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  1. Vsync without triple buffering and fps

    I change my monitor's refresh rate using nvidia control panel and then lock the internal fps to that refresh rate. (i use 24 or 30 depending on the plane i am flying); I also have vsync enabled. I get very smooth and perfect performance as long as my rig can can maintain the fps that i set; which is about 99% of the time.
  2. Hi, My Specs are i7 7700k / 16GB 3200 Ram / GTX 1080 Question 1 Can anyone comment on the performance impact of the flight1 GTN 750? I am flying AntsAirplane's Eaglet to use with the GTN 750. Currently I am capable of flying the Carenado DA42 glass cockpit smoothly...if that's any type of reference point. Also I see that we can't load P3D flight plans into the GTN 750. How does Active Sky P4 know what weather to load if a P3D flight plan is not loaded?
  3. High-quality small and slow aircraft for P3D v4

    I highly recommend Ant's Eaglet LSA; it is the only plane that I now fly in P3D (as I plan to train in the Flight Design CTLSi). As you may already know, the Eaglet works well with the Flight1's GTN 750 / 650. I highly recommend the GTN as well. Also, the customer support answered me back within a day, which I thought was a quick response.
  4. Each sim will have its strong points and weaknesses compared to the next. The shortfalls that you mention can be offset by the missions, user friendly approach etc that will appeal to someone who doesn't require jets or live weather. There is a long laundry list of what a sim needs, but DTG is focusing on some basic features that set it apart from the competition, and that's the best way to compete IMO. This market is not just a matter of getting P3D or XP, many simmers have them both. I think that DTG can get a good portion of long standing simmers to add FSW to their collection, and also get the newbie / casual simmer that doesn't immediately demand the more detailed features that will eventually come to the platform.
  5. I am also anxious to know what’s next. However, being a developer and working in the field for almost 2 decades, I can certainly understand the long periods of silence. A Dev can be trying something new that just is not working (performance issues, clashes with existing features that require a total revamp of such feature etc.), so why announce something that may not happen and then have to deal with the backlash when you can’t deliver, or can’t deliver in certain time frame? Then there is scaling down the original scope of features do to the above and other reasons. So again, keeping quiet about these things is the proper thing to do before knowing if it is really going to work, and work well. Not to mention the time it takes implement and improve upon features (like TrueSky) that you have announced and released. As I said before, DTG is teaching a very old dog new tricks. Its not just a matter of making Rover…roll over. Its making Rover do backwards flips while catching a Frisbee in his mouth and then landing on one paw. That’s gonna take some time.
  6. Cirrus SR-22?

    I have the Carenado SR22 and I do not recommend it. The Carenado version “always” wants to climb, despite trim settings, power reduction etc). Approaches with the Carenado is very frustrating for me, the plane either wants to fall out of the sky or climb. The G1000 is very glitchy, for example, sometimes flight planner will get stuck on the approach screen and not allow you to back out to the map screen again (this also happens with the Alabeo Da42). Do not let the pretty pics fool you; beyond the looks, there is not much there to engage you IMO. I don’t fly my Sr22 and my report to Carenado (about 2 years ago) only resulted in them saying that they would look into the issues I raised. Also, I could not fly the Carenado Sr22 until I upgraded to an i7-7700k (@ 4.8Ghz) and a GTX 1080….these glass cockpit planes hit the frame rates really hard when I had my i5 and GTX 680.
  7. It is apparent that no flight sim will hit the shelves with “everything” included on day one. The sims that have been out for over 5+ years have yet to offer a complete package and rely heavily on 3rd party vendors to fill in the gap. It is interesting how DTG gets criticized when both LM and LR have essentially the same business model that costs much more. At the same time, FSW is offering more, by partnering with DEVs in the core, and there is much more to come. I think this is a good business model given the realities and constraints of flight sim development.
  8. Same here...actually, I am still at 4.0 and see no need to go through the exercise of updating P3D along with the addons for compatibility.Too much of a hassle for the few improvements that affect how I use the sim.
  9. I feel a different way. People start business ventures to make money. I paid $15 bucks for Flight School..and then later got FSW for free...with all of its upgrades / enhancements. If the dlc (in any form) keeps the cash flowing in to fund further development, then that's just good business sense to me.
  10. Help with DCS 2.5 visuals???

    I am new to DCS and just downloaded 2.5 based on some ads I saw yesterday. However, I am unable to get the same visuals as many vid / pics I see. In addition, because I am new to DCS forums, I have not been granted access rights to post, ask / contribute to conversations. There is one thread (, where a poster has a similar problem like below...(flat lime green trees) after some tweaks, he was able to obtain this.... but I don't know what all he did to get it working. I have both disabled and enabled "deferred shading", but I see no difference. Does anyone know the proper steps to get things working right? I have "all" graphics on max and I have a GTX 1080.
  11. Help with DCS 2.5 visuals???

    In the thread I referenced, someone said that he had to set deferred shading "off" first and then set it back to "on" to get it to work. I will try this when I get a chance. I recall setting it to off, with hdr on, and then back on. But I saw no change at all, just flat-like lime green trees,
  12. It is apparent that @pracines can't handle the truth.
  13. What's going on with FSW?

