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  1. cirrus_aeroplanogenitus

    Top 3 P3D Airports - And Why

    Most of the time i fly around europe and there are a lot of destinations worth mentioning. 1. LGKR by FlyTampa. 2. LOWI by ORBX 3. ÉNBR by Aerosoft. It´s not easy to seperate only three airports. Greek btw has a lot of really nice destinations. Besides Corfu there ist LGSM by 29Palms and LGTS by FSDG also worth mentioning. LGSM (Samos) offers a challenging final (only visual out of a sharp turn), LGTS (Thessaloniki) has a stunnig city scenery. Next to LOWI there also LOWS by DigitalDesign and the recently arrived EDDN by 29Palms (also via Flightbeam). Bergen from Aerosoft (ENBR), surrounded by FTX Norway is also a must-have! Besides Bergen there is also Trondheim (ENVA) within the same league, maybe the scenery of ENVA itself is a bit better than Bergen, but the surrounding islands of Bergen are the cherry on top. greetings from MUC, Andi.
  2. cirrus_aeroplanogenitus

    strange framerate-drop

    Hi guys, a few weeks ago i upgraded my medieval i5-2500K to a more recent ryzen5-2600 system (yes, a i5/i7 qould have been better in many terms, but money was an issue). Though i am quite happy with the overall performance, this 159€ CPU is offering, i encountered a strange drop of framerate when approaching certain areas. In my case, the problem occurs when overflying in low level oder landing/taking off from LPPT (MK-Scenery, up to date) and LTBA (Taxi2Gate-Scenery). When approaching these airports, the frames suddenly drop from stable 30 (locked) down to 2-4, sometimes further to zero accompanied by a CTD. In LTBA, the frames are already this low when starting a flight, an LPPT the frames drop suddenly approxemately at the middle oft rwy 03/21. This is what i have already tried: 1. installing p3d new, changing from 4.3 to 4.4 2. new install of graphic drivers (nvidia, going from 397.?? to the newest), completely deinstall via safe-mode 3. avoiding complex payware-aircrafts (first encounter with FSL-A319, testing afterwarts with the included F35) 4. killing any kind of AI-traffic (UTL, Freeware-Ship-pack from avsim) 5. Deactivating payware-scenery + ALT-correction of ORBX-Vector + add-on-mesh 6 Deactivating the corresponding city-sceneries (Lisbon+ Istanbul) from scenery/world/scenery by renaming .bgl to .off 7. playing with p3d internal settings (water, shadows, scenery etc..) 8. swithing back from overclocked 4.0 GHZ to standard-clock Even with all add-ons deactivated, standing with the F35 in RWY 05 at LTBA Frames will not go beyond 5. Weather is no issue, everything was also tested with standard wx, AS off. Help would be highly appreciated. (my rig: AMD ryzen5-2600@ 4.0GHz, 1.35V, 16G corsair 3000MHz, 1080ti, p3d on a single 500gb-SSD, win10 64-pro) best regards from MUC, Andreas.