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  1. The yellow ! Is for marketplace content updates. Not at my PC right now but in market place, click full catalog then bottom of page click content manager and on the left you should see and option to update your addons after this process the yellow ! Is gone, Works for me
  2. Flew into Edinburgh few days ago, had the same issue. Not just you, must be a bug
  3. It’s a long shot but a quick and painless exercise try reinstalling Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable worst case scenario your told there up to date but no harm trying
  4. Haven’t we been told all throughout p3d/fsx days to install (and run) the main programme and 3rd party addons with administrator privileges turned on, what’s the difference, as it stands at the minute some addons even require to turn off our anti virus,
  5. I signed up for game pass during lockdown as I didn't want to buy but wanted to try some games like forza and a few other titles, I could have bought these multiple games for 100s of usd/euro but it wasn't worth buying because when work returned my time would be limited to flight sim again so now that my time is limited again I may buy one or two keep my progress and achievements and cancel my game pass subscription it's really a no lose situation,
  6. Same happened me I have a small 250gb OS Drive and drives d,e and f are all 1tb SSD, download and extraction was all done to my 1tb p3d drive but I think the installation has a temporary location on the OS drive I had to free around 30gb on my OS drive for it to install
  7. If i can start adding my 3rd party add on with official installers and the performance can maintain what i see in this vanilla install that will be great, if the the performance drops as the addons are installed then this may be the last P3D for me, but early days i live in hope, its far to early to be overly critical
  8. Seems sleek with the new UI. Now for the tweaking, bye bye Tuesday evening.
  9. Anyone else struggling with the install taking forever to install, download was quick in the end
  10. Yeah there is no rush, got my confirmation e-mail so at least i have acknowledgment of payment.
  11. same purchased but no download
  12. As a fan of all the sims, yes Xplane 11.5 p3d4.5/soon v5 and alpha MSFS, I think it’s safe to say eye candy is more then catered for in the next gen sims, weather it be out of the box or by 3rd party additions it now is truly about flight dynamics and various external factors, and since it’s a flight simulator I guess that’s what it will come down to in the end.
  13. It will be nice to compare apples with alpha apples next week 😉 although I might not jump in straight away. As comments above “meh”
  14. stephenbgs


    What was the a transaction description and was it the same for both occasions? PayPal disputes can sometimes take a few days to resolve, but if they have a similar problems with the same transaction description it can get cleared up quite quickly, when they think there is a pattern Sorry this happened to you, its horrible to have to cancel cards wait for new cards and chase money over something that wasn't your fault, luckily most cards and services have good fraud protection, even if they cant prevent it from happening in the first place. I'm sure the money will be returned, It will be interesting to see where the weak link was. Keep us informed.
  15. Also agree, it will be released before we know it and soon asking for service pack one, the cycle continues.
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