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  1. Nothing has changed.... there are certain moderators who close threads simply because their opinion differs from the post (while adhering to TOS to a tee and no EULA's in site), or even more whimsical and unreal, locks threads for no other reason than to assert their authority. Can't fight that if that is what the ownership wants. The only alternative IS to find an alternative. There is nothing here so special that you can't find the information elsewhere. I was so happy to find this place initially and thought I had found a home to learn, share and grow with. My initial donation will be my last and I have found other means of finding information and expressing my views of the flight-sim life I so enjoy. Really sad to think such a great wealth of knowledge here is reduced to rubble because of the way some moderators wish to display their authority over others. I've watched this behavior since I joined. I wish all of you blue skies and great flying.
  2. I have both and enjoy both. If you are an FSX veteran as per your post, then P3D will be everything you know, just on steroids. AI, ATC, absolutely flawless addons in scenery, textures, planes, etc. XP11 has some of the coolest flight dynamics I've ever seen. Night flying is a real treat. How about runways that you cant see the end of because of a geographic "hump" in the middle? Sadly, out of the box, XP11 is you flying in your own little world with an F4 to dodge while taxiing. Realism and immersion are just starting to get some attention, both from the developer and the addon community, but there is no ATC like you are accustomed to from SFX. All sales are final and no refunds with XP11... http://store.x-plane.org/About-Us-_ep_7.html Seems there is a limited 60 day refund policy with LM for P3D... https://www.prepar3d.com/support/refundpolicy/ I guess my question is ... Why make it one or the other? Why not have both? With both, you will discover over time what you want to invest more time (and money with add-ons) through that learning time. To me, that is the best part! Best of Luck in your flying adventures.
  3. In the US, I think the long-term outlook is abysmal... "Over the past 20 years, more than 250 public-use airports have closed, leaving the total around 5,100, according to federal statistics. The number of licensed private pilots has dropped by more than 30 percent in that period, industry data shows." While the remaining number seems massive, lets not forget how large of an area that covers. I see favorites that I frequented often not being there any longer. “We’re getting gray hair or we have no hair at all, and if we have nobody to pass this on to, it’s going to go away,” said Jim O’Brien, 64, whose Jurupa Valley-based chapter of the Experimental Aircraft Association put on two events in September for prospective pilots. Add to that the record low numbers of retired military pilots pursuing commercial work in the airline industry, it appears to be a growth industry (cattle cars in the sky), with nobody to drive them. Will be interesting to see how that unfolds over time. With real estate being more valuable for homes and office space than for general aviation, what we knew in the US as good times for GA has long passed. Even with my gray hair, I try to keep the interest alive, like I'm sure everyone else here does that has a real world relationship to flying.
  4. I had created a saved flight as my default in an earlier version and had the grayed out ATC commands when I updated to 4.2. To fix it, on the startup screen, I started with the F-22 at Eglin and saved that as my default flight. re-started sim. atc works fine. recreated my regular saved flight using my payware aircraft, and other location (just as before, except under 4.2) saved that and made it my default. re-started sim again. Like magic, ATC has worked with no issues at all under 4.2 since I did that over a month ago. I have heard you can go in and delete the specific file for the default flight as well, but I did it the lazy way. Best of luck
  5. https://flttrack.fltplan.com/FltPlanInfo/FltPlan_Go-Android-iPad_Info.html
  6. 34" ultra-wide @ 3440x1440 on a nice 1070Ti . Ancient 3770K @ 4.2Ghz and I really am satisfied with the results.
  7. Just got the Phenom 300 last night. Certainly not study level but I find it incredibly enjoyable so far. After flying the PC12, my fps is actually higher with the glass cabin of the Phenom that the PC12. Smooth as can be and beautiful to look at. Can't say much for Carenado's G1000 Prodigy system, even after one night, superior to the 530(?) and Avidyne in the PC12, but I'll get the updated Navigraph update to see if that changes anything. Hopefully an GTN 750 will be in the near future.
