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  1. I recently tried to install the RealAir Piston Duke and got an error message from the installer that It could not conect to the Interner. That is weird since I was browsing for other stuff on Chrome. My believe is that the servers that verify the software had been taken down. I email RealAir about the issue is been 5 days and haven't heard anything back. Word of advice If you have this bird make a copy on the Unpacked form just in case your installer does not work ether. I just hope that RealAir provides a new installer for the Customers that purchase the Piston Duke.

    Realair Duke v2 Piston in P3D v4

    Update!!! I got an answer from RealAir and was prodided with a new installer that allows Installation into P3Dv4 outside the root folder with an updated 64bit sound gauge and the typo that made the left landing gear not deploy has been fixed.... So that is that. Sean explained to me that once enough people confirm to him that the installer does work properly he will provide a link to the website for download. It works great I almost shed a tear...I love this bird!!!

    Got stutters with V4? Try this -

    I try this and it seems smoother....the pan view seems to move choppy as always with a PMDG 747 and on heavy scenery with mayor thunderstorm....but the outside seems to flow nicely

    Realair Duke v2 Piston in P3D v4

    This might be something that happened recenty but I can't longer Install the Piston Duke on any Simulator. The Installer tells me I'm not connected to the internet. I sure know I am but it will not go foward from there I'm afraid RealAir might have shutdown the activation servers. I sent an Email to RealAir and is been a while now without response. I hope i'm not left with a Installer that won't ever work again.


    Ok so I’m not really sure what happened but Upon uninstalling P3Dv4.2 and reinstalling I could not replicate my issue any longer!! Perhaps it was a corrupted install. Any how I’m back to put simobjects into the simulator I haven’t installed FSUIPC or Real Time FS yet so let’s see how that goes!!! I don’t think I need Real Time FS any longer since From 4.2 LM claims to have fixed the time zones. Thanks every one!!!


    I don’t know how to recognize what are the compatible models from the non compatibles I need to do some reading on that or just get Vox ATC to work and wait for a AI model package designated for P3Dv4!!!


    Thanks Jay!!! I know is to many variables!!! Traffic 360 could very well be a huge part of the problem. I don’t know what models it has or what version it belongs to. But I think is time to put my troubleshooting hat and remove all Addons run Vox ATC in a clean P3D install if it runs good then keep adding addons unti I find the one!!! I should have done this before I posted here!! Sorry I was kind of lazy to uninstall P3D but is something I must do!!! Thanks I’ll keep posted of development. To answer your questions I’m running Windows 7 with the registered version of vox. Also I deactivated the traffic Bgl that comes with the sim and change it for the one created by Traffic 360 since it has more flight schedules! I regard Vox ATC as one of my Must have addons so I have to get it working before I can add anything else!!


    Thanks Jay!!! I know is to many variables!!! Traffic 360 could very well be a huge part of the problem. I don’t know what models it has or what version it belongs to. But I think is time to put my troubleshooting hat and remove all Addons run Vox ATC in a clean P3D install if it runs good then keep adding addons unti I find the one!!! I should have done this before I posted here!! Sorry I was kind of lazy to uninstall P3D but is something I must do!!! Thanks I’ll keep posted of development


    @Gridley Thanks for your response although I don’t think I was clear enough!! I do know that VoxATC is to be used with 0% Traffic from the simulator. I was making a comparison in performance from when I use the Sim AI and when I use VoxATC AI. The issue is that I can have 100 AI from the Sim Traffic without any issue but when I use VoxATC 5 aircraft is enough to bring my frame rate from 40 to even 10 FPS. I think it has to do with simconnect but it could be me doing something wrong. I’m using VoxATC 7.41 with P3D v4.2 Thanks!!!


    There has been not much talk on this topic for a while but I thought on sharing my experience with VoxATC 7.41 and P3D v4.2. I encounter what I perceive to be a bug or an error in my part that makes the simulator crawl!!! So I use VoxATC in combination with Traffic 360 Airplane Models and used the schedule created by such program. Here is the situation. If I use default ATC with a traffic setting of 20% on GA and Airliners I get at least 60 planes being populated...All runs smooth until I open a window to view any of the planes, then the Simulator crawls!! when i close the second window Simulator Goes back to smooth!!! Now if I use Vox ATC when I populate AI with even 5% (that is about 10 Aircraft on busy airport) the Simulator crawls only when I use VoxATC with 0% is that I can use the program without frame rate loss. Some one said that traffic 360 models are not compatible with P3Dv4. I still have to determine if the default AI models dampen performance. Any Thoughts apreciated.

