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  1. Yep...it is a game that is better than any other flight sim to date. If "this" is just the Alpha, just imagine what the Beta will be like....still better than any other sim to date
  2. I think folk "are" enjoying the moment...and realizing that the more Devs that come to MSFS (particularly high fidelity aircraft), the better chances MSFS has of being around for the next 10 years. We have had 2 failed launches over the last decade (FSW and Flight....both being associated with Microsoft), so many people want MSFS to "dominate" and "bury" the competition...not to mention that some folk remember just how stagnant development was when LR and LM were at the helm. Out with the old...In with the new...
  3. Bingo.... LM and LR were fine with stale development and letting 3PD fill in the gaps (with addons that mainly killed performance). Leaving users with bloated Frankenstein sims just to have an immersive experience. P3D had an identity crisis (who is it for) and LR simply did not identify (no user engagement) with its users. I don't feel sorry for the competition, they sat back for years doing much of nothing, even the flight sim conventions were boring....having the Devs come with nothing much to say. The writing has been on the wall ever since the initial MSFS teaser vid shown the same weekend as a flight sim convention, and stealing all of the attention from that point forward.
  4. I think that the XBOX release is a real "game" changer for the flight "sim" arena. The revenue potential for both Devs and Microsoft is a win win for them and us. We have a dedicated Dev with the funds to keep pushing the boundaries. I often think back to the demise of FSW (along with their enthusiasm and consumer engagement)....how I thought flight simming was practically dead because XP and P3D had sluggish development with nothing new / exciting to offer. And now here we are...with new updates / additions coming every "month" from Asobo, not to mention the tons of freeware / payware released every week. I will debate with XP fans about which is better, but even where MSFS is behind...they are that much further ahead with the constant / frequent engagement , updates, and future development.
  5. I am a fan of the competing sim...glad we cleared that up...
  6. No...it was you...as usual...throwing anything out there to save face. You contended that the blog was engagement with "users". But as usual, you will flip the script if it keeps you from admitting that you are wrong. For example...when Janov called you out for claiming that MSFS would be a subscription based model...you then pulled the general subscription that Microsoft has for its gaming platform that includes MSFS as a way to argue that you were right. Its typical msparks...and everyone seems to know it...but you.
  7. LOL...wow...that's a take I was not expecting. Truly I think that LR should just focus on the mobile platform. I think it sucks more than the desktop app, but he seems to be doing well against the competition in that space...not so much on the PC, where he really does not have the resources to advance the sim at the pace of the competition...
  8. Others took that route (engagement) and don't have their users guessing about what's coming the next month. Thanks for the attention...and the continued attempts to distract from what you did... Contradictions....
  9. Not so....and in an earlier thread you claimed that the x plane developer blog was the engagement...how you constantly rewrite the script amazes me. Asobo, DCS, and DTG have set up their own forums / feedback channels / livestrems / sites to interact with their users....plain and simple. Relying on the ORG alone does not cut it. Stop blaming the ORG for how Austin chose to ignore the community...
  10. His past vids show that he has marched to beat of his own drum regardless of feedback...maybe things will change. However, the ORG can't be the blame for issues with XP when the Dev has been at this for over 26 years.
  11. Not so..."engagement" (that course of action) has been taken now by Asobo, DTG trains, and DCS...all popular and successful sims. I know trying to clean up "your" statement is taxing...just admit that you were taking a shot...gloating...over FSW's demise, or continue this charade. It does take more...like sim features...but again, that wasn't the message you were trying to send. It was one sentence gloating over the FSW's demise. But I like how you are going out of your way to change the narrative...over and over again. Irrelevant... I am not talking about what you did then, I am talking about the gloating you did in this thread...emoji and all. Placing the focus on others do nothing to distract from what you did in this thread... EDIT: So much for ignoring me...seems like I have not only your attention...but your dedication to covering your tracks over one "gloating" statement. Carry on...
  12. Not so... Austin has been aware of the criticism about XP's visuals. In a video years ago he joked about the XP looking like a "giant green" carpet. He would have also had to have known that the ocean looked like a blue quilted blanket. In his vid review of X-Enviro, he stated that XP clouds are not that great (again joking about it)). Interestingly enough...he reviewed XE as if he did not know much about it...whereas the XE Dev had been trying to work with LR for a while to overcome some limitations (no 3PD Dev engagement). If you look at enough older vids / interviews, you will see that Austin basically ignored the requests of the community... All of the flight sim Devs were fine with stale development and letting the 3PD fill in the gaps...leaving users with bogged down Frankenstein Sims just to get a decent visual flight experience... MSFS changed all of that...built a solid foundation...engaged with 3P Devs...built the store...interacts with the community...responds almost immediately to their concerns etc. XP12 has to be about more than just features, it is the attitude and commitment of the Dev that is making the difference these days. IMO, Austin has always taken an arrogant (he knows best) posture towards the community. Whereas Asobo is reaching out, even asking for help from the community with building a sim for the community to enjoy. Huge difference...HUGE DIFFERENCE....
  13. Nope..."I" was suggesting that LR should have followed FSW's "engagement" with the community back then, which they are obviously doing now...following MSFS. You were making fun of FSW's failure despite that effort (Yeah, "it" worked great for them!), but I appreciate the long winded effort to redeem yourself. It amazes me how you guys try to rewrite history in the same thread. Carry On...
  14. No...the performance did not much improve much. Long explanations do not change that reality...
  15. Nope...LR has neglected consumers at their peril.... If that tradition is a problematic release with sluggish updates (especially with no roadmap showing a dedication to frequent development)...many folk won't even bother investing in it. Consumers are now used to a higher level of engagement....
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