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  1. I’m working away ‘till the end of the month, so sometime in September. Kinda useful to see how things pan out and get some feedback. I really want to see what the handcrafted Dubai and Heathrow look like before choosing which version to buy. The thought of no PMDG ‘till next year is a bit of a reality check as well. JH.
  2. Fantastic program thanks very much. I’m still playing around with it, some aircraft get to about 50-100 feet then get cold feet and go-around.
  3. As an old salt I’d say that was a fair attempt at rough seas in a flight simulator, at 200mph probably not rough enough! there was this one time I was sailing ‘round the Cape.....🤐
  4. Has there been any improvement to AI aircraft behaviour? Dithering on the runway, approach spacing, endless go arounds etc. many thanks, JH.
  5. Quite excited to see this announced. It has addressed a number of things that have bugged me but not stopped me flying. Great to see the sky/weather and water changes, does that mean there is now the potential for landing lights to illuminate the clouds/fog? I'll be moving to v5 when certain addons are confirmed as compatible. Good work LM. JH
  6. I spend most of my time just reading on these forums, but this a great post and refreshing to read so I thought it best to say so. Will also have a go at fine tuning my controllers to improve my hand flying. Cheers, FP.
  7. Some great ideas, plus for me: oil rigs/fields with flare stacks random blue light vehicles (fire/police/ems) forest & bush fires/volcanic ash AI helicopter traffic simulation (at least) of HF radio & Oceanic procedures however basic. oh and bird strikes.. JWH.
  8. That’s great, thanks very much I’ll give it a go. Jeremy.
  9. Hello, I couldn’t see it anywhere obvious, but my query is quite specific, I’m struggling to get PSXT to recognise British Airways shuttle/domestic (SHT) flights. I thought I’d managed it but I keep seeing other liveries generated and not a BA A319/20/21. Which line do I need to add/edit please? I suppose it applies to any airline I’m trying to generate... Any help much appreciated Jeremy
  10. Update: v1.07 and BVAI has been the best combination so far. Plenty of traffic and no default aircraft. Very please, much appreciated. J.
  11. Hello again, Thanks for the update. I’ll take a look. J.
  12. Hi, Firstly; thanks very much for providing this program, there are a couple of things I’d like to ask about. I’m using Real Traffic and have just about every AI aircraft know to mankind on my PC but I never see any B777-300ERs displayed in-game. I do a lot of flying out of Dubai and Heathrow and have yet to see one B77W. Is there something you can adjust to display the ER version? When I’m looking at the traffic in my area and a default commercial jet is used to depict an airline flight and I right click to ‘Change Model’ the program doesn’t seem to remember my choice even though I have the correct model and airline livery. Lastly, most of the time the program says ‘displaying 9/16 aircraft’. Why doesn’t it display 16/16 aircraft? Could VMR generator help match types and liveries? I’m sure it’s not that simple of course. Thanks again, Jeremy.
  13. I just want to bookend my posts on this subject. I registered my joystick with FSUIPC and disabled flight controllers in FSX and it *seems* to have solved the problem. I shall see... Will.
  14. and how do you do that? I've been trying for an hour and if I uncheck controllers in the FSX menu it kills joytstick inputs to the sim entirely! Will.
  15. I take it you're all talking about a registered version of FSUIPC? Will.
  16. Just wanted to add my two pennies worth, I am also experiencing this problem, I only have to switch to my VA's flight recorder to click on 'start' and, with that, its adios joystick! One click on another window!... I've watched this forum since the start and have tried every tip but to no avail. DLYS has worked now and then (go figure) but nothing has provided a permanent solution, Microsoft need to solve this not the paying customer. Blue Skies Will.
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