    Within this early release state, FSW has introduced… Great default aircraft Missions & Tutorials…Cold and Dark Great Weather enhancements (Rain + TrueSky) Passengers (Yes, I like passengers and the idea of a passenger view…like in their train sim) The above alone lets me know that DTG is serious about offering something new / exciting / unique. I really don’t care about a January update, or a February update. I just hope that DTG has the resources ( money, staff etc) to put out the best sim within the next year or so. I realize that “new” implementations take time to do it right, especially if you have a small DEV team. If DTG needs to get some DLC sales in the meantime to further fund this project, then so be it. And I expect that their SDK will attract third party Devs to create awesome addons. So…I look to the middle or end of 2019 to truly measure what DTG is capable of doing. No rush here. I purchased X-plane in 2011 and Prepar3d shortly after that, and neither of these sims made any major groundbreaking advances since then when compared to what DTG has been able to do in just their early release stage. So i can wait another year or so to give DTG the required time to create the best flight sim experience.
  14. What's going on with FSW?

    Yes it does. However, your quest to constantly bash FSW hinders you from accepting the facts that disqualify your statements.
  15. Cloud Layers at 10, what is your PC setup? I am currently running at CL = 5 with i7-7700k / GTX 1080 / SSD HD / 16G 3200 RAM / 1080p resolution.
  16. Sky Force: credit where credit is due

    I also have ASP4 + ASCA. SF3D looks a little better in some of the pictures than my setup (especially @Neptune pics). How do you use EnvTex to enhance the Hifi combo? Can you use envtex with hifi automatically (dynamic loading)?
  17. I think we will see more of the same for the next few years while shelling out more dollars for 5% improvements at a time. To me, any “major” change will have to come from LM by overhauling the core sim. I feel the same way about Orbx and other ground scenery Devs. I don’t believe that things will get much better without LM changing the core. Here we are in 2018, paying top dollar for addons that are limited (including performance) by the core sim itself. I like my ASP4+ASCA….and I won’t spend any more money on sky enhancements unless something truly revolutionary comes along….I just don’t see that happening from any of the 3rd party DEVS at this point.
  18. The Sky is the Limit

    With the recent release of SF3D and no announced major updates from HiFi. I don’t think we have anything else coming up in 2018 for weather / cloud advances in P3D. I currently run ASP4 / ASCA, but I do have Rex TD & SC as well as Rex’s older Essentials. This is not a debate over which combo is the best; that opinion will differ and we have been there / done that here many times. They “all look pretty good” to me along with their own set of limitations (like performance). However, if SF3D took 3 years to develop, then I wonder what more can really be done by any 3rd party Dev to “radically” transform P3D’s sky in the near future. My concern is that “nothing” more can be done with P3D regarding the weather while maintaining good performance (30 fps for me). I think we have hit a plateau with respect to sky enhancements for P3D.
  19. The Sky is the Limit

    As someone already stated, that sim is still in early access and future updates should address the current issues. I think that LM will need to take a similar approach (be it partnering or developing something in-house) to transform P3D at the core level to make major advances in weather / sky / clouds while maintaining good performance.
  20. The Sky is the Limit

    This relates to my original point. I don't think that there is much more that a 3rd Party Dev can do to enhance P3D weather. I think that any major "weather" update will have to come from LM themselves by overhauling the core sim.
  21. The Sky is the Limit

    I will always do that...thanks for the nod.
  22. REX Sky Force Very First look

    I, like others, have waited for this release for quite some time, although I did not fully understand what Skyforce had to offer. I am simply looking for a complete weather product" that can read, inject, and At the moment, I have ASP4 with ASCA, and the "dynamic" interaction (weather & clouds) seems to be the best no hassle, load and go, combination for me. With that said, I have supported Rex since "Essentials" but the product offerings have become too fragmented. This piecing together of a weather product + a cloud product + a sky product seems cumbersome in a field that already has so many addon choices to make up for what P3D core is lacking. I was expecting to jump ship to SF3D if it could (by itself) replace my current setup with smooth weather transitions etc, but it sounds like there is another Rex product (weather force) required to complete the picture. So, when both SF and WF are available and can work together like ASP4 and ASCA, I will look at comparing the 2 and possibly switching back to Rex. I like both Rex and Hifi, and have no problem switching back and forth as each developer advances their product. But for right now, it doesn't "seem" like SF3D alone does the trick for me to invest just yet.
  23. Orbx just posted their road map for 2018 and FSW does not seem to be a big part of their future development. Disclaimer...I may have missed something on the long thread. Could this mean that DTG has something really big on the way for the ground environment as a core feature? I hope so. Considering what DTG is doing for the sky environment, hopefully they will add something innovative for the ground environment.
  24. Does FT scenery have moving traffic or just painted cars on the street?
  25. Dynamic Lighting!

    After seeing that DL was limited from the start and then the performance penalty, I just left it unchecked from day 1. I am fine with the old lighting system where I can achieve a smooth flight.