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  1. LittleNavMap works no with XP.
  2. XP11

    Very nice!! Is this WorldTraffic 3?
  3. Me too! It is much improved though.
  4. I like the 737-300/400 because while it is still considered a reasonably modern plane, having an FMC, AT/AP operating in a very similar way to the 737NG, it still has a "vintage" feel to it. It was also my "first-love" in the aviation world when I was a kid, so I am a little biased.
  5. TFDI recently changed their licensing policy and now developers just need to pay $2.000 up-front or something along those lines. Before it was a percentage of each sale. The technology used by them is really good! It does not affect the FPS *at all* and looks *amazing* in VR! The rain drops changes with speed variations also look extremely realistic. IMHO this is a must have technology for the top-tier add-ons such as PMDG, FSLabs, etc. Thiago Braun
  6. I would really love if you could transition from 2D to VR seamlessly on XP, just you can in P3D 41. with its native VR implementation. Having the full monitor view some parts of the flight (esp. flight planning / cruise) is something that I really go used to. In any case, I have no doubts that native VR will eventually be better. Just look to P3D. While Flyinside may perform a bit better, it really does not play well with multiple addons and does not have HDR! Native is the way to go...
  7. To some it may be a futile thing, but rain drops on the windshield really enhances the simming experience! Hopefully it will come sooner than later to our beloved PMDG jets. Thiago Braun
  8. Just bought the Justflight Piper Arrow and enjoying XP11 for the time being. :)
  9. Really frustrating. Why is the server connection even needed for the basic functionalities of a camera software?
  10. XP11

    Very cool! Amazing livery of the old Varig!
  11. Yes, I have spoken with the developer and with another user that was having this problem. They have implemented a fix on the latest version. If fixed 90% of the problems I was having. Sometimes I still get the "No Traffic" message, but its rare. If you are running the latest version already and still sees this problem, you should run a debug and send the logs to them via email. The support email and tutorial of the debug mode is on the Realtraffic website.
  12. I would assume that this is feeling when you are flying in the real world, where pilots rely mostly on their instruments, radios and visual contact in order to fly?
  13. Spetacular! I have downloaded the whole of Brasil on Ortho4XP already. Just waiting for native VR to go back and fly the wonderful IXEG.
  14. Native VR in P3D 4.1 allows you to go in and out of VR whenever you please. I find that, for the flight planning, FMC programming and initial ATC requests, 2D is still more functional. After p/b & start, I get the taxi clearance, check my charts one last time and put on the VR goggles and only remove them when reaching cruise. Usually I like to enjoy a good wine or beer during cruise, so I would only put my goggles back on Approach! I think that some developer's are already integrating tools that will be very helpful for VR-users. In XP11, for example, FF has integrated an EFB with a full-fledged web-browser in it! That means you can use Navigraph and access your Charts from within the cockpit! That will be a huge deal for VR users. Hopefully these innovations (and many others) will keep appearing on all platforms!
  15. Mine looks decent. Also when using the monitor I do not find the night graphics of P3D to very good. XP11 is much better in that regard. Also worth noticing that I am using AS + ASCA.