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    11.30RC1 Performance

    First you ranted all through the FSW forums, and now X-Plane. Perhaps folks will "see" this trend with you and keep it moving. Nothing to defend, we enjoy it for what it is...despite what its not, period.
  2. FlyBaby

    X-Plane 11.30 Beta is out!

    Have they fixed or improved the AA / flashing roofs / flashing buildings issue in any of these releases? Have they fixed the odd water reflections (at night) in any if these releases?
  3. FlyBaby

    Best Flight Planner

    Does anyone recommend XPFlightPlanner?
  4. FlyBaby

    TrackIR and X-camera

    I will second that endorsement for X-Camera and TrackIR. I recently downloaded the free copy of X-Camera, but I had trouble getting TrackIR to work with it. I contacted X-Camera's developer and he set up a time to call, stream into my PC, and let me know what caused the issue (user error on my end). His quick response, patience, and willingness to get to the bottom of the issue was something that I had not experienced before when dealing with DEVs for flight sim addons. Needless to say, I purchased the license after we ended the call.
  5. What product uses 2d billboard clouds?
  6. Actually, your statement doesn't disagree.with mine..."having it so good" has nothing to do with the "pace" of advancements which is what the word "stagnant" was referring to with respect to the "missing features" topic of this thread. Nice try though... A reasonable response would have at least suggested that the updates / advances happen at a fast enough pace (in your eyes), which would have been the “opposite” of stagnant to support your “strong disagreement”. But no, we are simply left with “we’ve never had so good”. While I don’t disagree with your statement, I think there are more genuine ways to earn brownie points with the community.
  7. I also went back and forth between the 2 sims, but I recently uninstalled P3D (along with tons of addons) for good and decided to stick with X-plane. Both have their advantages / disadvantages, but I just don't see P3D progressing much further to overcome its longstanding issues, the chaotic update routine just didn't seem worth it for minor improvements, and there is a chance that LM could charge for the next somewhat major update (you know, when the avatar walking around a flattened world became so crucial to the overall flight experience) . I think that X-plane has a little more to give over the next few years, but the flight sim arena (IMO) as a whole is pretty stagnant. However, no matter how slow the pace of advancement and the lacking of features, I think that X-plane gives a better all around experience for my GA and Heli flying needs. And despite its many critics, I think that xEnviro coupled with the 3D ground presents a pretty good plausible world to fly in, especially for Helis With all of that said, the biggest feature wish for me is a better representation of the larger and coastline cities (much like what they did for Chicago and Vegas), a bigger LOD for objects and lights, and a better AA implementation / possible Nvidia setting enhancements.
  8. I get weird reflections (especially at night) in the water. The water will reflect huge bright lights (that are not there) depending on how I am panning my view. This still happens with water reflections turned off. See pic below with water reflections turned off. I saw earlier posts with this issue but nothing recently, I am running the latest version of XP.
  9. FlyBaby

    Water reflection issue

    I have the latest beta build from the installer, so I believe the latest beta.
  10. Hi I have DHM turned off in X-plane, but the Bell 407 seems to have DHM regardless of my settings in XP. How can I turn this head movement off for the Bell 407?
  11. I have been waiting for further updates to xEnviro or ActiveSky to hit the market. In the meantime, i am mainly looking for "good" sky textures / clouds that extend to the horizon...without me having to load many 3rd party utilities (like FywithLua etc) to run. So mainly something that I can download, install, and get up in the air. Can anyone confirm that Ultra Weather XP can draw clouds to the horizon (if the weather calls for it)? and something that is pretty straightforward to get up and running?
  12. FlyBaby

    Ultra Weather XP?

    Thanks for letting me know.
  13. Thanks for the explanation. For P3D, I use all Orbx enhancements (global, vector, openLC) products for North America. I am looking for something similar in XP11 for the east coast NA without having to go the Ortho route. From Atlantic City down through Miami, XP11 doesn't really represent the coastline very well with respect to the buildings. I do agree that XP11 has a better atmosphere, the 3D ground environment (no flat roofs, detailed roads and cars) makes low level HELI flights a dream, and the lighting is unmatched.
  14. Hi, When you say "landclass"...what landclass are you using?
  15. FlyBaby