    I cant start DTG FS

    OK Community I think I found the "Silver Bullet" that will put this Hideous Beast to rest. Oz Flyer on a previous post got my attention since he mentioned a file missing from the system32 folder in the windows folder that was part of the VC++ Package ("api-ms-win-crt-runtime-|1-1-0.dll") I stumble across something while trying his advice that I had not seen before, and that was that my fresh install of WINDOWS 7 PRO 64bit SP1 had not downloaded any updates not even one!!! So I searched the web and found this interesting fact. Some WINDOWS 7 will have no connectivity to the windows update service. Why this matter? Because VC++ 2015 will not install properly on a Computer System that has not being updated! Credit Where Credit is due!!! This is the website that I found my answer on, the name of the Poster is "Mergatroid" Here is the Excerpt of his Solution to WINDOWS 7 not updating!!!! >>A fix for failed updates after installing windows 7 >>This problem had been driving me nuts over the last year. >>I would do a fresh install of Windows 7 for a customer, and the updates would fail to >>function. This is for Windows 7 Pro or Home, with service pack two. >>I tried everything. Hunted the 'net for hours. Finally, I had settled on downloading some 3rd >>party software that would force-feed Windows its updates. This would work, but it took a >>while and was a rather inelegant solution. >>Then I stumbles across a webpage that has an answer that actually worked. >>1. Disable Windows Updates (tell it to never check for updates). >>2. Reboot. >>3. Download and install Internet Explorer 11. Link to IE11 (32 & 64Bit) >>4. Download update KB3102810 and place it on your desktop (make sure you get the >>correct one, 64 bit or 32 (X86) bit). Place on your desktop. Link to update KB3102810 (32bit) (64bit) >>5. Reboot. >>6. Go into Computer Management (right click on Computer in Start Menu) and select >>Services. >>7. Stop Windows Update service. >>8. Start Menu, Computer, C: drive, Windows, delete the entire Software Distribution folder. >>9. Double click on update KB3102810 and let it install. >>10: Reboot (this will turn update service back on). >>11. Go into Windows Updates and check for updates. Give it about an hour, it may take >>less time but be patient. It will start working. >>12. After installing your updates, you can turn Windows Update automatic check for >>updates back on if you like. >>I have tested this on four fresh Windows 7 Home Premium and 3 Windows 7 Pro fresh >>installs and it worked on all of them. I Testify that his solution does work, and than WINDOWS 7 finally updates, but best of all, after all the updates are complete VC++ installed without issues and DTG Flight School now RUNS!!! Once more. Be advice that because the install of the VC++ might had been corrupt due to the lack of updates, I would suggest Uninstalling and then Re-Installing if this does not work on the first attempt VC++!!! Please let me know how this works for you!!! Follow me on TWITCH @ ETNWHVAC / YouTube @ ETNWHVAC / Web


    Not sure if I'm doing something wrong but I can't hear the ATIS when tuned. On the Configuration Page Under the Voices Tab I assigned all voices to respective controllers but the ATIS is not on that list. What i'm doing wrong? Thanks!!!

    About Ai traffic.

    I got a response from Dave in which he explain that I can still use and hear the chatter from other aircraft being directed by ATC. An possible issue I see is that in some instances you will need to have the Aircraft traffic setting as high as 75% to have AI aircraft park at the gate. I have not yet pushed the limits of P3Dv3 but the concept is really alluring. Also he explained that ATIS / AWOS are not created by P2E so the regular SIM stations will need to be used. I Know VoxATC does recognize ATIS but not stations Labeled as AWOS. I did some scenery changes at KTCY because of the same reason.!!!
  14. The problem persist when the button is clicked without the Flight Simulator being On!!!

    P3Dv3.1 strange CTDs

    This is a long shot but I started experiencing CTD's after I decided to switch on BIOS the hyperthreading ON. Over clock the CPU and then CTD galore. I'm waiting to get the latest release of P3Dv3 to do a clean install see if that fixes it I have P3Dv3.3.5

    VoxATC and P3D V3

    VoxATC works well on Prepar3D V3.3.5. for the indexer to work properly the Fake FSX needs to be active through the Migration Tool. Actually to use any of the settings FSX needs to be active on Migration Tool The only thing I found not working is the ground handling! It seems that VoxATC knows where you are and Instruct you down the taxi way but other AI does not see you and VoxATC does not make AI aware that you are there. When I take my flights I always need to be looking out for AI taxing because they do not care you are there they will simply run through you. For someone with the collision detection turned off is not a big deal, who cares if a plane runs through your plane but for me is. I guess it makes me better pilot being aware of my surroundings having always to watch out for rogue planes on the tarmac. LOL!!!

