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  1. Can someone point me toward the knob to adjust decision height, or perhaps it's not simulated?
  2. Afraid I can't replicate the problem, I've been doing this for years and have had no problems
  3. Buy one - enjoy it for 6 or so months - they'll both be on sale again at the end of the year - then buy the other. I expect the FF is more mature; the A300 may have relatively more bugs to be fixed in the interim
  4. I recall enjoying the CS 737-200, not quite on par with the Milviz product but solid nonetheless. I've generally preferred CS's analogue jetliners over the more modern stuff, though I'm not qualified to evaluate flight model realism.
  5. I've seen this happen occasionally as well; a Coatl restart/reset then allowed me to taxi. Not for several months now; Not with a PMDG AC but I never documented the cases to try to understand exactly where the fault was.
  6. Also suggest have a look at this thread
  7. If you have a Google account, Maps allows you to create your own map layers. I add all my airports to one, with the 4-character ICAO airport code
  8. I have both; you can't lose here. As Jon B notes the 727 has a higher workload but not to the point that it makes things unpleasant. For me there are a lot of twin jet options so the tri jet is relatively unique; I enjoy the L1011 and MD11 for this reason as well. So it's a matter of preference - for me, I bought the 727 first and was pleased enough that I picked up the 737 later.
  9. I don't, but I also don't recall anything unusual about the installation. I may have used the Estonia installer, it's a while back now
  10. 4. Go to page 7 5. Find the post from JimmyRFR dated September 13 2014
  11. 1. Click the link. 2. Read post #2 3.Click the link referenced in post #2.
  12. I seee this behavior periodically in v3.4 as well. Seems if I not rush the airport/position selection it goes away
  13. Thank you Steve and Ray for working this issue. I learned a lot in this thread.
  14. Hi Ray, just to be sure, if you mean the CH Products web site at this address, it comes up fine for me: http://www.chproducts.com
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