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  1. Yes it does. However, your quest to constantly bash FSW hinders you from accepting the facts that disqualify your statements.
  2. Cloud Layers at 10, what is your PC setup? I am currently running at CL = 5 with i7-7700k / GTX 1080 / SSD HD / 16G 3200 RAM / 1080p resolution.
  3. I also have ASP4 + ASCA. SF3D looks a little better in some of the pictures than my setup (especially @Neptune pics). How do you use EnvTex to enhance the Hifi combo? Can you use envtex with hifi automatically (dynamic loading)?
  4. I think we will see more of the same for the next few years while shelling out more dollars for 5% improvements at a time. To me, any “major” change will have to come from LM by overhauling the core sim. I feel the same way about Orbx and other ground scenery Devs. I don’t believe that things will get much better without LM changing the core. Here we are in 2018, paying top dollar for addons that are limited (including performance) by the core sim itself. I like my ASP4+ASCA….and I won’t spend any more money on sky enhancements unless something truly revolutionary comes along….I just don’t see that happening from any of the 3rd party DEVS at this point.
  5. As someone already stated, that sim is still in early access and future updates should address the current issues. I think that LM will need to take a similar approach (be it partnering or developing something in-house) to transform P3D at the core level to make major advances in weather / sky / clouds while maintaining good performance.
  6. This relates to my original point. I don't think that there is much more that a 3rd Party Dev can do to enhance P3D weather. I think that any major "weather" update will have to come from LM themselves by overhauling the core sim.
  7. I will always do that...thanks for the nod.
  8. With the recent release of SF3D and no announced major updates from HiFi. I don’t think we have anything else coming up in 2018 for weather / cloud advances in P3D. I currently run ASP4 / ASCA, but I do have Rex TD & SC as well as Rex’s older Essentials. This is not a debate over which combo is the best; that opinion will differ and we have been there / done that here many times. They “all look pretty good” to me along with their own set of limitations (like performance). However, if SF3D took 3 years to develop, then I wonder what more can really be done by any 3rd party Dev to “radically” transform P3D’s sky in the near future. My concern is that “nothing” more can be done with P3D regarding the weather while maintaining good performance (30 fps for me). I think we have hit a plateau with respect to sky enhancements for P3D.
  9. I, like others, have waited for this release for quite some time, although I did not fully understand what Skyforce had to offer. I am simply looking for a complete weather product" that can read, inject, and At the moment, I have ASP4 with ASCA, and the "dynamic" interaction (weather & clouds) seems to be the best no hassle, load and go, combination for me. With that said, I have supported Rex since "Essentials" but the product offerings have become too fragmented. This piecing together of a weather product + a cloud product + a sky product seems cumbersome in a field that already has so many addon choices to make up for what P3D core is lacking. I was expecting to jump ship to SF3D if it could (by itself) replace my current setup with smooth weather transitions etc, but it sounds like there is another Rex product (weather force) required to complete the picture. So, when both SF and WF are available and can work together like ASP4 and ASCA, I will look at comparing the 2 and possibly switching back to Rex. I like both Rex and Hifi, and have no problem switching back and forth as each developer advances their product. But for right now, it doesn't "seem" like SF3D alone does the trick for me to invest just yet.
  10. Does FT scenery have moving traffic or just painted cars on the street?
  11. After seeing that DL was limited from the start and then the performance penalty, I just left it unchecked from day 1. I am fine with the old lighting system where I can achieve a smooth flight.
  12. Orbx just posted their road map for 2018 and FSW does not seem to be a big part of their future development. Disclaimer...I may have missed something on the long thread. Could this mean that DTG has something really big on the way for the ground environment as a core feature? I hope so. Considering what DTG is doing for the sky environment, hopefully they will add something innovative for the ground environment.
  13. I was in the same boat; I got tired of waiting for Skyforce and moved on to ASP4 / ASCA, Currently, I am happy with this combo. At the same time, we are all waiting for the next big breakthrough in this hobby. IF Skyforce is all that it is marketed to be (including performance) and enhances my immersion, then I will get it. I am OK with shelling out the cash for the best experience possible, even if I have already invested in a similar feature / addon.
  14. This is the reason why I have yet to update to v4.1. I am waiting for some major changes before having to update P3D + all the addons. v4.0 is running fine for me.
  15. Whatever the final version will look like (weather, ground enhancements etc.), I think that FSW has carved out a niche experience that aligns with what you stated. It is a low cost investment, with very well designed default aircraft, missions and great tutorials. I just think that this initial offering appeals to newbies more than the competitors. Even in the early stages, FSW has a welcoming feel and enough features to assure a simmer that DTG is a serious player. As FSW continues to grow and expand with 3rd Party Devs, I think that it will begin to pull in some of the veteran simmers. It seems like DTG is building from the ground up (even with focus on their SDK) and I believe that this approach will eventually put FSW in a position to appeal to a broad base of simmers.. Like I have said, no other DEV has seemed to progress so much in such a small frame of time.