    Master Brightness Dial Issue!

    I just upgraded to P3Dv3.3.5 and I have to say the new performance is bar non the best I had With your product. Now here us the issue I encounter. While taxing or Flying for that matter if I Dial back or forward the Master Brightness knob the FPS drop from say 27 or 30 to somewhere between 13-15 then if I stop dialing the knob then the frames goes back to normal. Is that something you guys there at PMDG can look into. Thanks!!! Other than that I'm loving this bird even more now that I can actually use it with high frame rate!!

    VoxATC and P3D V3

    For me VoxATC works on P3Dv3 installed with the Migration Tool. But it has a horrible Ground handling of aircraft to the point that it seems that AI doesn't know or care you are right in front of it. Also when looking at the AI from a new window the AI if on the ground sometimes seems to loose control and self destroy on the tarmac, if on the air same thing they sometimes loose control and crash in the ground. Other than that it works fine giving command and responding to voice input. It uses the Navigraph SID's and STAR's and the Ground guidance lights also work! I had close calls for ground collisions due to VoxATC clearing me for altitudes I shouldn't had been given clearance for!!! So I hope Vox ATC v7 will come with ground awareness. I'm sure that's what it's happening The new VoxATC v7 will be P3Dv3 compliant and will have terrain awareness.
  19. Mr. Martin @ DTG. I found this topic online and I just loved all I read, first I did my homework and read all your replies to the various questions presented to you. I have no questions my self they all have been answered. I have been into Flight Simulation Since FS98 (Not sure if that is FS7,8 or 9) and I as many simmers have spend enormous amounts of money in hardware and software to fuel our passion for flying. I'm very exited about the product that DTG is producing, seems like a new beginning to something wonderful. I'm ready and my wallet too, make me a great Flight Simulation Platform and I'll give my support to DTG financial greatness. Then again I will Purchase P3Dv4 when it comes out but I really feel happy about what you guys are doing there at DTG for our simmer community. Thanks!!!
  20. So here is the deal! I took a flight from KSLC to KSJC, before take off I loaded all the departure legs and took off without issue, then about 70nm from my destination I missed my aproach, so I Erase the flight plan from the FMC to load new legs (at this point the Autopilot is being controled by heading). As soon as I finished loading the aproach BRITNY1 into the FMC then FSX CTD. The error I don't have it but it showed that it was related to the JS41. Any ideas? Thanks.
  21. Vonmar I'm back online and I was able to test the new Gauge that PMDG provided and I'm happy with the results...That is no CTD so I'll resume my flying with this new gauge and call it good. Thanks for all your assistance in this matter. Happy Flying!!!
  22. Vonmar. I got a response from PMDG and the file also, unfortunatelly I won't be able to test it for a while since I'm in the middle of moving so my computer is down for about 2 weeks. In regard to sharing the Gauge they said that you will need to open a ticket for them to send it to you. I imagine it would be that way but I did not loose anything with trying. So perhaps you will be able to try it before I do. Also you can wait until I try it and see if it doesn't sends my FSX setup up in smoke!!! Just kidding I think everything will be just fine, PMDG know what they are doing. So thats the news. Otniel B. Ocampo
  23. Thanks! You too have a good flight.
  24. Vonmar said "I assume after you have tested i?" Elementary my dear Vonmar, Elemantary!!! LOL Otniel B. Ocampo
  25. Ok Vonmar I'm not a pilot and SID's and STAR's are new things to me. I rely on Vox ATC for my navigation Instructions. This software does give you a SID but it doesn't give you the STAR until you are getting close to the transition, and then asings a STAR. As I said this procedures are a new thing to me I don't know how to asing the one that Vox ATC will give me. I think from now on as a general practice I will load a STAR at the Gate and if Vox ATC change it then I will change accordingly. I know that most of the time the transition will not change. When I get the file from PMGD I will mark this topic as Solved. Otniel B Ocampo