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  1. FS9 is not very demanding these days anymore... I'm sure you could push the polygon limit for this model to the max without really hurting the FPS. FSX is still demanding, I agree. And very heavily as I personally have difficult to run it as well.
  2. Same here! Makes you feel like you're flying the aircraft, not baby sitting the autopilot : ) If you are interested, new model is being made for the PT 154 (it's a second VITAMIN as the original model wen't lost during disk crash) Wow... I was not able to paste the link because of avsim blocking links to russian equivalent avsim.su? Very strange... and a bit stupid. But maybe we should get back to the development of TinMouse Virtual Cockpit as this is what the topic is made for. My intention was not to derail the topic : )
  3. There is no need to worry about it being in Russian, the english manual will help you. And there is mouseovers which will explain what this and this button does. Many non-western users use it and they know which switch does what (by remembering their locations and such). Even the real world Tupolev Tu-154B-2, IL-62 and such aircraft at Air Koryo, are still in Russian...
  4. I see, it's the same here as I never flew as captain in a real Tupolev... Russia now is replacing all their own built aircraft with western fleet, even scrapping the last examples they have of Soviet classic aircraft. After the fall of communism Russia has gotten crazy. (The drug problem is far worse). I believe the Tinmouse 737 and Project Tupolev 154 are both very complex products, but a soviet trijet and a western twinjet can't be really compared as they're really different. Since you fly them both I think you know what I mean. What keeps me using the Tu-154M is the fact that it's used as a training tool for realworld Tu-154 pilots. And it's one of the only addons certified as training tool.
  5. Bjoern, there's no need to worry about such things. Your plane is excellent eitherway, I was just making a suggestion. Access to the real aircraft is what hinders me as well from creating photorealistic virtual cabins... As well as some exterior textures. So I understand what you mean. And shc_04, congratulations on being a Tupolev pilot, I assume you work/worked for a Russian airline since they're getting retired, in case you mean real world pilot?
  6. haha... it was mean't like a joke as I always fly Russian freeware planes For sure there's some really great freeware from the west, including TinMouse and the author of this VC. Also there is Project Airbus and some scenery developers. I don't know that many as I always fly in Russia. Good news about the photorealistic panels though! And for the VC the gauges doesn't matter that much anyway, what I mean't was 3d buttons like 3d overhead. Vitamin Tu-154 doesn't have 3d gauges and still it's awesome!
  7. wow... finally some freeware from the west. I wish you good luck creating the virtual cockpit for the 737-200. a suggestion would be to find photorealistic textures for vc, and creating 3d gauges, however since this is freeware all this is not necessary ) good luck with project! regards
  8. Personally, I'll be using FS2004 for a while. With all the tweaks, graphics updates, ground textures, enb, weather etc it looks perfectly fine for me, especially for long haul flights. Switching to FSX will be in a couple of years (many people in my town are not exactly US/Western Europe budget and we do not exactly have money to "upgrade" our computers, so the posts of people telling us to "upgrade" because we FS2004 users "whine" about addons not for FS2004 really irritates me. And I really wonder when flight simulator will be a hobby again, not just what's best for marketing (but yet I am no expert in this subject). For FS2CREW, I understand that the money you pay for goes for development for a new version, so it's worth the money. The current FS2CREW for Level D 767 and iFly 737 are amazing, I do not have it but my friend does. It felt like interacting with the flight crew. If you ever release FS2CREW for the Project Tupolev/Vitamin Tu-154M I'll buy it 100%, because for now this is the only aircraft I fly. So any chance of such a product?
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