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  1. It goes both ways. I have seen more "experienced" users, including moderators, repeatedly, say that MSFS is an arcade initiative meant to be used by (as they write) "X-Box gamers". Now that the big names are backing Flight Simulator in an unequivocally manner, those comments are a bit harder to find.

    AVSIM has also lost some of its appeal for me as meaningful conversation and, especially, quality freeware content are available elsewhere nowadays. The historic hostility towards progress in the simulation market found in these boards, as seen with FSX, P3D, VR and now MSFS, are a contributing factor to this.

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  2. 26 minutes ago, pmb said:

    This said, I certainly want MSFS to prosper and follow such figures with interest. However, there are others making me less happy. Take the Steamcharts:


    Forget about the first months where all users were just downloading, but figures from November 20 on should be representative. These are the actual (parallel) users. I see them stagnant, at best, if not declining. I see this in contrast to MS reports on buyers or similar - or do people just buy and abandon it?

    The fact that Steam Chart user figures for FSX (https://steamcharts.com/app/314160) are much worse and those for X-Plane (https://steamcharts.com/app/269950) are mostly downwards as well doesn't help much.

    Now, all of the named sims have alternative installations, but I don't see any reason to assume the tendency of those installations being contrary to the Steam tendency, perhaps the other way round as I'd assume many early users bought the MS Store version.

    Kind regards, Michael

    MSFS usage counts on Steam are surely miniscule when compared to Game Pass. That is what Microsoft's strategy is all about.

    Nevertheless, if we just consider Steam, we are still talking about a market roughly 4x bigger than XP11, so I cannot follow the negative feeling here.

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  3. 2 hours ago, w6kd said:

    How, exactly, does one do legitimate flight planning without the ability to forecast enroute/destination/alternate weather?  How do you determine a proper fuel load without enroute winds and temps?  We still can't set visibility even locally in MSFS--is not visibility an important factor in any IFR takeoff/approach? 

    Currently I am using the meteoblue weather maps in conjunction with Simbrief for route planning and fuel calculation and don’t have much complaints. The risk of icing and the lack of weather/terrain radar makes my flights with the Dc6 much more exciting than any tubeliner in P3D.

    I also have the REX suite that provides Metar weather, but end up using the native weather engine from MSFS most of the time. 

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  4. 11 hours ago, w6kd said:

    MSFS is still just an arcade novelty to me, because I want the ability to fly legit training-like profiles that include flight planning, correct procedural operation of a variety of complex aircraft, IFR approach work down to minimums, missed approaches, diverts etc. 

    So, I have been using the DC-6 to fly VOR/NDB routes and approaches and that includes (a lot) of flight planning not only to get a serviceable flight plan, but also to make sure I don't crash into mountains or fly into extreme weather. I do this without much help from the Flight Engineer, which means that I need to monitor all systems pretty much during the whole flight. Is this hardcore enough for you or am I still not a simmer because I am using Flight Simulator and not P3D?

    And then I want to try something else, I can revert to the FBW A320 (which is, at least, on Aerosoft's level and fast improving), the CRJ, or WT's CJ4/TBM etc.

    You might be one of the last holding this "MSFS is Arcade" banner...watch out.

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  5. On my LG CX OLED HDR works extremely well both on Windows and on MSFS. The image quality is also much improved with HDR on, so there is no need to turn it off for me. G-Sync, on the other hand, leads to weird screen flashes probably caused by my second monitor, so I have to turn it off.

  6. From an user perspective, I would hardly go back to the days of purchasing add-ons in different vendor websites.

    SimMarket, Aerosoft, JustFlight, XP.org,...it is so much more convenient to have things purchased from an integrated marketplace. Did I even mention Gizmo (yikes)?

    Couple that with a freeware installer suite like the one that´s available for MSFS and you are set.

    Hopefully that is on LR's roadmap for XP12.

  7. 3 hours ago, Dillon said:

    Not disagreeing here but why wasn't this the case when it was released for P3D?

    It never got that much attention with P3D. The plane is basically the same, but MSFS makes it really shine. Being the first really complex add-on for the platform (sorry CRJ) also plays a role.

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  8. 48 minutes ago, ryanbatcund said:

    Wow you were a huge VR supporter.  Do you think its better in XP?  I think we simply don't have the computing power/image clarity on the headsets yet for MSFS

    Yes, XP11 is definitely better, not only because of the performance, but mainly due to the 3rd. party available tools and touch control support. It is pretty cool to interact with the EFB, switches, navigation equipment using your hands, something that until now is not supported by MSFS/P3D.


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  9. 5 minutes ago, mpo910 said:

    Why are you so sure? Training with visibility reduction for instance is important. Or training in real world environment also.

    Why do you think LM has more accurate real world data then MS has? Of course, training purposes! 

    Well, one just needs to see how most Level-D sims look to conclude that autogen and graphics are not priorities in that sector.

    As for the other point, MSFS supports Navigraph data, so that is a non-issue to me. In any case, on the latest update it seems that the default Navblue data was also updated 

  10. 5 hours ago, Skywolf said:

    People need to stop complaining be glad that it is being developed and we all can get access to it.

    I am afraid that your analogy is wrong...or are you also glad that LM has invested so much time in the SimDirector feature??

    The immersion coming from these training setups derives mostly from the flight-deck itself. LM's enterprise and military costumers do not give a **** about the overall aesthetics of the simulator.  


    5 hours ago, Nuno Pinto said:

    I appreciate what you're trying to do. Good luck, at least the CTRL-E crowd loves you.

    Not only the CTRL-E crowd my friend...

    I have used all the FSLabs models for years and I don´t miss them for a second when flying the latest Dev version of the FBW.

    From the appearance of the flight-deck, to the sounds, the external model and the improving systems, I've never been happier with a virtual bus in my whole simming life. 

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  12. 1 hour ago, akita said:

    So 30%-50% commission VS users that find it too hard to check their email for updates?  Outrageous. Seriously. This includes simmarket and other marketplaces as well.

    +1000000 for buying in developers websites, THEY deserve this money for their hard work, and not Microsoft just to get an update 6 months late, neither other marketplaces which mostly saves the user 1-2 minutes of "work" (i.e. download and extract a folder) + ton of pointless marketing + it'll cost more + bigger chance for bad support...

    Good lucking selling via websites on the Xbox. Moreover, if it would not be for Microsoft/Asobo, MSFS would not exist. How do you think the scenery streaming and world updates are subsidized if not through monetization schemes like the integrated marketplace? 

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  13. So good to see a thread with mostly positive comments...

    While MSFS is obviously not perfect, the vibrance of the 3rd. party ecosytem only reinforces the potential of a bleeding edge platform that evolves based on active community involvement. This is almost a dream come true when you compare to what we had some years ago.

    Exciting times ahead indeed. Peace and love all✌️.

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