it comes to crime and punishment. I think there is a bigger redemption component in their justice system. We're mostly about retribution. Please correct me if I'm off base.


    This is a very hard subject. On the one hand, we don't want our freedom limited. But what about the families of kids who committed suicide because somebody decided to circulate humiliating material? To me, that's manslaughter. To the justice system, unfortunately it probably isn't. But how do you effectively punish people such as they?





    I follow what you are saying and quite honestly there is no clear cut answer that will work in our world, it might work on paper but paper is just that. My biggest concern here in the US at least is that once you have a criminal record, getting back on your feet is supposedly harder than taking a Cessna 172 up in the middle of the day during the summer in Phoenix Arizona.

  13. No its not about speaking your mind. If I say something bad about someone that is true then that's fine. But if I slander and libel someone by any means that against the law. If I continue unabated in such a vein then that is harassment or even stalking. If I unjustifiably foment hatred against someone then that also is against the law.


    Slander in the US is also illegal however proving that what someone said is slanderous can be quite a legal undertaking and its generally not criminal unless warranted by other actions (I am no legal expert/lawyer) this is just what I have learned over the years. I also wonder just how strictly this new punishment will be upheld though (I am not talking about the enforcement of the law, just the sentencing aspect of it).

  14. For me it depends on the kind of flight I am doing, if it is a general aviation group flight I will hand fly it and trim the aircraft out, if its a Virtual Airline flight in a jetliner I will use the FMS/AP systems, I generally turn the AP off on short finals about 3nm weather permitting. This is what many REAL pilots do, in fact a friend of mine is a 757 pilot for Delta, he tells me that many times especially when flying into KATL they use the Autoland systems all the way down to the runway, this allows them to maintain traffic patterns more effectively and have full situational awareness, however at smaller airports with minimal traffic and good weather they may shoot a visual approach. Not ONE pilot in NON-EMERGENCY situations will hand fly a jetliner at cruise altitudes, GA flying is entirely different than VA jetliner flying, GA is physical while Jetliner is mental. As a rule of thumb my flight instructor told me, in a jetliner you need to be thinking 20-30 minutes ahead of the aircraft at all times in a GA flight its about 5 minutes ahead, this is why many jetliner pilots rely on the AP systems as it allows them to focus while the AP "flys" the aircraft, once the pilots are on short final again weather permitting they can once again focus on hand flying the aircraft so should they wish to do so.

  15. I get that cyber bullying is a crime (at least here in the US), however thankfully we have the 1st amendment where our legal system is not allowed to arrest us and charge us with a crime if we are speaking our minds, the only way around this is if the person in question was making physical threats to another persons safety. Seems like if someone in the UK does not like what you typed you can go to jail for speaking your mind, or at least this is what I have seen from that article.

    For the record I am NOT supportive of cyber bullying at all, however I do agree with my 1st amendment rights, this would make that british law illegal over here, but we are not talking about US law here, so I wish people in the UK all the best with this new law. I do wonder though if the UK is like the US in the fact that if you go to prison and when you are released is it near impossible to get a decent job like it is here in the US? 

  16. Beechcraft sure seems to be cooperative with the Flight Sim Community, I know Cessna can be a bit hard to deal with from past posts from a few developers (A2A Included), as far as Dassault goes I can't believe they partnered with Wilco, if I were them and looked at the current state of their 7X I would be furious, many testers on their FB page are NOT happy, and in traditional Wilco style they seem to be ignoring their testers. However Milviz's King Air 350i with the Rockwell Collins PL-21 looks FREAKING PERFECT, anyone who has their King Air 350 right now will tell you that in its current unfinished state its better than many aircraft that are released and this is including the Flight 1 B200.

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