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  1. Interesting... This (currently in practice) is the downside of using the MS store. The MS store gets updates "weeks" after other stores (orbx, and Dev direct sites). If they have a contract in place to sync update releases, many more Devs missed that paragraph....
  2. It is a matter of personal taste / opinion. Those shots do not look great to me, and certainly not enough to invest the time / effort to download sections of where I want to fly and deal with space limitations etc. Which is why I commented on another poster about accepting X-plane "as is" as opposed to chasing rainbows.
  3. Well that day (XP12) has yet to come, and I thought that the OP was referring to the here and now. "vastly superior flight model"...that is not a true statement from my perspective, but this is not a comparison thread, so I will leave it at that.
  4. I agree here, once in a while I will install a new update for X-Enviro to see if they made enough improvements, but beyond that....I just fly "as is" and accept that addons won't really make a substantial difference to improve the outdated looks.
  5. For me the sim has not been stable since SU3. Some are affected more than others; a particular flight plan goes well one day and extreme stutters the next day. Turning down / off options seem to have no effect; the random stutters are there regardless. I can get by with flying tropical / island destinations....but cities or dense / populated areas are a no go until Asobo finds a fix for what they broke.
  6. Exactly.... I could care less about another plane, airport, or world update. Performance should be priority #1, especially given that they broke it. I belivee that we have a major update coming toward the end of this month. Hopefully, we can get back to great performance. I suspect that they may be just as frustrated in resolving what went wrong...so we will see.
  7. I just don't get what happened after SU3, things have just gone downhill with respect to performance. Sudden stutters, pauses etc. While I appreciate that MSFS is both aware and "trying" to address the issues, I certainly understand the frustration of users who were having a good experience...until Asobo broke it with the recent updates. I have yet to get back to the smooth performance that I had pre SU3; and it is unfortunate for all impated because we "had" a great simulator that we are waiting to get back to (performnce wise)...hopefully...after another update.
  8. The Dev for the Jabiru had already made another excuse weeks before that about why his product was late to the MS store only. Then he comes (still late) about some sob story, and then another excuse. I think it has now been over a month that the update has not reached the Marketplace, while he made sure that his direct store had the update.
  9. Try an XP shot with one of those "experimental" clouds...because default won't cut it.
  10. So in other words, you respect a developer who has done nothing (for years) about the performance killing circle of clouds around the plane...that do not extend to the horizon. What platform do you develop for again???? Now I was talking about clouds....don't deflect. So yeah...let's start that comparison... MSFS (civil sim) and DCS (combat sim) are below. Again, what has Austin done over the years to advance his clouds??? Where is your XP vid showing default clouds for the comparison??? Here is DCS... Here is MSFS
  11. With all their HDR lightning, Vulkan etc. LR can't even get clouds to extend to the horizon....and their clouds tank performance. Even Austin admitted in his video review of X-enviro that XPs clouds are not that great. And what has he released since then to correct it??? Nothing. How many years / decades has it been for Austin to get clouds right??? Looks like everyone else has been able to get their "stock" clouds right...even combat sims. "with the exception of scenery"....2M+ pilots in MSFS seem to want "that" scenery.
  12. This tree distance issue is disturbing... Given the communication channels / feedback with Asobo, why can't they get this right? There is no error to reproduce...almost everyone sees / agrees that the view distance sucks now regardless of where it was at release, pre release, or any other point in the sims short history. While there is much criticism as to the depth of MSFS avionics / fidelity etc...you would think that Asobo would make sure that the VFR aspects are solid (view distance etc) with consist performance.
  13. Seems like most sims are getting better, except XP. Above is the result of engagement, commitment, and constant development... Just look at "those" clouds....
  14. Ok...they screwed up, but... I can’t imagine that it was an easy task for MSFS to track down the issue, fix it, test it (and the number of cycles that took), and get out the latest fix in relatively short period of time. Most likely, their programmers / testers were pulling double duty these past couple of weeks. Much like many of you, I could not play due to the stutterfest, and while this was disappointing given that the issue was introduced in SU3, it was also reassuring to see how committed Asobo is to engagement, feedback, and getting it right. It was frustrating…am I sure that Asobo “felt it" from the community…lesson learned, and hopefully not to be repeated to this degree again. ...if not perfect, at least they are committed...
  15. Should have stopped here like you said you would...but... Decided to come back because you were frustrated... Trying to bait me...having no idea that MSFS had more than 2 million pilots in their sim. How embarrassing for you... Still trying....Still baiting...still clueless... Call them what you want, but MSFS has over 2 million of them... And what platform do you develop for???? So...you went from ignoring (so called), to accusing, to baiting this random person, in less than 24 hours. Only to be educated on the cost of opportunity...when you are busy passing memes amongst developers for a stagnant platform. Like I said before, I am not a frustrated Dev "scolding" people on a forum because they criticize the platform that I "chose" to stick with...you are I did not have to try at all, you made this history (above) yourself...
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