  8. In the event you have to go through a full re-install, I wanted to express my procedure and outcome, so you can breathe a little easier. When I upgraded from Prepar3d 4.1 to 4.2 using Windows 10 Pro, I first downloaded the full and unzipped it. Then, I used settings/Apps & Features, and uninstalled in order; Prepar3D v4 Scenery Prepar3D v4 Content Prepar3D v4 Professional Client Prepar3D v4 Professional Basically removed everything (I'm old school and it also worked well from 4.0 to 4.1). Then, I installed 4.2 to the exact same location (for me it is E:\Prepar3Dv4) as the old install. I ran FTX Central to update my scenery files, then I ran UTLive to verify everything was ok (changing nothing). I then ran Prepar3D.exe. UTLive loaded, my scenery was exactly as I left it, and all of my aircraft were there, favorites marked as before, like nothing ever changed (even AI Lights Reborn Free Edition was there, working perfectly (thanks Simbol). Yes, I did verify that I was running 4.2 as I thought things were too good to be true. My only issue was my saved default scenario rendered the ATC commands grayed out and nonfunctional. After deleting my default scenario and recreating it, everything has worked flawlessly under 4.2. After uninstalling ALL of Prepar3D, it did not remove the main directory or any of the aircraft and scenery add-ons for me. After reading these forums, everyone seems to have as unique situations as they have unique hardware and add-ons. My basic setup worked flawlessly, so it can be done. Best of luck!
  9. For windows 10 users, If there is a major update released to the public (Spring and Fall updates come to mind), you can always go here https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/software-download/windows10 and get it, even before your machine says you need an update. Obviously, some would rather wait, while some would rather see what pain there is early. Regardless, the option is out there. You don't have to wait for your millionth in line queue on windows update to get it.
  10. Generally speaking, laptop computers go into a power saving mode, with decreased CPU and Video ability to save power while on battery. This is normal, acceptable behavior for laptop performance versus battery life. I cannot fathom that there would be a drastic difference between v3 and v4 in that respect, unless your laptop's OS is possibly 32bit. Without specifics, it only leads to speculation for us to attempt to help you. While I love my laptop, most of us run dedicated desktop machines to flight sim on, due to the flight sims high demands. If you pulled the plug on my flight sim machine (from the UPS), the only shaking would be my involuntary acts of violent shaking until my PC started again.
  11. Prepar3d 4.1 and x-plane 11.05 working flawlessly here, just as they did before the updates. I'm using Nvidia v385.69.
  12. @Simbol Check out the freeware KHQM Bowerman airport from Orbx, (or videos of it) as I believe that was one of the first to use the original Objectflow. I can detect little difference, perhaps better walking animations, but what it does do is let you use your Orbx airports in Prepar3d 4.1! :)
  13. I honestly didn't find it to be a great deal to do a full re-install. To my surprise, all of my Orbx scenery and all of my Carenado planes were untouched and available after uninstalling 4.0 completely and installing 4.1 as new. I did run FTX Central before Prepar3d, and it updated my Orbx Libraries. Other than that, it said everything was good to go. I ran Prepar3d 4.1 for the very first time, and it took a little time to grind and refresh all the scenery, and then quickly the splash page appeared with my custom Carenado PC12 waiting to be flown from my add-on dense area. "Only use a basic default ac to start!" .. I read (appreciated and ignored).. this is how I have always done it. Not one issue at all. Everything worked out of the box like it was meant to be. I did not have to uninstall all my add-ons (yes, I know my system is VERY limited compared to a lot of you), but still, it was painless. I didn't focus on the shorter route, as I have a nice internet connection and the download times are, well not even a consideration (I know they are for a lots of people). Bottom line, after 30+ years in the IT industry, this was one of the easiest and painless upgrades I have ever seen. I think LM is doing a great job in providing a strong platform and with such a great community, if you don't check here first, you may miss a lot. My upgrade story is basic and easy, but I think it represents a large segment of the avsim population. While not everyone has experienced problems, it is worth noting that it CAN happen. That (to me) means that LM and the big corporate entities are not out there to mess with us. I think they truly have us in mind. Focus positively and if you have 900 add-ons to your flightsim as so many of you professionals do, figure it is going to take some time to get there. Nature of the beast to all you guys that I am SO jealous of. -40F and my flight instructor says lets go pre-flight the plane.... I did... it was brutal. I learned two things; I could do a pre-flight when I am numb, and that my flight instructor had a very evil sense of humor. We both quickly went back in and had ground school that day. Happy flying to all, and remember, this is fun, and that is why we do it!
  14. Scott, sorry you had issues (and glad you were able to resolve them), but without you posting this, I would have never known of this treat! To all that assisted, thanks as well... my install and setup was seamless. Technology never ceases to amaze me.
  15. Already on 4.1 and I forced the Windows update last night. Been flying for about 4 hours this am with no issue at all. (4.1 / Orbx / Carenado PC12)
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