    Mild complaint about the P3D platform

    Yes, the maintenance / convoluted updates (first P3D and all other addon when “compatible”) is the reason why I have just stuck with an earlier version as the last few updates (for me) did nothing to really enhance my sim experience. I, like others, fly P3D with $500+ more in addons to get a decent sim experience. The core product itself is not great and the 3rd party DEVs are the only reason why this platform is viable today, the same goes for X-plane. The flight sim community, in my opinion, is at a standstill. The lack of a good core sim has left everyone dependent on these 3rd party products to a point where a new sim has to compete with P3D and XP….+ all of their relevant addons…to get anyone to switch. Any new sim (with new fresh ideas, tech etc) will need funding to last the “many years” that it will take to develop and outpace the Frankenstein (core + addons) sims available today. I have come to terms with the limitations of both P3D and XP, and I do not expect much more will happen with either P3D or XP over the next 5 years. I say this because both LR and LM haven’t done anything groundbreaking over the past 5 years, which is why we been flooded with tons of 3rd party products. With that said, I also do not believe that the flight sim arena will get any better than what we have today because the community will hold fast to what they know (P3D and XP) and be very impatient / too skeptical to support / fund a new DEV who is most likely the very one to bring fresh ideas to this hobby. We only have “Deadstick” left and hopefully these guys can hang in there and advance their product over time.
  16. I was really hoping that Vegas would be a fixed location for the event. Orlando has some nice attractions, but Vegas has "so" much more to do given that I have to travel a good distance to make these events. I hope to see the Expo revisit "Vegas" again in the future.
  17. Hi, I have the Chieftain with the Flight1 G500/GTN 750 package. I am trying to figure out the best way to change altitude when in AP Mode - ALT Hold. At a 4000ft, I set eh ALT selector on the G500 to 3000ft, but the plane does not change altitude to 3000ft. At one point (I think I remember), I set the VS speed and the plane descended to the desired level and the VS mode deactivated to maintain the set altitude. this does not seem to work now as the VS mode stays on beyond the desired level until I manually shut it off. Also, while in NAV mode along with ALT mode, a "GS" also appeared next to the "ALT" symbol in the autopilot panel, but I don't know what that meant. Any help would be appreciated.
  18. Hey, thanks. I think you solved my issue. I have been selecting [RNAV 33 GPS LPV], but choosing Vectors as the transition and not QEPRO. Once I selected QEPRO as the transition, the flight director line (on the map) and the autopilot began to track QEPRO. So in short, I do not really know the difference between selecting vectors vs another waypoint as a transition.
  19. Hi, Thanks so much for your help. Yes, I am using the GTN 750 to load the FPL and approach at KPMP on runway 33 using the CDI to GPS. I both load and activate the approach, but the autopilot (using either NAV or APP) always takes the plane directly to runway 33 without guiding towards any of the points on the approach. I also use Antsairplanes Eaglet with the GTN 750 and have no problems with the autopilot and approach, so I believe that I am doing everything right for the GTN at least. With autop
  20. Thanks for you help. I now an issue getting the autopilot to track the approach waypoints once they are loaded and activated in the FPL.
  21. I did not notice how popular the Steam version is....selling at $25....with over 8K very positive reviews and $4K in dlc. I think this is a good cash cow for now.
  22. FlyBaby

    Farewell FSW

    I supported Flight Sim World from the start and I am disappointed to see development end. There will be much speculation, theories and “I told you so” discussions for the next year. I do think that flight sim development is a huge undertaking with a small user base compared to other game/sim genres. Dovetail has their hand in several pots and their other recent release, Train Sim World, was met with many critics as well, and has had a hard time converting users from the original train sim. With all of that said, I think that the team put forth a good effort. I was pleased with their direction and had no problem with the DLC to fund further development. But many others were not happy with the progress or direction. So we can criticize FSW for what it wasn’t, but the worst news for me is that DTG seemed to be the only DEV in town looking to make big changes on all fronts (default aircraft, sky, missions etc.), and I am mostly disappointed to see that ambition go out the window. I can’t imagine that the Devs who worked hard are any less disappointed. So I thank the FSW team (Chris, Aimee, Mr. Hood and the rest) for a hell of a run. I think that your enthusiasm and intentions were spot on. I appreciated your live streams and engagement with the community. The product was fresh with innovative ideas that needed maybe another year or so of Dev time to bring everything together. It is truly unfortunate that things had to end.
  23. FlyBaby

    Vsync without triple buffering and fps

    I change my monitor's refresh rate using nvidia control panel and then lock the internal fps to that refresh rate. (i use 24 or 30 depending on the plane i am flying); I also have vsync enabled. I get very smooth and perfect performance as long as my rig can can maintain the fps that i set; which is about 99% of the time.
  24. Hi, My Specs are i7 7700k / 16GB 3200 Ram / GTX 1080 Question 1 Can anyone comment on the performance impact of the flight1 GTN 750? I am flying AntsAirplane's Eaglet to use with the GTN 750. Currently I am capable of flying the Carenado DA42 glass cockpit smoothly...if that's any type of reference point. Also I see that we can't load P3D flight plans into the GTN 750. How does Active Sky P4 know what weather to load if a P3D flight plan is not loaded?