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  1. DanW

    Getting VAS relief by disabling RAAS

    I disabled it in dll.xml. Measured it at 190mb VAS difference
  2. DanW

    Q400 Documentation

    Sounds good thanks Ben, I'll probably be getting those courses too so that would be great. I do use your hard copy checklist and I haven't found any better, there is no better Cheers
  3. DanW


    Interesting and you've got a pretty powerful system too. For me it hasn't made much difference but maybe I need to push into heavier clouds and test again..
  4. This tweak kind of got lost inside the massive OPTIMIZE_PARTS thread. But I'd like to try this on its own especially as most of my performance issues are when flying into heavy cloud from ASN. What results are people getting with this during dense cloud flights?
  5. DanW

    PMDG 737 NGX (module 4.12) - Sept 2018

    Hi Scott, Can you please include a toggle mode for all panel lights in next version? I only use 1 button for lights. Below works for this: function NGX_LIGHT_PANEL_ALL_toggle () local i if ipc.readLvar('ngx_switch_757_a') == 300 then for i = 1, 300 do NGX_LIGHT_PANEL_R_dec () NGX_LIGHT_PANEL_L_dec () NGX_LIGHT_PDST_dec () NGX_LIGHT_OVH_dec () NGX_LIGHT_CB_dec () end NGX_LIGHT_ALL_show () else for i = 1, 300 do NGX_LIGHT_PANEL_R_inc () NGX_LIGHT_PANEL_L_inc () NGX_LIGHT_PDST_inc () NGX_LIGHT_OVH_inc () NGX_LIGHT_CB_inc () end NGX_LIGHT_ALL_show () end end many thanks
  6. DanW

    Majestic Dash 8 Q-400 (module 2.6)

    Hi, One thing I noticed is the landing gear script doesn't always move the landing gear up, just the handle itself. So I map it to the FSX Default landing gear which works fine. Below are some new scripts if you would like to add to the module? I assign the nose wheel steering to the A/T switch since there's no A/T in Q400. Also a script to toggle all panel lighting happen in one go for a spare button. function NWS_on () ipc.writeLvar("SIDE_PNL_STEERING", 1) DspShow ("NWS", "on") end function NWS_off () ipc.writeLvar("SIDE_PNL_STEERING", 0) DspShow ("NWS", "off") end function PANEL_LIGHT_ALL_TOGGLE () if ipc.readLvar('OHD_PNL_LIGHTS_GLARESHIELD_KNOB_ANGLE') == 0 then OHD_PanelL_All_50() else OHD_PanelL_All_0() end end
  7. Hi, One thing the Q400 from Majestic is lacking is quality documentation. I loved going through the videos and finding where I am wrong and correcting myself, but it's hard as a reference source to refer to in flight etc after the fact. Unfortunately Majestic didn't get real aircraft manuals to publish the way PMDG have done, I'm not sure if it's due to licensing or what the reason is. They have published a manual on Systems which is the equivalent of FCOM volume 2. But we don't have documentation on full expanded normal procedures and flows, or QRH equivalent, or FCTM equivalent for flight patterns etc. Would Airline2Sim consider producing a product such as Q400 simulation documentation? It could fit in well with Aurasim EFB as an additional tab on the EFB with online documentation. AngleOfAttack 737 training did this as downloadable PDFs (but part of a more expensive training package), and their flow documentation is excellent, including colour flight deck diagrams, with arrow paths of the flows and descriptions. The alternative is for us to buy real aircraft documentation, however that is made for multipilot operations and not ideal for us simmers.. Thanks
  8. DanW

    Majestic Dash 8 Q-400 (module 2.6)

    It's pretty much only the NAV/ADF navigation radios you can't use with hardware, since they are the only ones that require to be linked into the Q400 systems. If you are only using NAV for ILS - then let the FMS tune it for you. * COM radios - use default FSX radios (COM only not NAV) with the Radio panel or VRInsight MCP combo. You can still hear the audio from the tuned frequency. Just ignore what is in the VC.You can see the frequency on your hardware anyway. * Transponder I haven't tried with VATSIM online, but I think if you keep it linked to default FSX transponder you can keep it that way, and other addons that require your transponder code will see the FSX one. * Transponder/TCAS mode - Map the transponder "MODE" button to a mouse macro that you create by holding the button until it goes to ALT (TCAS). This then becomes a toggle switch you can toggle between standby and ALT/TCAS. Changes to radios in the VC will update what you see in hardware since the VC changes also update FSX, it's just not the other way around i.e. changes in FSX don't update the VC. But this doesn't matter except for radio navigation.
  9. DanW


    Works great on my gaming laptop, huge jump with the 777. Glad it works best on the most hardcore complex models since they need it the most. Haven't tested for blurred yet but there is no reason this should cause them from optimising the model. If anything blurring would only be caused by higher frame rate or incorrect fibre frame fraction tweak that doesn't match your new.performance.
  10. After retirements are done throughout 2015 I heard there should still remain 9 reconfigured 747s in the Qantas fleet but not sure how long. Anyone know if Qantas plans to keep the 9 reconfigured 747s indefinitely or are there medium term plans to retire those 9 as well?
  11. DanW

    Two Issues in P3D 2.5

    1) check fsuipc settings it also has a time option to set local time
  12. DanW

    Adjusting Course with VRInsight MCP

    Great, thanks Scott! Sorry I was a bit careless making my post in the root forum
  13. Hi All, I just got the VRInsight MCP II and it's going well with programming via LINDA. However I was wondering what you guys do to adjust the course for ILS/VOR etc? The NGX has a course control on it's MCP, but the VRInsight does not. What way do you guys do it? Thanks
  14. DanW

    QANTAS 747-400 Last Flight

    Thanks Will
  15. Hi all The trim fix doesn't seem to work for me it's still sensitive. The readme says I need to adjust in FSX settings the trim button repeats but I can't as I have to have mappings in fsuipc due to Windows 8 joystick disconnection bug. Is the trim fix part of the mod or is it just the readme instructions only that helps the trim?