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  1. Careful. Your post might be deleted for defying the pre-illuminist beliefs around here.
  2. Ok, I can´t move the OCI directory, even when deleting all content. The app crashes (Windows 11 - logs). It is also not possible to manually set the directory upon a fresh installation. Seems I am stuck?
  3. An OLED TV with G-Sync/VRR has been my best purchase in years.
  4. Left FSE for OnAir. Yes, it is paid, but there it with great support and features.
  5. The default ATC is better than P3D/FSX as it supports SID/STARs at least. I also have Pilot2ATC, but unfortunately it does not talk to AI aircraft. Therefore, when I feel the need to have ATC guiding me, Vatsim is the way to go. If not, I just launch either LiveATC or a YouTube channel offering live airport radio and enjoy my flight anyway.
  6. Of course it will be able to. The 737 is not even that complex. MSFS already has the DC-6, which is much harder to operate. Even the CRJ is more challenging... But I agree that XP12 will also be a very interesting product. I am actively using XP11 with all these new addons.
  7. It is nothing less than dramatic. For me the difference is bigger than when you compare FS2004 x FSX:
  8. I think these images clearly show how much P3D is behind the curve when it comes to graphics: While I still enjoy the sim, I am not sure there will be anything left to make me use it once the PMDG models are out, especially now that AIG traffic is working reasonably well.
  9. As an active Ortho4XP user, generally, I have better results with Bing. While there definitely more clouds in the imagery, the color discrepancy between tiles is much better than Google Maps. In any case, what MS/Asobo is doing behind the scenes cannot be disregarded. The quality of MSFS´s satellite terrain is much better when compared with X-Plane´s Bing tiles for the same locations
  10. Currently P3D is my third option when it comes to flight-sim. Sure, there are still some very good planes available, but all the rest is extremely lackluster. On the other side, we have not only the juggernaut MSFS, evolving at a rapid pace, but also X-Plane, with some very impressive releases (A300/310, A340, Q400, 747-200, MD11) and a promising new version to look forward to. I am afraid LM needs to act quickly, as the handful incoming P3D planes/sceneries are not enough to keep this divide from growing.
  11. Also got it and, while it is a solid add-on, there are definitely areas that need to improve so that the Q4XP matches the Majestic offering (LNAV, Terrain/WX Radar being the most evident ones).
  12. Would be interested in a comparison with the Majestic Q400, even though it is for a different sim.
  13. I ended up buying it. Yes, the A300 is better overall, but this Toliss bird is still very good and extremely light on the frames. The fact that they will support XP12 is also important. For the A340 fans out there, I would definitely recommend this.
  14. This addon brings not only camera effects, but multiple new sounds as well. Can't use XP11 without it.
  15. Lots of fun! Too bad we can't solve flight-sim related issues for costumers. 😃
  16. The MSFS option is in the FSL Launcher itself, so it is pretty clear that they will support the new platform. I agree that the Concorde is a long shot though...
  17. I would buy a high-fidelity Concorde for any platform but, if you haven`t noticed, there is a MSFS option on the new FSL Launcher, so perhaps it is coming for that sim as well?
  18. Hoping for the Concorde or for an A330 at least...please not another A320.
  19. NVidia settings are the same. I´ve had some Vulkan related crashes in the last month, but those are easy to identify and not my biggest concern. Besides, P3D also suffers from DXGI hung issues. MSFS seems to be the most stable of the three in that regard (until they change the api to DX12, of course).
  20. I use orthos, lots of them. Can't use the sim otherwise. 😩
  21. Thanks, but this is a known issue and I assume he is fully focused on the Q400. Hopefully this will be fixed after the release.
  22. Oh yes, I agree. The thing is that you need plugins on XP11 to have a good experience and I am only using the ones that are absolutely necessary. But even payware planes are not timely maintained. For instance, the FlyJSim 727 has been generating logs with hundreds of megabytes of error messages after each flight for months now and the dev won't bother to fix that. In any case, hopefully the base XP12 will be much improved, so that we don't need so many plugins in the future.
  23. I actually enjoy XP, I really do. But, to me, the main issue is not even the water or general aesthetics of the sim, but the fact that the it is just not stable enough like MSFS or P3D (again, in my experience). When starting a flight on XP11 there is, at least, a 25% chance that I will not make it to the end. That leads to me having fear before starting a long planned flight, whereas I don't have this with the other sims. Hopefully the stability of the platform (coupled with payware aircraft/plugins) will improve with XP12.
  24. I have a BX and a CX and, unless I am looking at both side-by-side, on specific conditions, the different is not noticeable. I assume the same is true for the C1/G1.
  25. Working great here as well. No issues at all in all my games and workflows.
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