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  1. wow! throw a bed over there, a kitchen over there, and rent it out as an apartment! Those set pieces are wonderful.
  2. you just made a statement for everyone, in a post about not making a statement for everyone. haha! sorry, just thought that was funny.
  3. While I appreciate your enthusiasm, your opinion is not the same as statistical sources. Relax with the us vs them stuff. :Peace:
  4. i agree, it's a theme along with hawaii, no reason to panic. Im also assuming they are trying to maximize the profits out of these models. Once there are more capable and in demand planes available in the market, the sales for these cockpitless warbirds will bottom out. And what other aircraft would be more appropriate to be without a cockpit? A vcless cessna is useless.
  5. free area- as in do not have to pay for it. They gave us the big island for free to try out, I doubt there will be a similar free trial area in the Alaska scenery.
  6. Even though I had made incorrect assumptions about what was included with the Maule (Maule landing challenges), I still feel like the whole thing is a bit shady. Alaska is going to provide some interesting insight into how MS is going to control the market, and add dependency between the different a la carte aircraft and geographical areas. Other random thoughts (not necessarily what originally set me off, but is just more fodder for the "con" column)- It depresses me to think that all of the Flight dlc content available right now is a fraction of what comes with default FSX (not including the freeware potential), yet costs more than what FSX cost when it was first launched. Replacing the dollar values of DLC with credit values should be an indicator that MS is playing games with your wallet. The trick is used in a number of industries, and they make no attempts to hide the true intention of it. I get it, and whether or not anyone agrees with me is irrelevant, it is just another one of those things that taints me on the experience.
  7. thanks for the help hook. I couldn't find any clandestine jobs on my first pass look after purchasing the Maule, nor have I ever casually seen one; however, the default cargo jobs (chickens, peoples, 800lbs of cats, etc) have always been there. I'm level 12. I've been flying regularly since launch date, and have had the maule preview content for more than a week or two. I have just finished installing the rest of Hawaii, so I won't be able to confirm whether or not clandestine is part of the purchased Maule dlc, Hawaii adventure pack, or both. Yes, the short time I have had in the maule- one circuit now, has already boosted my enjoyment of Flight. The cockpit looks great, and the faster speed does a better job showing off the flight engine. It's too bad this aircraft wasn't included in the free to play download, as it really raises the wow factor quickly. The Icon did absolutely nothing for me, but fortunately I'm a stearman fan so that kept me going. The maule landing challenges are what I was mainly wanting, I had even wished for something exactly like that for FSX. But I wasn't too excited to pay for more hawaii and more repetitive missions, so I was saving my cash for Alaska, which I have a feeling wont have a free to fly area. I am also hoping that maybe the Maule will have missions for Alaska as well, and maybe even a free ski upgrade (neither of which I feel will happen either). But again, to be "fair" to MS's sales game, nothing in the maule description said it included challenges or missions, like I eventually discovered is stated in the Hawaii adventure pack.
  8. supporting it doesnt mean you have to make excuses for everything that sucks about it. Just let me vent- like the shady way ms makes you buy credits instead of just paying for things straight up. theres no excuse for this system, other than straight up slime ball sales tactics. sorry to throw this in your face, it's not specific to you. Im tired of all of the polarized excuse makers on both sides, it's ruining these discussions. how about I agree that you have a beauty of a screen shot there, if you agree MS is engaging in "creative" ways to fleece our money? :-) Its not so difficult to get along after all!
  9. whatever man. It's a marketing shell game, and it worked. It's not a very endearing quality in a product. I'm not really interested in excuses, i blame myself. No need for anyone to defend MS. I know you love it, and I'm ok with that.. really.
  10. Ughh! this sucks! I just made this mistake... bought the maule, but I don't have the hawaii dlc. How did I miss this post? I'm an idiot. Also displeased with the a la carte shenanigans of Flight. My feeling is that companies should focus on making a product the customers want, and not spend energy on silly ball and cup games with pricing. The prominent "no refunds" warning on the maule's purchase screen should have triggered more of a medichlorian reaction in me. :Phbbbt:
  11. yup. the two sides are definitely polarizng... unnecessarily.
  12. sorry, that wasnt my intention... im typing from my phone. But my feeling is the same- these discussions are going nowhere. There is nothing more to gleam from either side,we might as well be pissing about what our favorite color is. Flight may be the subject, but Flight isnt the motivation behind why we are all building walls and mounting attacks.
  13. Even though i agree that the pro flight folks can be a little too sensitive lately, and add a dash of mob mentality in there, this was a bit over the top IMO. Im hoping if we can all take it down a notch, we might start meshing easier. Maybe our opinions could start having meaning again, instead of being disregarded as a hollow attack.
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